"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Robins Year 1 2022-23

Miss King and Mrs Murphy

14th July

This week’s star of the week is Lois. She is someone in our class who could be star of the week every week! She is a fine example of a member of the class who follows our Ready, Respectful, Safe rules without fail.

Science was great fun this week! We conducted a fair test to see whether different materials were waterproof or not. We used pipettes to drop on the same amount of water each time then counted to 30 to see whether the water dripped through underneath. We then chose the best material to use to make an umbrella. We decided a thin and flexible plastic would be best as it can be folded but is also waterproof.

In Maths we have started to learn to tell the time! Everyone has nailed telling the time to the hour and we are now looking at telling the time to half past. This is an important skill so at any opportunity at home when you notice the clock showing the hour or half past the hour please encourage your child to tell you what the time is.

Next week we will be enjoying our final lessons and topic assessments and looking back over the year to celebrate all the progress we have made.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Best wishes

Miss C.King


This week's star of the week is George. He wrote an amazing recount of our trip to Silverstone Museum this week which included so many of the taught features. Well done George!

We had a very exciting visitor to Robins Class on Wednesday. Mr Needham works for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team at Brackley and he is also Emily's dad! Throughout the week we wrote questions we wanted to ask him about Silverstone, the F1 team and his job there. We were very excited to find out he knows Lewis Hamilton as one of the drivers on his team because we've been studying him. Mr Needham brought in Lewis Hamilton's 2021 seat for us all to sit in along with gloves, a balaclava and some parts from the car. We were thrilled at the end when he presented the children with gifts of Mercedes caps which have proved very useful in the sunny weather. Thank you again Mr Needham for coming to see us and bringing our topic alive. 

We are learning all things time in Maths at the moment. We have reminded ourselves of the days of the week and months of the year. Next week we are looking at reading the time to the hour (o'clock) and half past. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Miss C. King

Friday 30th June

The start of this week saw us travel to Silverstone to visit the Silverstone Museum as part of our History topic: 'Mad about Motorsport'. The whole class were very excited from the moment the day began! It was a pleasure to see their faces light up as our guide raised the curtains so that the track could be seen. The track area was a hive of activity with it being two weeks to go until the British Grand Prix. 

During the tour of the museum we learnt about suspension, brakes, clothing drivers wear and saw many examples of racing cars and bikes. You will see in the pictures below that lots of fun was had by all and the children really embraced the day of learning. 

In the afternoon we had a workshop which allowed the children to try on racing suits and helmets, guess the parts of the car, discover the properties of carbon fibre and look at the differences between used and new tyres. The day closed with a go on the scalextric which was a replica of the track. During the teachers race Mrs. Carter came first and Miss King came last!

I am confident your children came home and told you all about their day but also confident you've got a little more insight from the above. Enjoy the photos!

Miss C. King


Friday 23rd June

We have some very excited Robins who are looking ahead to Monday’s trip to Silverstone Museum. We have been learning all about the history of the circuit and this week focusing our efforts on exploring why Lewis Hamilton is significant.

In Maths we have shown that we can write and order numbers to 100, partition them and describe how many tens and ones they have. Next week we look at one more and one less of numbers in this range and reason with this skill.

Our Science topic saw us carry out an investigation this week into the properties of different materials. We considered if they were transparent, opaque, stiff or stretchy. We popped this knowledge into our ‘Big Bag of Knowledge’ that we will leave with at the end of the year. We love delving into this bag and retrieving information from our brains and showing it has stuck!

After our trip on Monday Robins will be recounting the events of the day in Literacy writing their very first recount. We will look at what ‘past tense’ means and learn to use time connectives: First, Next, Then, After that.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at the fete on Sunday,

Best wishes,

Miss C. King

Friday 16th June

We have started story writing in Year 1 this week. The children innovated a story and changed parts such as character names and the setting. Next week we will have the finished articles and will make them into a book to share with others. 

In Maths we have been learning to understand ways to make different numbers to 100. Next week we will introduce partitioning into tens and ones. We are used to this as we have already looked at part whole models since the start of the year. 

