"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Wrens 2022-23

Mrs Wizard, Miss Jenkins and Miss Farmer

Week ending 21st July

This week we have enjoyed making potions, junk modelling, and forest school as well as a whole visit to Church where we celebrated the end of our school year. Today we celebrated with the Year 6 class who are leaving the school today and loved hearing about their memories from their time at school.

Mrs Wizard, Mrs Musson and Miss Jenkins would all like to say a massive thank you for our end of year gifts., and wish you all a really fun summer. 

Week ending 14th July

This week we have been exploring The fidgety fish with percussion instruments making all the sounds that we think go with the words from the story such as woosh, quivering, shivering, click clack and stung. We have been practicing getting the timing right for an in class performance.

In mathematics we have been using our skills to problem solve amounts using first then next stories and our knowledge of number bonds.

We had the chance this week to spend some time with Mrs King when the new starters for next year came in for a visit. we had a great time and were able to show off our reading and writing skills to her. We were very upset when we returned to our own classroom to see the terrible mess the the younger children had made. But we soon got to work and cleaned it all up! Team work makes the dream work!


Week ending 7th July

We have continued to learn the story The Fidgety Fish and have added percussion instruments to our retelling to make a performance. We are using the instruments to bring out lots of the rhyme and adjectives.

In mathematics we have been learning about lots of mapping skills and positional language. We have drawn maps showing our journey to school and also drawn pirate maps with treasure.

In art we have been using our learnt drawing and pencil skills to draw still life. We looked closely at petals and flowers and carefully drew what we could see.

The biggest excitement this week was sports day. It was rather wet but we carried on. We loved the all of the activities and had to use lots of skills that we have learnt in PE over the year, throwing, balancing, jumping and running. We were so happy so many family members stayed and watched regardless of the weather.

Week ending 29th June

We started a new book The Fidgety Fish. We thought Tiddler had swum into a cave but it turned out to be a big fish that swallowed him. Luckily Tiddler wriggled about so much the big fish did a giant BURP and Tiddler shot out!

In mathematics we used Quisenaire to compare lengths and to make patterns.

The main focus of the week was a great day to Sywell Park. we spotted different birds on the reservoir. We saw lots and lots of dragonflies! We played some fun parachute games and had lots of trips to the toilets! There were lots of sleepy children on the coach ride home.


Week ending 23rd June

This week we continued to learn the Hungry Caterpillar book. We changed the story slightly to think of healthy food we could eat on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We wrote about the healthy fruit and vegetables we would eat. We also investigated simple adjectives to describe the fruit. We started with the sentence He ate an apple then thought of lots of words to describe the apple such as red, juicy and crunchy.

In mathematics we built numbers by adding feet together. So a chicken a horse and a snail would be 7 feet. We tried with different combinations to see how many feet we would get.

In art we made egg box hungry caterpillars to be just like the ones in the story.

This week we were lucky enough to have a taught tennis lesson. Learning how to hold a tennis racket and try and hit the ball a short distance on the floor and in the air.

Week ending 16th June

A very hot week where we have made the best use of the weather by spending most mornings outside and sheltering from the heat inside in the afternoons!

We continued to learn about The very hungry caterpillar and we are now very good at remembering all the food the caterpillar ate. We learnt about a butterfly lifecycle and learnt many facts about butterflies and caterpillars. We painted butterflies making sure the wings were the same.

In mathematics we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We used numicon to sort odd and even numbers. The odd numicon had a bit sticking up! We also investigated using a ten frame and paired counters if their was one on its own we knew it was odd.

There have been lots self initiated play and learning outside, investigating the plant growth, creating complex tracks for cars to travel along and making a variety of shops and cafes.


Week ending 9th June

Welcome back after half term break!

A new story for the new term - The very Hungry Caterpillar. Lots of children know the story already so we drew a story map straight away to help learn the story. the tricky bit is learning all of the things the caterpillar ate on Saturday! It also prompted lots of discussion about healthy and unhealthy food choices. We also started thinking about why and how does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly - we have lots of questions to be explored in the coming weeks!

In mathematics we started to learn about sharing into equal groups. We watched the numberblocks The Lair of Share to help our understanding. We shared using one for you one for you one for you! We also read the book The door bell rang - a story where people keep coming round so cookies have to be shared fairly to everyone.

