"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Magpies Year 2 2022-23

Miss Snook and Mrs Salmons

Friday 21st July 2023

In our last week of year 2, we made monsters, masks and mugs! Thank you for all your donations, we have raised £30 for world vision! 

I enjoyed painting the mugs - Makena 

I liked the masks we did with Mrs Salmons - Thea 

My favourite part was trying the Kenyan food! - Jamie 

My favourite thing this week was decorating the masks - Oisin

I liked asking questions and learning about Kenya - Keira 

We got to sing in church this week - Ella 

Happy Summer Holidays!

Friday 14th July 2023

Magpies loved DT this week. They created moving monsters with Mrs Salmons; making sure they used all the learning about pivots and linkages so far! Have a look at some photos below!

In Maths, he have continued to describe position and direction as well as recap the four operations ready for year 3. In Literacy, we brainstormed adventurous adverbs and spotted different features and vocabulary from a poem. In PE, we enjoyed tennis with Beth as well as some striking and feilding themed relays. 

Well done to Bertie, our star of the week this week. Bertie has shown enthusiasm for learning throughout his time in year 2. 

Friday 7th July 2023

Magpies seemed to enjoy our sports afternoon on Tuesday, despite the rain. Well done to all the children for getting involved in all the activities and to our race winners. 

Year 2 also worked hard in Geography this week, remembering lots of learning about Kenya as well as Greens Norton. The class shared similarities and differences with their partner to create a poster. In Maths, we looked at tricky pictograms with a scale of 2, 5 or 10 as well as recapping our lefts and rights as part of our position and direction unit. There were many tips and tricks the children shared! 

During Literacy, we are still using poetry to improve our vocabulary skills. We brainstormed as many adventurous adjectives and verbs using the book 'Bringing the rain to Kapiti plain' to help us. Magpies also created their own quiz on purple mash, sorted symbols in RE and found out about food chains in Science!

Well done to Joshua, our star of the week this week. Joshua has been trying really hard in all lessons and it has not gone unnoticed. 

Friday 29th June 2023

On Thursday, we went on our trip to Sywell country park! Magpies explored habitats to help them with their science learning. They went on a mini beast safari and found a huge variety of creepy crawlies and slugs... The class also enjoyed exploring the animals by the pond and in the butterfly garden.  

Year 2 also enjoyed their DT lesson this week. They had to design and vote in preperation for making a moving monster.

In Maths, we began using bar charts and pictograms to interpret data. 

Well done to Stanley, out star of the week this week. Stanley has been fantastic in our science learning and on our school trip. 

Friday 23rd June 2023

Magpies loved our DT lesson this week; all about pivots! We also had a great day on Thursday at Sponne School Sports Festival. 

In Maths, we have moved on to statistics and made our own tally charts as well as tables. During Literacy, we have looked at skills such as alliteration, adjectives and similes ready to write a poem...

As part of our science learning, year 2 looked at the habitats of both polar bears and sharks and made a mind map. In Geography, the class learnt all about Kenyan villages and the Maasai Mara Tribes. They used information about these to create thier own Kenyan Village and map. 

Well done to Eva, our star of the week this week! It was a pleasure to take Eva to Sponne this week, she had a smile on her face and completed all the activities. 

Friday 16th June 2023

This week the children have enjoyed creating an obstacle relay in PSHE, looking at pivots for a moving monster and learning about the things found in a synagogue! 

In Maths, we finished looking at telling the time. We are still trying to remember whether it's past or to so I will keep testing the children on this! In Literacy, we have planned a story based on 'Mama Panya's Pancakes'. Magpies have brainstormed lots of foods, characters and vocabulary ready to write their stories next week! 

Year 2 have also loved our Science this week; sorting animals into their habitats. In Geography, we have learnt more about Kenya and the class have written some informative non - chronological reports. Again, we enjoyed our PE in the sun cricket skills as well as tennis with Beth. 

Well done to Jayke, our star of the week this week. He has worked really hard with following instructions and completing much more work! 

Friday 9th June 2023

A wonderful first week back in Year 2 after half term!