Learning about Silverstone Circuit has proven very interesting for the children. They have retained the knowledge they learnt last week about how Silverstone became a race track and this week looked at how cars have changed since Karl Benz and Henry Ford first designed them. 

In Science we have looked at different materials and learnt new words such as rigid to describe their properties. Next week we will be looking at transparent and opaque then using this knowledge to decide which materials are best for which purpose. I will ask the children whether a brick is a good material to make a window!

Have a wonderful weekend. I taught them again about sun safety today so I hope they will be applying that with your support this weekend.

Best wishes,

Miss C King

9th June

This week we started our new very exciting topic about Silverstone Circuit. We have learnt the history of the track and how during WW2 it was a runway used by the RAF. A local man named Maurice Geoghagen broke in after the war and started to race there with his friends. It then grew year on year to what it is today. We can’t wait for our trip to the Silverstone Museum on Monday 26th June.

In Robins class we are raring to go with our Phonics Screening Check next week where the children will spend around 10 minutes with me reading through 40 words. These checks will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the result being shared on the end of year report. The children are ready for this and have already experienced some practice checks.

In Science next week we are starting our new topic all about materials. We will first look at man made and natural materials so if you would like to spend time this weekend pointing these out to your children inside the home or while out on a walk then please do so.

Please enjoy some photos below of our maths lessons (finding our quarter of an amount), literacy (reading out our stories), PE (tennis coaching) and DT (designing a moving car). 

As the weather is forecast to be lovely this weekend I hope you enjoy it whatever you are up to.

Best wishes,

Miss King



26th May

Today brings another action packed half term to a close. This week Robins class thoroughly enjoyed completing the Wolf Run on Tuesday. They approached the challenge with passion, perseverance and pride! 

In Maths we have continued learning about halves and how to halve a quantity. We have also looked at quarters of shapes and quantities. We will continue this after the half term break. 

Literacy has been wonderful this week as the children had the chance to put on a puppet show using ‘puppets’ of characters from our story ‘Bob, The Bubble who wanted to be useful’. We love to retell this story and have got really proficient at it! We performed our story to the whole school in assembly on Wednesday which was a huge success. After half term we will quickly recap the story and then begin to write our own stories using the same structure.

Our Science, Geography and RE topics have all now come to a close which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We look forward to our new topics after half term. 

Enjoy a happy, safe and restful break – I look forward to seeing the Robins back for our final half term together.

Best wishes,

Miss C. King


Friday 19th May


This week's star of the week is Fletcher - he has blown us all away recently with his improved work ethic.  In Maths we have continued to learn about 'Fractions' and have become really proficient at finding a half of a shape even when it is divided into more than 2 equal parts already. 

We walked to Jubilee Gardens today to take in the beautiful flower scents and sights. We are looking at the senses and what Spring does to those senses at the moment. We then wrote about our time in the garden and how it made us feel. The children were very excited to be outside of school and it reminded them that we have our trip to Silverstone Museum coming up at the end of next month. 

In Literacy we are looking at the story of Bob who wanted to be a useful bubble. The children are learning the story at the moment and working as readers and writers to answer questions. We will start writing our own stories based on the same structure after half term.

Wishing you a lovely weekend - please enjoy these photos from our walk to Jubilee Gardens. 

Miss C. King



Friday 12th May

Another wonderful week is complete with fun and learning for all. In Geography we have been working really hard to understand map symbols. During RE lessons we have been looking at stories from the bible that teach us to look after the world. We have been asking the big question – Why is it important to care for our world?

We have moved onto ‘Fractions’ in Maths where the children will learn to recognise half of a shape and then half of an amount. They will then progress to quarters of shapes and amounts. They are really enjoying this work so far.

We had a visit from Claire this week who went through the plans for the Family Praise service on Sunday that Robins are warmly invited to. We sang songs and talked about what will happen during the service. I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible on Sunday 10.30/10.45am.

Please enjoy these pictures of what the children have been up to in other subjects.