We were lucky to spend lots of time outside without the safari park there was a blank canvas to create. So we have so far had a cafe, a bird sanctuary, an aquarium and a shell museum! Lots of ideas being extended from the safari park. We are also back looking after all our seedlings we planted.

Another exciting thing this week was the delivery of an enormous interactive board for the classroom that the Friends of Greens Norton bought for us. We are very thankful!


Week ending 26th May

We continue to learn the story A squash and Squeeze. We thought of our own animals and wrote about what they would do in a house. We had hippos squashing things, dogs chewing things and even some animals pushed the little old lady over and cut her hair! We continued to learn about rhyming words and tried to think of our own rhyming words.

In mathematics we learnt about doubling and began to confidently say the double of numbers to 5. We practiced using dominos and dice to find doubles.

In PSHE we began to think about being healthy. Some of the areas we covered were healthy eating, keeping our body healthy with exercise and rest and also thinking about keeping our mind healthy. Knowing when to ask form help and when to help others.

Sadly the end of the week meant we had to pack up the safari park. So much learning has occurred with the animals. Looking after them, doing shows and tours as well as finding out facts about wild animals. The children asked what they could do next term if the animals and safari park was gone. I said they would have to think of something better to make!

Happy half term!

Week ending 19th May

this week we have started learning a new story A squash and a Squeeze. This story is helping us learn about words that rhyme. We have been hearing for rhyming words in the book and have also been playing lots of rhyming games. We used pictures from the story to order the story and retell it.

In mathematics we have been investigating shapes and using small shapes to build larger shapes. We used tangrams to investigate different ways we could use shapes to make pictures.

We have been playing lots of finding games in the classroom. We have had prompts each day to go around the classroom and find different things. First we had to find different animal names that were hidden and write them down then we had to find rhyming words. As the week has progressed the hiding places have got more and more difficult to find.


Week ending 12th May

We are eventually having some nice weather which means we have been able to spend more time outside. We investigated in the woods for signs of summer. We found the grass had grown long, there was blossom, lots of buzzing insects and toad stools had grown.

We continued to learn the story I want a pet. We looked through the book to find the pet was a big purple egg that was beginning to crack. We imagined what the pet actually was an wrote about what we thought would come out of the egg.

We have had lots of junk modelling this week. There have been a number of rockets and robots built. The children went back to their models over the week to see how they could add and improve upon their models. They then wrote about their models.

In mathematics we have been learning about first then next stories. A simple way to begin to learn about addition and subtraction. We used lots of different resources to investigate adding more and taking some away.


Week ending 5th May

This week we have been reading a new story I want a pet. In the story the little girl thinks of different pets and her granny tells her why each pet would be a bad idea. We have copied this and have been writing about why some of the animals in a safari park would make a bad pet.

In mathematics we have been telling some first, then now stories to begin learning about simple addition using concrete apparatus.

We have been learning about different animals, where they live and what they eat. We learnt about zebras and Lions. We looked on a map to see where they lived compared to where we live.

The class safari park and vets are still very popular. Lots of animals are getting special attention and are being checked over regularly by the class vet staff and zoo keepers.

Week ending 28th April

What an animaltastic week! On Monday we had a wonderful visit from Animals in Mind. They brought a selection of animals for use to look at and we learnt so many amazing facts. We learnt some very tricky words and their meanings - omnivore, herbivore and carnivore. We learnt about what each animal ate and where they originated from around the world. We were able to carefully touch each of the animals. It was a great experience.

We continued our animal learning by looking after the animals in our class safari park. Cleaning the pens, drawing different types of food for the animals checking them over. We have made signs and fact sheets for the animals.

In mathematics we have continued learning about 20 and beyond. We have been ordering numerals to 20 and starting to learn that the numbers to 20 are 10 and some more. We played number bingo to help us remember the numerals to 20.

Week ending 21st April

Here is the start of the Summer term!

In the classroom we have made the role play area into a vets. The children have been enjoying caring for the animals and learning about how to look after pets. Outside we have made a safari park with wild animals. The children have been looking after the animals making sure they are fed and watered each day and checked over. Some of the children made Zoo Keeper badges and tickets for entry into the park.

We have started to sow some seeds in the classroom for the children to watch grow. There are daisys, sweet william and black eyed susans! We investigated how different all the seeds were, carefully covered them with soil and watered them. 