In Maths, we have begun studying time. We have looked at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to this week and any extra practise you can do at home of these would be great. During Literacy lessons, we have read 'Mama Panya's Pancakes' and used this to include adverbs, conjunctions and punctuation in our writing. 

The class have enjoyed our new Geography topic this week and have found Kenya on a globe and in an atlas. They also looked at the human and physical features to create their own map of Kenya. In DT, Year 2 created some pop up rabbits with Mrs Salmons and loved thier tennis in PE with Beth. 

Well done to Makena, our star of the week this week. Makena has shown great listening and learning recently. 

Enjoy our photos! 

Friday 26th May 2023

A very exciting week in Magpies this week! We have finished all our SATs papers and I appreciate all your support at home with these. 

Thank you for all your wolf run sponsorship. The children ran very well over all the obstacles in the heat, lots completing 8 or 9 laps! 

Magpies also enjoyed a trip to the flower farm and completed some Science, Art and Geography learning. The class also made thier own map and key of the flower farm back at school to show case all thier learning. 

In Maths, we finished off our learning on fractions. Making the whole and noticing that half is the same as two quarters. During Literacy, we planned and wrote our own non - chronological reports on a village we created! 

It was also great to have such lovely weather, we were lucky enough to complete some learning outside this week too! Enjoy our photos. 

Happy Half Term :) 

Friday 19th May 2023

 We have had an incredibly busy week in Magpies this week! The class have completed their reading SATs tests, lots of online safety lessons and completed a computing unit. 

In Maths, we have been working very hard on fractions, finding and recognising a half, quarter and thirds! In Literacy, we have studied a model non - chronological report text carefully. We used this to find all the features including conjunctions, punctuation and headings. 

During Science, the class measured our sunflowers to see how they were growing (some have been looked after better than others!). Magpies also learnt about the different functions of parts of the human body. In Art, Year 2 recreated 'Flatford Mill' by John Constable to show they understand the background and foreground terminology and skills. 

Another busy week coming up next week! We will complete our Maths SATs, sponsored wolf run and make a visit to Littleworth flower farm. 

Well done to Tyler, our star of the week this week! Tyler has been a superstar since rejoining year 2 and it is a pleasure to have him back with us. 

Friday 12th May 2023

 This week, we have begun learning all about fractions! The class have been identifying equal and unequal parts as well as finding a half of objects. In Literacy, the class have enjoyed using their Geogrpahy knowledge so write some facts about Greens Norton ready for their non - chornological report writing. 

In Geography, we have learnt and used positional and directional vocabulary to describe features on maps as well as give directions. In RE, Magpies enjoyed asking questions all about our local church to two visitors. During PE, year 2 loved collecting points for their teams in different tri golf mini games. As part of our Science learning with Mrs Salmons, we have planted some sunflower seeds. We have been looking after these carefully and watching them grow. In our lesson this week we made observations all about germination! We hope they grow a little taller soon! 

We have also practiced lots of reading comprehensions. Our reading SATs will take place next week over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Friday 5th May 2023

Happy Coronation Weekend!

We have completed our spelling and grammar SATs this week. The children did really well and remembered all the test conditions. 

In Maths, we finished learning about mass capacity and temperature. Year 2 found finding the temperature in different places on the themometer interesting and knew if it was a hot place or a cold place. In literacy, the class planned and wrote a letter all about a beach adventure. They tried their best to use conjunctions, adverbs and exclamations. 

We also enjoyed our reading this week, looking at the fetaures of non-fiction texts. In PE, we completed a variety of jumping relays, building on our skills. In Geography, we used Digimaps and a key to find the features of Greens Norton. Finally, in Art, we mixed black into green to create lots of different shades. 

See you Tuesday :)  

Friday 28th April 2023

What a week!

In Maths, Year 2 have been leanring about mass and capacity. They have practised reading a variety of scales to measure in g, kg, ml and l! During Literacy, we have focused on lots of grammar skills and vocabulary including; adjectives, adverbs, commas in lists, conjunctions and exclamations! 

During some of our other learning, Magpies really liked learning about landmarks and used aerial photographs to find local landmarks from above. In PE, we enjoyed some tri golf as well as lots of different jumping styles as part of athletics. With Mrs Shadforth, the class completed a science investigation and counted the seeds in different types of fruit. As part of Music, the class created a soundscape to represent the countryside. Have a look at the pictures!