Best wishes,

Miss C. King


The children in Robins class enjoyed learning today about the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. We watched a video all about the coronation and made crowns to wear at the school picnic. I used this opportunity to review some of our Autumn term learning about the United Kingdom too. Many children were able to name the countries of the United Kingdom along with their corresponding capital cities. 

In science we dissected tulips to discover the main parts of a plant. The children loved this! Children in Year 1 need to know about roots, leaves, flower, petals and stalk. We will be looking at what plants need to grow next week along with growing some of our own Sunflowers from seed.

In Maths we are learning about arrays in order to build understanding of multiplication. We have started to understand naming columns and rows. This is a skill children will build on in Year 2. We looked at Lego pieces and how the square and rectangle pieces show arrays too! The children recreated these arrays themselves using cubes. 

I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend & look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday.

Best wishes,

Miss C. King


Friday 28th March

This week’s star of the week is Sophie. Sophie always follows all the school values at all times and encourages others to do the same. She is a wonderful member of our class. 

Our writing has really taken off recently! This week we have been writing our own setting descriptions. The children have been looking at selecting the right adjectives to describe the nouns in their settings and using these words to write 3 cohesive sentences about the setting. We have been focusing on what can be seen, what can be heard and what the weather is like.

In computing we have been using the ipads to write our own e-books about animals. In Art we have started to study Andy Goldsworthy and in Music we have been learning about pitch. 

We are starting to get ready to perform the famous Spike Milligan poem ‘On the Ning, Nong, Nang’ to the rest of the school in May. The children really like to poem and are excited to perform it once we have perfected our performance!


Friday 21st March

Welcome back to you all! It has been wonderful to hear what the children got up to over their Easter break.

This week we have got straight back into the swing of things by starting our new topics in many subject areas. In Geography we are studying the school grounds in order to learn about compass direction and aerial images. In Science we have revisited our understanding of deciduous and evergreen trees and started to build on this knowledge by learning about plants that flower during the English Spring and Summer. In Literacy we have started to follow the ‘Talk for Writing’ process which provides models to children to help them improve their own writing. Step by step we build vocabulary, sentence structure and support the children to write a plan which guides them through the process.

As the weather continues to improve we look forward to taking the children outside to enjoy our planned forest school activities which are closely matched to the Year 1 curriculum.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss C. King

Friday 24th March

We are very happy for Phoebe this week who is our super star of the week. Phoebe is always able to keep us going during phonics lessons as she has such a strong ability to quickly find the special friends, to Fred Talk and then read the word. 

We started the week off this week with a visit from Jo Elijah who came to share information about her religion, Judaism in order to support our learning. She took us through the routine she follows each Friday night and shared some challah bread with the children. 

In Music we have been looking at tempo and dynamics. The children improvised using untuned percussion instruments thinking carefully about how fast and loud to play their instrument to match the animal selected. Children played slowly and quietly when they saw the tortoise and then played much louder and quicker when the cheetah came to view.

We have finished our spelling pattern work for the Spring term and will now return our focus to Common Exception words. Children will be tested on the first Friday back and results compared with their Autumn score - I am confident we will see leaps in progress! Please spend time over the next 4 weeks practising at home. 

In Art the children have enjoyed with Mrs Murphy printing repeated images using styrofoam and ink. The finished articles are looking fantastic! Rugby continues to be a big hit too each Thursday. 

Have a lovely weekend, Miss King

Friday 17th March

Another wonderful week of learning in our class this week. The children particularly enjoyed the Cricket taster session on Tuesday where they worked to improve batting and ball skills. Please enjoy the pictures. 

Our star of the week this week is Charlie – he is an incredibly happy learner!

In RE we have been looking at the Easter story. The children enjoyed acting it out and then retelling the story. We looked in more detail about the happy moments along with the sad moments of the story. We started the lesson only really making links between Easter and Easter eggs but by the end the children truly understood the story behind this special festival.