In mathematics we have been investigating numbers up to 20 using 2 ten frames. We have watched numberblocks up to numberblock 15 and have been learning the teen numbers are 10 and some more.

In talk 4 writing we have been learning the story Noah's Ark as well as the song the animals went in 2 by 2. We have written about what our favourite animal is and also discussed why God decided to flood the earth.

Week ending 30th March

We are at the end of the Spring term. We celebrated by having a service in our church. Many parents came along to watch the whole school talk about their learning about Easter. Some wonderful songs were sung and the reception class showcased their understanding of Easter symbols.

In talk 4 writing we learnt lots of short Supertato stories. We talked about what a super hero might do. We drew ourselves as super heroes and wrote about our super powers. Lots of the super powers involved slime!

In maths we continued to learn about number bonds to ten and watched the numberblocks episode ten again which helps us remember the bonds. We also investigated patterns and how we could make a pattern continue around a shape or in playdoh.

Wishing all a very happy Easter with hopes of some lovely weather to follow after the holidays!

Week ending 24th March

We had a very exciting time this week and extended the learning in PE from the floor equipment to also having the wall bars. There were lots of worries that diminished as the children practised climbing up and down the wall bars. Lots more confidence swinging on the ropes and climbing over the floor apparatus and jumping off at the end.

In mathematics we have been completing lots and lots of learning with ten frames. We have been investigating all the different ways we can make ten on the ten frame using double sided counters.

We have been re reading the Easter story and talked again about the sadness of the story but also the joy of Jesus being resurrected. We also had a lot of discussion about Heaven where it was and how Jesus got there.

We finished off the story of Little Rabbit Foo Foo and eventually discovered what a Goonie is - a skinny little green creature with a long tail. We decided that it was the right thing to happen to the rabbit as he didn't care about the other creatures and didn't listen to The Good Fairy when he should have.

Another super surprise for us was the local police came to visit. They answered questions about the jobs the police do. They showed us all of the things that they carry on their uniform. Then we got to sit in the police van and they put the sirens on!

Week ending 17th March

We started a new story this week - Little Rabbit Foo Foo. A very naughty rabbit that keeps choosing to do the wrong thing even though he is given chances to change. we learnt the story and drew some story maps that we used to practice the story. We also imagined what a goonie is - this is what the rabbit gets turned into by the good fairy.

In mathematics we have been learning about 3d shapes and finding some of those shapes in the classroom; such as cuboid, sphere, cube and cylinder. We investigated which shapes would roll down a ramp. We also looked at making repeated patterns with an a, b, c repeat.

We were very lucky this week and had three PE lessons. One was a taster session for cricket which they all really enjoyed. We had the large apparatus out in the hall and carefully climbed and balanced on the equipment. We talked about how we felt when we climbed too high - we felt a bit scared!

We have started to learn the Easter story. Learning that Easter is not just about chocolate and eggs. We thought the Easter story was rather sad but talked about it being a celebration of new life and rebirth in the Christian beliefs.

Week ending 10th March

We continued reading The Snail and the Whale. This week we investigated all the places the snail and whale visited. We also talked about how the snail helped the whale and how the whale helped the snail.

In maths we have been comparing numbers to 10 and investigating number bonds to 10 using ten frames and counters.

In PE we practiced lots of rocking and rolling gym movements on the mats in the hall. We also practiced our football dribbling skills by trying to run a bit faster with the ball. We also did a few shots on goal.

The snow came on Thursday and we had a great morning playing in the snow until everyone said they were cold and wet. We covered the heater with lots of wet hats, socks and gloves.

Week ending 3rd March

This week we have continued to learn the story The snail and the whale. First of all we drew our own story maps to help remember the story through pictures. We also explored some of the very detailed pictures and described what we could see with some simple sentences. We extended this into art to try and recreate some of the scenes with printing and pencil dictionary skills.

In mathematics we met numberblocks 9 and 10. We have begun investigating and exploring 9 and 10 on ten frames. We have been matching amounts of 9 and 10.

In PSHE we talked about things that are safe to go on our body such as clothes, soap and sun cream. We also talked about things that maybe are not so good to go on our bodies such as a dog lick or too much sun.