Well done to Rose, our star of the week this week. Rose has shown great progress in Maths as well as bundles of enthusiasm. 

Just a reminder - PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays this term!

Enjoy the bank holiday :) 

Friday 21st April 2023

Welcome back! This week has been a busy one and magpies have launched into lots of new learning! 

In Maths, we re-capped length and height, started to learn about mass in grams and even had a little go at telling the time. In Literacy, year 2 have used because and adverbs in their sentences as well as practising some Grammar SATs papers. 

Our new geography topic all about our local area started off with seeing if we recognise any human and physical features in Greens Norton. We also wrote letters explaining what it's like to visit. Year 2 also enjoyed music this week; singing some folk songs as well as making seaside soundscapes. 

Well done to Holly P, our star of the week this week. Holly has shown a fantastic attitude towards learning in this first week back! 

Friday 31st March 2023

Happy Easter! 

This week we have enjoyed our church service, Easter story writing and our last rugby session! 

In Maths, we have measured in centimetres and metres as well as comparing different lengths and heights. In Literacy, we wrote a letter from the moon ready for our new unit after the Easter break. 

Magpies completed their end of unit quizzes for Neil Armstong (History) and Animals (Science) and have clearly learnt so much during these topics! 

I hope you all enjoy the break and we will see you on 17th April :) 


Friday 24th March 2023

This week we have completed lots of writing tasks. I have enjoyed reading the children's butterfly poems as well as their own versions of the Easter Story. 

During Maths, we have finished our multiplication and divison unit and are getting ready to learn about length and height next! The class have made great progress with their 2s, 5s and 10s but any extra support at home will help get these facts stored in the brain! In Science, we completed some data activities and found out what our pets need to survive. In History, Magpies were given an oppourtunity to select the better explorer out of 'Neil Armstrong' and 'Christopher Columbus' and explain why. 

Our favourites this week included our Art. We completed a final piece using Kerry Darlington as inspiration. Year 2s also enjoyed computing; working in pairs to complete a poster all about effective serching on the internet. 

Well done to Johnny, our star of the week this week! Johnny has completed some magnificent maths and we are very proud! 

Friday 17th March 2023

We really enjoyed our cricket vistor this week and had a go at some batting, bowling and catching skills in a taster session! 

In Maths, we have been using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to multiply and divide! Lots of practise is needed with these so any extra at home would be amazing! During Literacy, we have looked at the features of a poem; adjectives, adverbs and alliteration. We have enjoyed brainstorming our own examples of each. In Science, the children observed the life cycle of the frog and loved learning about the tadpoles and froglets! The class also began to comapre the explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong as part of their History unit. 

Another highlight for Magpies this week was our Art lessons; the artist inspiring us ths term is called Kerry Darlington. The chidlren have practised sketching trees and peacocks as well as using watercolours and pastels to layer their work and create some different textures. 

Well done to Christabel, our star of the week this week. Christabel has been focused, well behaved and confident with her learning all week! 

Friday 10th March 2023

What an icredibly busy and chilly week! Magpies have been working hard in their Literacy lessons to produce a story using a mode of transport - lots chose rockets or hot air balloons. We are now getting ready to look at as well as write some poetry. 

In Maths, Magpies have continued with their multiplication and division unit; multiplying and dividing by 2 and 10 as well as looking at odd and even numbers. Year 2 loved our History lessons this week and did some great role play, recounts and used lots of sources. 

During RE the class thought about all the different ways Christians celebrate Easter. In PSHE Mrs Salmons discussed with the children what they can do in an emergency AND in PE we still managaed to get some rugby skills completed in the hall! 

Well done to Sean, our star of the week this week! Sean has been working very hard all by himself to produce some great writing. 

We look forward to seeing lots of you on Sunday for our church service supported by Claire! 

Friday 3rd March 2023

We really enjoyed our world book day this week! Lots of the children were interested in the Roald Dahl facts and books! We also enjoyed a visitor in our Science lesson. Atomic Tom told us about food chains and let us have a look at some owl pellets for bones! 