Today we tasted the delicious fruits that feature in the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. I was so impressed the children tried something new and worked hard to describe the tastes. Mango was the hot favourite!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


Miss C. King



Friday 10th March

We certainly have had an exciting and action packed week in Robins. Star of the week this week is Harry St - he is a wonderfully kind member of the class who is always found doing the right thing. The children are really enjoying our class story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Snow that fell on Thursday & Friday has caused fun and laughter and we enjoyed a music recital from three Year 4 guitarists.

In History we have been looking at the reasons why Mary Anning is significant. Her discovery of the Ichthyosaur fossil we agreed was her greatest moment! Robins worked with their partners to draw and write sentences to explain these significant events in her life.

In Literacy we are looking at the poem ‘I Have a Tiny Turtle’ by Vachel Lindsay. We have learnt to recite the poem and have been able to write out the first few sentences from memory. Next week we will innovate and write out own versions of the poem.

Please enjoy these images of the other fun we got up to during this week.

Wishing you a restful weekend.

Miss C. King


3rd March

This week’s star of the week is Orla! She could be star of the week every week as she puts in a consistent effort into everything she does. This week we are celebrating her outstanding writing improvement!

Our topics are well underway now. The children have been comparing Mary Anning to Florence Nightingale this week. We have written sentences explaining that they were both Victorian women who became famous, both caring and both strong women. We looked at differences too such as: Mary Anning grew up in a poor household while Florence Nightingale was rich. Elijah’s fossil collection was enjoyed during this lesson too – thank you!

In Maths we can now ALL add and subtract using a number line. Next week we are moving on to doubles and near doubles. 

In Science we have been enjoying classifying animals by type and diet. The children in Robins LOVE animals and in particular love watching videos which give more detailed information about different animals.

World Book Day was certainly an enjoyable day for all. Well done to you all for your costumes. Please enjoy these photos.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss C. King


24th February

Welcome back to you all. Star of the week is Elijah who has been working really hard to improve his reading in school recently. The first week of a new half term is always an exciting one as we have had our introductory lessons to our new topics..

In Science we enjoyed playing bingo with a twist where children listened to my descriptions rather than being told the name. They loved this! We are looking at classifying animals by type such as: reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and mammals.

History is off to a flying start thanks to Lois’ family who have brought in maps, leaflets and pictures of their time visiting family in Lyme Regis. The children have learnt that Mary Anning was a famous fossil hunter from the Victorian Era. We are looking forward to comparing her to Florence Nightingale over the coming lessons.

Robins really enjoyed their session with Saints Rugby on Thursday and are looking forward to the upcoming sessions each week. Please ensure they have a warm PE kit on these days as they will be outside whatever the weather!

Enjoy the photos & have a lovely weekend, Miss C. King


Friday 10th February

Robins have made it to the half way point of Year 1 - can you believe it? Evie is our star of the week this week as she has worked so hard in recent weeks to improve her writing skills. 

I really enjoyed meeting you all via Teams to discuss the progress of your child. It felt AMAZING to share such lovely news and set targets with you on how your children can move to the next step in Reading, Writing & Maths. Thank you for your support over the past 3 half terms. 

Every week we visit the library and change our books. Today we also enjoyed a story recommended to us by Sophie about a girl who liked Tomato Ketchup on everything. We thought the story was really funny so were thankful to have had it suggested to us. 

We celebrated 'World Mental Health' day today and worked with the theme of 'Let's Connect'. We connected with others in the class by learning new things about them and then connected in a wider sense with Wrens & Magpies to enjoy an afternoon of weaving. 

Wishing you all a restful, safe & happy half term. Best wishes - Miss King

Enter text...

 Friday 3rd February

In Science this week we have been looking at grouping animals based on their diets. The children now have a clear understanding of Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores. We are starting to become familiar with the diets of common animals and have been looking in detail at less known animals such as Blue Tangs and Bearded Dragons.

Our History topic is proving to be very enjoyable for the children who this week have looked at the problems Florence Nightingale faced along with the solutions she came up with.

The class have shown a strong understanding of Place Value to 20 in Maths lessons this week. Next week we will focus on using this understanding to build fluency in answering questions about part whole models and bar models.

