"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."


We have an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) that has some delegated responsibilities from the Trust Board of Directors as outlined in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation.  They engage with our local community.  They do not hold the academy to account but carry out the following role:

Vision and Values

  • Agree the vision and values for the academy with reference to the SIAMS Schedule, in partnership with the academy community, ensuring they are aligned with the Trust’s Vision and embracing equality.
  • Monitor that the vision and the values are being ‘lived out’ in all aspects of the life of the academy.

For details of Trust governance click here: https://www.pdet.org.uk/governance/pdet-governance-structure.

For the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and for specific details of the AGC’s role click here: https://www.pdet.org.uk/governance/pdet-academy-governance-committees.

For the Trust’s memorandum and articles of association, annual accounts, annual report and funding agreement click here:  https://www.pdet.org.uk/key-documents/financial-documents

Our AGC is currently composed of eight governors (see below).

The Chair of the AGC is Ruth Fox. She can be contacted via the school office or by email: r.fox@greensnorton.pdet.org.uk. The vice chair, Tom Leeming, can be contacted on t.leeming@greensnorton.pdet.org.uk

Name Appointed by: Responsibilities Date of appointment Term of office Date stepped down Business or pecuniary interests

Ruth Fox



Chair of governors 16/05/19; reappointed 09/05/2023 4 years None reported

Tom Leeming


Parent election Vice chair Mar 2019; reappointed 28/04/2023 4 years None reported
Claire Reetz Church 05/09/19 4 years None reported
Lucy Sanger Parent election SEND 09/12/19 4 years None reported
Sue Marsh Headteacher 01/09/17 N/A None reported
Elizabeth Meredith Staff

01/09/17   reappointed 20/09/2021

4 years None reported
Andrew Phillips Community


4 years None reported
Anne-Marie Koroma Community Safeguarding 01/11/2022 4 years None reported
Gavin Moffat Community  04/08/2021 4 years 12/07/2022 None reported 
Richard Owen

PDET   (community)


 24/09/15   reappointed  

4 years 14/07/2020 None reported
Francesca Burns

PDET   (community)


01/09/17 4 years 14/07/2020 None reported
Elizabeth Cunningham Parent election   01/09/17 4 years 24/01/19 None reported
Tav Deamer Parent election   24/09/14 4 years 23/09/18 None reported
Kerry Finch PDET 01/09/14 4 years 28/03/19 None reported
Emma Ironmonger Parent election 02/10/18 4 years 30/05/19 None reported
Lulu Pelly PDET (Foundation) 30/03/15 4 years  11/07/19 None reported
Darrel Ince


PDET   (community)

01/09/17 4 years 12/11/19 None reported
Louisa Woods



SEND 24/09/15 reappointed 10/09/19 4 years 06/07/2021 None reported
Sarah Mills




Safeguarding 24/01/19 4 years 06/07/2021 Wife to CEO of PDET


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Ruth Fox - Community Governor - Chair of Governors

It's a privilege being a community governor for Greens Norton CE School and its dedicated leaders and staff. Working alongside the other members of the Academy Governance Committee, I'm passionate about ensuring we're listening to and understanding all members of our school community, ultimately with the aim of providing the best possible education for our pupils. In my day job I help different types of organisations deliver change, and often draw on this experience when supporting the school.  

Tom Leeming - Parent Governor - Vice chair of Governors

Living in the Village and having children at the School has given me the opportunity to support the School’s evolution through being a Governor. I take a keen interest in and I am responsible for monitoring the sports provision in order to ensure the children have an opportunity to experience different sports in their early years and hopefully develop a passion for them as I have. I have also been involved with the refurbishment of the mobile classroom, estate matters and other capital projects. I am always on the lookout for more funds to help ensure the School provides a safe, pleasant and inspiring learning space. 

Claire Reetz - Church Governor

I am the Children and Families worker for the Tove Benefice of churches which includes St. Bartholomew's in Greens Norton. I joined as a foundation governor in September of 2019. My role within the church is to encourage and support children and families in their faith. I do this through working in schools leading collective worship and lunch time groups as well as running preschool groups, Sunday groups and supporting church services. As governor I hope to build on the great relationship that the school has with the church and continue to support its Christian ethos. I enjoy working alongside the children and their teachers to support them during their time at Greens Norton CE Primary.

Lucy Sanger- Parent Governor

I became a governor at the beginning of 2020 and currently have a daughter at the school.  I have previous experience as a governor during my son's time at the school and gained a great deal of knowledge and experience throughout that time. I am keen to further that knowledge, as well as support and work with all members of the school community to help provide the best possible education in a safe and happy environment.

Andrew Phillips - Community Governor

I have lived in Greens Norton since 2014 but before then lived in Towcester for most of my life so this is a community that I feel part of, and continue to actively participate in. Our son has just started in reception class and our daughter is attending a local nursery and will start the school in a few years time. Now felt like the perfect opportunity  to become a Governor and show my commitment and support to the school. I look forward to supporting school leaders and staff to enrich the safe and welcoming learning environment the school provides the children and families in our community.

Anne-Marie Koroma

I have worked in the Youth Justice Service and Education for many years.  My role involves safeguarding and responding to the needs of children, particularly children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those that have experienced childhood trauma.  I look forward to using my experience to support the school leadership team and community to continue to achieve the best outcomes for children.  My son attends the school, and I am impressed by the hard work that goes into providing a supporting and nurturing environment for children.  I am also drawn to the strong vision and values that Greens Norton CE primary school hold and look forward to my role on the Governor’s Board.