In Maths, Magpies have been busy using the division symbol to help them share and group arrays. In Literacy, we have found the features of a story and innovated our own ideas ready for next week. During History, the class found out about Apollo 11 and loved creating a comic strip all about life on a spaceship. 

Well done to Lily, our star in Magpies this week. Lily has been working really hard on her learning at school and at home too! 

Friday 24th February 2023

A great week back after half term in Magpies! 

In Maths, we began looking at the multiplication symbol and used it to write number sentences. In Literacy, we used 'The way back home' by Oliver Jeffers to help us write a story. We are focusing on using adverbs, conjunctions and different types of sentences (questions, exclamations and commands) in our writing in this unit. The class LOVED learning about Neil Armstrong and NASA as part of their History learning and I hope this enthusiasm continues throughout the topic. 

A highlight for lots of the children this week was our first Saints rugby session. We had a go using the tag belts and practisied passing a rugby ball from our 'pocket'. Enjoy some photos below. 

Well done to Jasmine, our star of the week this week! Jasmine has shown great focus and smiles :) 

Friday 10th February 2023

This week we celebrated both Internet Safety and Mental Health Awareness! 

In Maths, we begun our multiplication and division unit and started to recognise equal and unequal groups. In Literacy, we planned and wrote a recount using all of our Christopher Columbus knowledge. 

In DT, the class tested and evaluated their chairs - well done to Lily, who made a chair 'just right' for baby bear! In PE, Magpies enjoyed practising their shooting skills in basketball and had a go at following a pirate dance video. 

Well done to Ella, our star of the week this week. Ella has shown amazing effort and thoughtfulness!

Happy half term!  

Friday 3rd February 2023

Thank you for all your card and loo roll donations! See below for the children's creations! 

In Maths this week, we have finished our money unit: calculating with money, making £1 and solving problems including giving change. In Litercay, we have focused on adverbs, past tense verbs and questions/exclamations as part of our Flat Stanley recount writing. When finding out more about Christopher Columbus, we discovered we took lots of gold from Spain along with some slaves. Many of us agreed that perhaps this was not the kindest thing to do! 

In PE we loved sharing our pirate dance moves as well as practising our defending skills in basketball. We looked at different drinks in Science to see which had the least and most sugar as part of our balanced diet learning. In RE, the class used 'the friend at midnight' story to think about prayer and how god is similar to people at home. We also enjoyed singing 'all around the world' in Music. 

Well done to Aaron, our star in Magpies this week. Aaron has made great progress in reading and writing recently and it is great to see this newfound focus with his learning. 

Friday 27th January 2023

Following on from their DT leanring, Magpies created some structures in DT this week! They had a competition to see which structure was the strongest! If you have not seen my parentmail, we are in need of loo rolls and thin card by Tuesday 31st January please!

Magpies also enjoyed PE this week. We did an archery competition with Joe and put together our dribbling and passing in basketball. Year 2s were also very brave on Monday, they perfomed the poems 'Pizza' and 'Animal Orchestra' by Julia Donaldson in assembly.

In Maths we have started counting money and idnetifying different ways to make amounts using both notes and coins. During Litercay, the class used thier plans to write a problem story. Magpies also learnt more about Christopher Columbus' trip in 1492 as well as classifying different foods in Science. 

Well done to Holly, our star this week! Holly shows amazing effort in everything she does and really stood out for this over the week. 

Friday 20th January 2023

Magpies really enjoyed their DT this week! Using their shape knowledge; they tested different 3D shapes using playdough to find out which would be the best shape for a chair. In Science, the class observed what happened to their bodies before and after running around the track as part of learning all about exercise. In computing, Year 2 loved using 2Question to ask yes or no questions in our own version of 'guess who'! 

In Maths, we have finished learning about shape and used this to spot patterns in a group of 2D and 3D shapes. In Literacy, Magpies have been very creative and innovated their ideas for a problem story ready to write next week! We have also begun some SATs practise papers; any support you can give at home in terms of reading and arithmetic would be fantastic! 

Well done to Thurston, our star of the week this week! Thurston has shown superb behaviour and I appreciate his thoughtfulness. 