Next week is poetry week where we will be studying a beautiful poem by Pie Corbett named ‘If I had wings’. The children will innovate this poem to make it their own.

Very much looking forward to parents’ evening next week.

Have a fabulous weekend, Miss C. King

Friday 20th January 2023

This week in Robins we have been really getting to grips with writing cohesive sentences. The children have written great sentences about the boy in the story ‘How to Catch a Star’. Next week we will repeat this skill building with the story ‘No-Bot – The Robot with no Bottom’.

In Maths we have been looking very deeply at our understanding of the number 20. All children have been looking at different ways to make 20 if they are given a select set of numbers. We will be progressing onto looking at the number line to 20 next week and building on our knowledge that way.

Our knowledge of the Victorian Era has improved by studying and comparing in detail the difference between the lives of Rich and Poor Victorians.  Please quiz your children on the differences!

Mrs Murphy has been enjoying teaching the Smoothie topic to the children in DT. This week they sampled different fruits and vegetables to help them plan the ingredients of their own design. The children will design their own label for the bottle and then make their smoothie based on their design. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Miss C. King


 Friday 13th January 2023


 Our first full week back this year has been a positive one. We have been working in Maths to deepen our understanding of numbers 11-20. The children have displayed a really strong knowledge of these numbers and been able to verbally reason with these numbers too. 

In PE the children have been learning skills that will help with their Football game play. We looked at controlled dribbling which encouraged the children to use their big toe and little toe in a pattern. They really enjoyed the games we played and were proud to earn points using their dribbling skills.

Our star of the week this week is Alexander as his listening skills are improving, well done to him!

Next week we will be continuing to secure our ability to write 3 cohesive sentences in order to build up our writing stamina towards the end of the Spring term. We will also be looking at how light helps our eyes to see in Science. 


Miss C. King

Friday 6th January 2023

 Happy New Year to you all! It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school for the new term. They have settled quickly back into our existing routines and enjoyed being back together. A short week for us but lots of learning has already taken place. 

In Literacy we are reading 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. So far we have sequenced the story and written a list of items we would take ourselves. The children will eventually write their own sections of this story now that they are ready to build up their writing stamina. 

In Maths we are looking at reading, writing and understanding numbers to 20 in words and numerals. The children have worked hard over this week and have built up their fluency.

The Human Body and our 5 senses is the topic in Science. We enjoyed drawing around Elijah and labelling the main parts of the body. We learnt that our ankles connect our feet to our legs and our wrists connect our hands to our arms. We will move on next week to look at sight and how light has an impact on how well we see. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss C. King

Friday 16th December

I am incredibly proud of the progress each Robin has made this term in Year 1. They should all be extremely proud of themselves too.

Our 3 performances this week got better and better! It has been so much fun putting on the performances for you all and we thank you very much for coming.

We have also been finishing off our topics this week by going for a walk around the grounds to spot deciduous and evergreen trees, end of unit assessments and showcasing how much our writing has improved.  

Our new topics in January include The Human Body, Florence Nightingale, Smoothie making and Dance!

It was wonderful for Miss Jenkins, Mrs Murphy and I to receive the lovely gift from Robins class, thank you to you all. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 4th January. 

9th December

We have been completing our Maths assessments this week and have done AMAZINGLY well with these. The children were able to showcase their knowledge gained over the term and use this to answer problem solving and reasoning questions along with quick fire arithmetic questions. 

In Literacy we have really enjoyed reading ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’. The children were amazed by all the letters, cards and games within the story. We have written letters to Santa and worked on using question marks at the end of a question.

We are almost ready to take part in the Year 1 & 2 performance next week. We enjoyed performing for the first time at our dress rehearsal today and hope you enjoy the performances coming up next week.

I hope you have a restful weekend, I look forward to seeing the children on Monday for our final week of 2022!


2nd December

Another wonderful week in Robins has ended. We ended on a high with our first Forest School activity of Year 1 on Friday morning. Linking our Science learning we compared the bark rubbings of the Horse Chestnut, Red Oak and Willow trees on the school groups. After that we worked hard to sort natural objects into groups then labelled them ourselves. It was very exciting being outside and enjoyable to have fresh air during our lesson.

In Maths we are now getting very efficient at finding missing parts in Part/Whole models. Next week we are looking at subtraction by crossing out.

Our practising for the Year 1 / 2 performance of ‘Baubles’ is really paying off now as we are very confidently singing our songs to support the Year 2s. We look forward to performing to our families.

Next week we will be reading ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ which will then help us with ideas to write our own letters. The children will be learning to write questions and use the correct punctuation for these.

A huge well done to Lois for achieving ‘Star of the Week’ this week. Lois is an exemplary member of the class who  is always ready, respectful and safe.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend and look forward to more learning on Monday.

Miss C. King

Year 1 Parent Reading PowerPoint

Part 1

Part 2

25th November

This week in Robins we have been very busy again with lots of fun and learning. Our star of the week is Jude. Jude has blown me away with his improved work ethic – well done Jude!

Our Geography topic of the 'United Kingdom' has been thoroughly enjoyable and the children have gained fantastic knowledge from these lessons. They can now confidently name the countries, capital cities and flag of the UK and categorise human and physical features.

In Literacy we have started reading the Katie Morag stories and describing the characters from the stories. Next week we will be looking at the beautiful island setting of Struray and using our ‘Fred Fingers’ to spell unfamiliar words to describe.

In Maths the children have been looking at word problems involving addition along with measuring using non standard units such as cubes and paperclips.

Next week we are going into our small wood on the school grounds to enjoy lessons outdoors. We will be creating and comparing bark rubbings of trees and sorting natural items into groups to remind ourselves of this important Mathematical skill.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Miss C. King


18th November


Firstly I would like to start by saying how pleased I am with each and every Robin due to their hard work and determination this week. I am seeing SO MUCH progress in their writing, reading and general learning attitudes. A special mention goes to Leo who is our star of the week. In a short space of time Leo has progressed from writing 2 sentences about an image to 6+!

Our week has been full to the brim as usual. We have now finished our writing about the story 'Can't you sleep Little Bear' and will move on to the Katie Morag story 'The New Pier' next week. In Maths we have been working on fact families such as:


1 + 2 = 3

2 + 1 = 3

3 = 1 + 2

3 = 2 + 1


Please do practise these at home together - the children will enjoying showing you! Our Maths next week moves on to using our number bonds to 10 knowledge to answer reasoning questions then moving forward with addition and subtraction. 

We really enjoyed the visit from NMPAT String Quartet on Tuesday. They played us several familiar tunes and helped us to get involved with clapping and singing. There are quite a few children in Robins class who would now like to take up a string instrument when they reach Year 2. We hope you have a lovely weekend. 

Miss C.King

Big well done to Roisin being our star of the week! She's an absolute super star and is trying her best in everything she does, every day. 

We have had an amazing week in Robins class with so much fun and learning going on. Our Geography day was a huge success where the children enjoyed showing their flag coloured outfits. The children picked up the knowledge of the Countries, Capital Cities and Flags of the United Kingdom.

They can practise this here: https://wordwall.net/resource/28001126/geography/countries-and-capital-cities-of-the-uk

The children have also been learning this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvDIZoQLgIE

We also enjoyed a visit from Atomic Tom this morning where the children were thrilled by his science experiments involving bubbles! They were amazed to be able to put their finger into a bubble, make bubbles wobble and create bubbles with corners.

Please keep reading with your children each day. Instead of a parent meeting in school I will be sending a PowerPoint to you all soon which gives tips on reading at home. This means you will be able to access it at a time suitable to you and refer back to it at a later date.