Friday 13th January 2023

 We have been busy studying symmetry in our Maths learning this week. The children used their shape knowledge to find lines of symmetry, draw the other half and sort shapes. In Literacy, we have focused on three key skills; capital letters in the correct place, past tense verbs and cohesion. 

Magpies enjoyed Science this week; they completed different exercises to test their heartbeat! We found out it had more beats after we had done an exercise. In History, the class learnt some facts about Christopher Columbus and had to put these in chronological order. We then enjoyed some pirate theme dance for PE! To end the week, Magpies learnt a new song in Music called 'Rainbows'! 

Well done to Jamie, our star of the week this week! Jamie has come back with such a postivie attitude and we have enjoyed his smiles this week. 

Friday 6th January 2023

Happy New Year!

During this three day week, the children have begun their History learning all about Christopher Columbus. They used sources to learn about his background and spent some time being pirates as well as creating pirate posters! 

In Maths, Mgapies have been working on shapes; identifying 2D and 3D shapes, properties (including sides and verticies) and drawing shapes using rulers. In Literacy, the children have had a go at writing a problem story. They also had a look at the picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. This will help us during our upcoming unit. 

The class also enjoyed looking at baby photos in Science, listening to new music and thinking about the 12 disciples in RE. 

Friday 15th December 2022

Feeling very festive in Year 2 this week! Have a look at the photos to see the children enjoying Baubles Play, Poinsetta Printing and Christmas Dinner! 

We finished off our Literacy and Maths units earlier in the week. The children wrote all about Shen in a character description. In Maths, we worked out how to solve missing number problems using counters and 10s frames. In Science, we revised all our leanring about Plants and are looking forward to revisiting this in the Summer term i'm sure! During Geography, Magpies compared human and phyiscal features of different continents and completed an end of unit quiz too! 

Well done to Aria, our final star in 2022. Aria showed great calmness, confidence and maturity in the Christmas play this week and we are very lucky to have had her join us earlier in the year. 

Have a fantastic Christmas holiday :) 

Friday 9th December 2022

It is begininng to feel like Christmas this week! Magpies have joined up with Robins for thier Christmas play and have been doing lots of singing and rehearsing. The children did really well in thier dress run and are looking forward to the performances next week. 

In Litercay, we looked at the features of a character description and boxed up one of our own. During Maths, we continued to practise methods of addition and subtraction. In Science we finally looked at our plants we have been watering and decided 50ml was needed to keep the plant healthy. 

Magpies also enjoyed a Kurling and Boccia competition in PE this week as well as designing 'op art' plant pots in Art. 

Mrs Salmons also wanted me to thank everyone for thier show and tell efforts (both children and parents). It's a great oppourtunity to develop speaking and language skills and the children look forward to sharing thier things each week. This will cary on next year if your child hasn't had a go. 

Friday 2nd December 2022

Well done to all the children (and parents!) who have been practising thier lines for our school play at home. This week consisted of two rehearsals ready for 13th and 14th December. 

We started the week planting some crocus bulbs on the school grounds. Magpies are looking forward to watching them grow as part of our learning in Science. In Maths, we used base 10 representations to solve subtraction calculations and mixed problems, looking carefully at what happens when there is an exchange. In Literacy, we used the subordinating conjunctions (if, when, because) at sentnece level and used 'The magic paintbrush' to help us! 

Magpies also enjoyed thier PE this week; zigzaging in gymnastics and using tennis rackets in target games. They also learnt about the equator and used this to locate some of Earth's hottest countries. 

Well done to Kieron, our star of the week this week! Kieron worked hard in his Maths and Reading Assessments this week AND is always one of the first ready for learning :)

Friday 25th November 2022

What a week it's been; finishing off with chocolate mufti! 

In Maths, we have been adding 2 2-digit numbers together using base 10 and finding out what happens when we exchange. In Litercay, we have used 'The Magic Paintbrush' to help us write expanded noun phrases and commas in lists. 

In Geography, Magpies REALLY enjoyed learning about the 5 oceans that cover 80% of our planet. They created weather reports for sailors and presented them to the class. Year 2 also made thier own shop using the Purple Mash version of excel. 