We continue to get to know our class story at the moment ‘Can’t you sleep little bear’ which can be watched at home by your children here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1aJimzuzbg

We have started to practise for our Christmas performance this week so you may hear your children singing some tunes at home. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week,

Miss C. King

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4th November 2022


Welcome back to the second half of our first term in Year 1. I was pleased to see so many children kept up their reading at home and shared stories with family members over the half term. The more exposure children have listening to fluent readers the more fluent they can become. Our new book in class is 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' by Martin Waddell. We are starting to gain independence with our own ideas and sentence construction. Next week we will be writing about these gorgeous bears!

We introduced the part-whole model this week. Robins have taken to it very quickly and have been able to calculate the whole amount given the parts. We move on next week looking at including parts and wholes in number sentences. Please keep counting in 2, 5, 10 at home and encouraging your children to add two small amounts during times such as laying the table, counting out shoes or counting items in nature. 

Please remember that next Wednesday (9th) we have invited children to come into school dressed in the colours of one of the flags of the United Kingdom. During the day children will be immersed in all things 'United Kingdom'. By the end of the day children will have a clear understanding of the countries, flags, capital cities and features that make up The United Kingdom. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Miss C. King

21st October 2022

Our star of the week this week is Poppy. Poppy is a kindness ambassador, always showing kindness to others and encourages others to follow in her footsteps. Well done Poppy!

As our first half term in Year 1 draws to a close we look back on all of the progress we have made. The children should be very proud of themselves with how far they have come and how settled they are now working independently on their tasks during lessons.

This week in Science we have been looking at the season of Autumn and the changes this time of year brings to the environment. We really enjoyed creating autumnal trees by mixing colours to create shades of brown and orange to show the leaves that are changing colour. We will take a photo together at the same tree in each of the seasons of the year to compare the differences.

Please keep reading over half term, children will receive raffle tickets upon their return to reward them for their efforts. We have been so impressed with the progress children have made with their reading over this half term.

Have a wonderful half term break, I look forward to seeing Robins back on Tuesday 1st November.


14th October

Our star of the week this week is George who has worked so very hard recently holding and writing sentences to match an image. 

We really enjoyed the Harvest service on Monday morning at the church. The class did really well reciting our 'Water, Water' poem to encourage others to not waste water.

In History we learnt to play some games from the past: Hopscotch and Duck, Duck Goose. The children really enjoyed these and have been spotted setting up their own rounds of these games at break time.

Our sentence writing is getting stronger and this week we have started to work on spotting mistakes and rewriting sentences correctly. The class have enjoyed taking on the role of teacher!

We have almost completed our place value unit and look forward to starting addition and subtraction next week. The children have a strong understanding of ‘greater than’ / ‘equal’ / ‘less than’ and are now putting this into practise by using < = > symbols to compare numbers.

As this half term draws to a close I look forward to talking with you next week at parents’ evening about your child’s progress and ways to move forward with learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss C. King

Friday 7th October

This week our star of the week is Baxter – very proud of his improved focus and super sentence writing. In English we are now reading ‘The Building Boy’ which is an amazing story. The children have been using this to give them ideas for writing sentences. As we get further into the term we are finding most children are now able to hold a sentence, remember their full stop, capital letter, fingers spaces and write using beautiful kinetic letters.

We looked at the meaning of the words ‘fewer, ‘equal’ and ‘more’ this week. The children are looking forward to our game next week really showing off their skills of being able to use these words mathematically. They will generate a number using dice then select all the dominoes that are more, same and fewer in value. 

As our Science topic draws to a close we have been looking at absorbent, waterproof, hard, soft, see-through and stretchy materials. We look forward to our final lesson next week where we will be enjoying our first Science Investigation!

Our school council representatives this year are Freda & George. These children are really looking forward to taking on this important responsibility and I think they will be perfect for the role!

Eco Warriors Phoebe and Alexander have important roles to play both in class and while attending meetings over the coming months. They have been remembering to encourage us to not waste water and remembering to turn the lights and board off.

Please keep reading 5 times a week to earn raffle tickets for the fortnightly prize. The children are very excited about this so thank you for your support reading with your children at home.

The spelling for this week are: was, is, his, has, I

Enjoy the photos of our computing and DT (puppet making) this week.