Well done to Imogen, our star of the week! In a week where we are thinking about how to help others flourish; Imogen has shown incredible kindness towards others. 

Enjoy lots of photos :)

Friday 18th November 2022

An incredibly busy week for the Magpies this week; keeping up with rehearsals, observing lots of plants in Science and writing stories! 

In Literacy this week, the children has planned and written some stories in the same format as Meerkat Mail but have used a polar bear and Arctic theme instead. During Maths, we have learnt about finding 10 more and 10 less and used this to help us add and subtract multiples of 10 from a 2-digit number. We discovered that when adding and subtracting 10s, our 1s will stay the same! 

We have been busy in other areas of the curriculum too! In Science, we have two investigations set up; one putting different amounts of water when watering flowers and another to see if grass can grow inside a warm classroom! We also enjoyed learning about Bridget Riley in Art this week. In PE, the class had a go at 90, 180 and 270 degree turns in gymnastics. Fun in drama was had during PSHE with Mrs Salmons too :)

Well done to Oisin! He is our star of the week this week for his great work ethic and enthusiasm.

Friday 11th November 2022

This week rehearsals for our Christmas play have been in full swing! We have been learning lines, songs and actions ready for parents on the 13th and 14th December! 

Magpies have also been adding and subtracting from ten in Maths; spotting their number bonds to help them. In Literacy, the class have worked hard on using verbs, adverbs, exclamations and questions to add interest to their writing. They also enjoyed their PE, a carousel of target games and gymnastics with Joe from Freestyle. In RE, we learnt about the Quran and some of us tried out some different prayer positions from the Islamic faith. 

We also thought deeper about Remembrance and wrote some messages for people in the armed forces now or in the past. 

We are incredibly lucky to have 2 volunteers with us in Year 2 this year, please encourage your child to bring their reading books, record and spelling log to help us record when your child has read with an adult in school.

A huge well done to Christabel, our star in Magpies this week. She has shown amazing focus in Reading and Writing tasks as well as being a role model for her behaviour. 

Friday 4th November 2022

In our slightly shorter week, the children have been thrown straight back in to the new half term! We have been starting to learn our Nativity songs and introduced our Geography topic 'what a wonderful world'. 

Magpies learnt the 7 continents and spotted these on an atlas and globe. In Science, the children observed plants and decided that plants need light to stay healthy. In PE, the class target games; shooting beanbags into the hoop or trying to beat their partner by getting it closest to the cone! 

During Literacy this week, we have read the story 'Meerkat Mail' and used this to recap capital letters as well as cohesion. Magpies have also started to write questions. Magpies also joined up with Ravens and enjoyed their first reading buddy session! 

Have a look at our photos from the week :) 

Friday 21st October 2022

The children have really enjoyed the last few lessons on materials as part of their Science learning this term. They observed stretchy materials and used this to measure how far some of these materials could stretch! We have also come to an end of an absolutely brilliant History unit too! Magpies have loved learning about the Great Fire of London; they have remembered so many key facts and it has inspired some good pieces of writing. 

In Maths, we had a look at making 10 to help us with our addition of both 2 and 3 digit calculations. In Music, we thought about how songs link to friendship. In RE, we read the story of the crying camel and reflected upon the messages of the Islamic story. In Computing, the class put together their learning on 2Code and created their own program. 

Well done to Thea, our star of the week this week. Thea really impressed me with her recount of the Great Fire of London and has been working incredibly hard in Literacy lessons. 

Enjoy half term! 

Friday 14th October 2022

We have begun looking at addition and subtraction in Maths this week! The class have recapped number bonds to 10 and 100 as well as learning about number fact families and related calculations (some more practise needed here we think!). In Literacy, Magpies have used the conjunctions 'an' and 'because' to add extra information as well as identifying features and vocabulary in their recount unit. 

The class have enjoyed learning all about Samuel Pepys and his diary and have also enjoyed lots of non - fiction books this week about the Great Fire. We had a very busy Science afternoon too; observing different materials to find the odd one out and thinking about all our learning so far to design a boat for Samuel Pepys to escape London. During our RE lesson, we thought about the deeper meaning of the Islam story 'The tiny ants' and created boxes to show our ideas. 