Have a great weekend,

Miss C. King

Friday 30th September

We have enjoyed a very busy week in Robins with many children really putting their best effort into everything they have done. Our star of the week this week is Emily who was chosen because of her improved attitude to coming into school, being a kind friend and working hard writing her sentences.

Our Toy Day on Tuesday was great fun which was illustrated with a child saying to me ‘this is the best day ever!’. Stephen took us on a journey through the history of toys, guided us to make our own and allowed us time to handle and play with toys from the past. The day really enhanced our ‘Toys R Us’ topic so thank you to our parents for your support. We have been looking at how Teddy Bears got their name as well this week and it proved to interest the children very much!

Last week we mastered ‘one more’ in Maths and this week ‘one less’. Children are beginning to master this concept and are using in different situations around the classroom to apply this understanding. 

Looking ahead to next week we will be continuing to master our navigation & saving skills within Purple Mash in Computing, comparing materials and looking at why certain materials are selected for the job and in RE we will continue to look at theme of 'Forgiveness' through the Parable of 'The Lost Son'. 

Keep reading 5 times each week to earn your treasured raffle tickets!

Miss C. King


Friday 23rd September

A super 3rd week in Year 1! Our Star of the week is Sophie who is an absolute delight to have in our class. She demonstrates our school values and follows our school rules in everything she does. We are getting very good at meeting the Year 1 expectations for this time of year in terms of learning behaviours and work. We are settling down to work in our places and listening well to carpet inputs. This week in RE we have looked at the Parable of ‘The Lost Son’. Children discussed and recorded in small groups ways parents show their love to their children and how children can show it back. This theme came through many lessons and discussions on the act of forgiveness.

In Maths we have been understanding how to find ‘One More’ and complete the sentences such as: ‘1 more than 4 is 5 and 5 is one more than 4’. The children enjoyed this and can now use this skill all the way up to 20! Next week we will look at 'one less' using our number lines. 

We have our Toy Making Experience coming up next week on Tuesday which I am sure will prove to be an unforgettable experience where the children will learn and develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and self confidence. Over the course of the workshop children will go through various processes to ultimately end with a toy that they have made.

Spellings for this week (week1) are: the, a, do, to, today. Please ensure Reading Records are in school every day but especially on Thursdays and Fridays where books are changed and new spellings given. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Miss C. King

Friday 16th September

What a wonderful week we have had in Robins class! This week’s star of the week is Edward who is an excellent role model to others at all times. 

During lesson and transition times we have been working hard to learn and understand our class routines. Robins are getting very good at sitting on the carpet during slightly longer inputs, moving around the classroom to their table place, collecting necessary resources needed for their work and alerting us if they need help.

We are well underway with our Music, DT, Science & History lessons! The children really enjoyed looking at the difference between toys they played with when they were babies and toys that 6 year olds play with. With Mrs Murphy the children looked at different ways to join fabric together in their 'Puppets' topic and finally worked together to classify materials by type and physical properties such as bendy / not bendy in Science.

Weekly spelling tests will begin on Fridays from next week. Spellings will be stuck into Reading records and the spelling result written each time the children take a test. The test is a celebration of personal improvement and isn’t designed to cause stress. Please support your child to help them learn their spellings each week.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, we shall look forward to seeing you on Tuesday,

Miss King


Friday 9th September

We have had an absolutely awesome start to Year 1 in Robins class. Our star of the week this week is Phoebe who has consistently followed our school rules and been a wonderful role model to others. We have had lessons in most subjects this week which have seen us practising our sitting at tables and listening skills. In Maths we have sorted objects into groups in different ways and revisited our counting skills to 20. Our story in Literacy is ‘The Gigantic Turnip’ by Aleksei Tolstoy. The children have enjoyed acting out the story and have started to use their phonic knowledge to write words to describe turnips! In Science we enjoyed classifying materials and using venn diagrams to show we know what various items were made from. In History we have been talking about our favourite toys at the moment and comparing them to the toys we played with when we were babies. A super start for Robins class and I can't wait until next week!

Miss C. King