And... as always... year 2 loved singing in Music this week with Mrs Salmons! 

Well done to Ted, our star of the week this week! Ted has worked very hard in Maths and is becoming more confident in Year 2 :) 

Friday 7th October 2022

Magpies have started thinking about recount writing this week! They have been using the story of 'Vlad and the great fire' to help them use past tense verbs, apostrophes for possession and contractions in their writing. We have come to the end of our place value unit in Maths and the class have worked really hard so far this term to show and improve their understanding of number. On to addition and subtraction next...

The class enjoyed their PE lessons this week! One (very wet) jumping focus lesson and invasion game skills with Hayden. They also worked hard in Music; finding out lots about Diana Ross as well as some practise for our harvest service on Monday. 

On Thursday, Magpies enjoyed Science and History with Mrs Shadforth! They investigated rigid and bendy materials as well as putting the events of the Great Fire of London in order.

We also welcomed two new pupils to our class. A very exciting week! 

Well done to Max, Magpies superstar this week. Max sets a great example and works extremely hard in his Literacy. 

Friday 30th September 2022

We have learnt about estimating numbers on a numberline in Maths this week; using it to help us order and compare objects with <>= signs! Have a look at our numberlines below... I have been really pleased with our Literacy in Magpies too; planning, thinking of vocabulary and writing (in our best kinetic letters) our setting descriptions of London after the Great Fire. 

In Science, the class found out about Charles Mackintosh! In Music, they had a go at playing some percussion instruments and in RE they learnt about a good leader and linked this to the prophet Muhammed. 

Well done to Rose, our star of the week this week! Rose has used some amazing vocabulary in her Literacy and been very helpful too. 

Friday 23rd September 2022

The class have really enjoyed their Music and DT this week! Magpies enjoyed coming up with some actions to our Diana Ross song in Music and concentrated really hard when sewing two pieces of felt together.

I was impressed with their hard work in Maths too! The children worked hard to partition a number in different ways. use number bonds to 100 as well as begin to use numberlines. In Literacy, we innovated some paragraphs about the Great Fire! We had to use all of our ideas and put them into cohesive sentences when thinking about our setting description. 

During RE, we discussed why there might be 99 names for Allah as part of our learning about Islam; we thought about what these could be and had a look at the writing used in the Qur'an. Magpies also did some dribbling in PE, tested absorbent materials in Science and thought about fact or fiction statements in History. 

A huge well done to Keerat, our star of the week this week! Keerat has been so happy this week with a great attitude. 

Friday 16th September 2022

It's been another busy week here in Magpies class!

In Maths, the children have been working on partitioning and writing numbers in words. During Literacy, we have been finding the features of a setting description (cohesion, capital letters, full stops and expanded noun phrases) as well as boxing up a model text. 

The class also enjoyed their skipping focus in PE, collecting information about materials in Science as well as using different sources to find out about life in Pudding Lane in History. 

Well done to Daniel, who is star of the week this week! We cannot fault Daniel's efforts in Magpies and appreciate him being ready first time :) 

See you all on Tuesday! 

Friday 9th September 2022

Wow! What a great week the new year 2 children have had in Magpies; settling into new routines, working hard and catching up with friends! 

The children have spent time this week looking at our new History topic 'Panic on Pudding Lane', which is all about the Great Fire of London. In Literacy, we have used lots of images of 1666 London to write cohesively and recapping those capital letters and full stops! We have also enjoyed the beginning of the book 'Vlad and the Great Fire'. the children have used this to work on their visualization skills in reading lessons. We have also begun a new daily spelling programme, which is why you won't have received any lists to learn at home. We will spend 15 minutes a day working on our spelling. 

In Maths, the class have impressed me with their place value knowledge using different representations to show numbers between 1 - 100. In PSHE with Mrs Salmons, Magpies thought of pledges and rules they would like to stick to this year and make a paper chain. Finally, in Science, we had a look at different materials and thought of different ways we could classify them. 

Well done to Henry, our star of the week this week. Henry has shown great problem solving skills, manners and has been very helpful in his first week. 

Enjoy some photos below :)