In PE we continued to use our feet to control a football. We worked in partners to carefully pass a ball backwards and forwards to each other using the inside of our foot. We also tried very hard to dribble the ball around some cones.

At the end of the week we had world book day. It was wonderful to see everyone dressed up. We enjoyed sharing books and writing and drawing about some of our best books.

Week ending 24th February

Welcome back after half term.

We got straight into a new story The snail and the whale. We have begun to learn the very long story and have put some actions together to help with this. The story has brought up lots of questions that we want to investigate - what are snails? what is a humpback whale? What else lives in the sea and what noises to whales make?

In mathematics we have been investigating length and height by comparison and also measuring in non standard units. We read Jaspers beanstalk to learn about the days of the week.

In PE we have started to use our feet to control a ball. After a bit of practice we dribbled the ball all the way around the running track! It was a long way and took lots of concentration and determination.

The role play area has become a hospital. Unfortunately there have been some terrible accidents that have resulted in some Wrens being bandaged from head to toe by some very trainee doctors and nurses!


Week ending 10th February

Well here we are at half term! Halfway through the school year!

This week we have learnt a new story Away in my airplane. We learnt the actions and imagined what it would be like to be in an airplane. We imagined what we could see if we looked down. Tiny house, trees, roads and rivers. We talked about what an airplane was and things we knew about airplanes. Then we looked at some very funny old films of people trying to fly with pretend bird wings strapped to their arms!

In mathematics we continue to investigate 6, 7 and 8. We have been using a ten frame and dominos to explore different ways to make 6, 7 and 8. We try to remember that if half the ten frame is full up that is 5 and we just need to count on.

In PE we continued to practice basket ball skills. Dribbling the ball, passing the ball and trying to get a basket. At least 4 Wrens managed to get a basket!

With the lovely weather we spent a great proportion of the week outside as part of our learning.

See you after half term have a great week!

Week ending 3rd February

Here we are in February! The sun is up earlier which is lovely!

We have continued to enjoy the story Whatever Next. It has triggered lots of questions about the moon and space travel. We watched a film about living on the space station. The section about how to brush your teeth and use the toilet in space had the most gasps!

Continuing with the space theme we have been having a go at junk modelling some rockets using cutting and sticking skills we have been developing. We have been beginning to think about how we could improve our models. We also wrote about our models.

In mathematics we have met numbers 6, 7 and 8 and will be digging deeper into these numbers over the next few weeks with combining amounts and separating amounts. We will be using 10 frames and double sided counters.


Week ending 27th January

Another frosty cold week gave us more opportunities for investigating and learning. We filled a tuff tray with water and different natural objects. We found we could pick the twigs and leaves out. We talked about what would happen if we left it outside overnight. Everyone thought it would turn to ice and freeze.

The next day we found the water had frozen and we found we couldn't lift any of the leaves or twigs out. They were stuck! Some ideas to free the twigs was to put it in the sun or tip hot water on it. We left it to melt in the sun.

In mathematics we used balance scales to compare mass. We also filled different sized pots with bean bags to see which would would hold the most and least. We used a small box to investigate how many different objects we could fit in it.

In Talk 4 Writing we started a new story Whatever next. We have been learning the story with actions and a story map. This story made us think about the moon and we watched the moon landing and looked at different pictures of the moon.


Week ending 20th January

A cold a chilly week which helped with some science experiments! We found some ice and talked about where ice comes from and how it is made. We talked about how we could change the ice and decided to put it in the sun! We predicted it would melt and turn back into water. Our predictions were correct. We also found lots of frost on the floor and drew a line to show where the frost ended. We then watched through the day as the frost line crept backwards as the sun hit it.

In talk for writing we changed the classroom into the bear hunt and acted out the story going through the grass, mud, river, forest and snow until we reached the bears cave. We spent the morning retelling the story and taking it in turns to be the bear.

In PE we have continued with target games and were lucky enough to have a PE lesson with one of the Freestyle team in the hall. We had to wrap up warm for outdoor PE target games. We kept warm by running around the track every ten minutes.

We finished off the week finding out about Chinese New Year. It will be the year of the rabbit. We found out that The Wrens were either born in the year of the rooster or dog. We tried using chopsticks to move the playdoh and made some dragon masks.

Week ending 13th January

Another busy week for the Wrens!

We are still learning We are going on a Bear hunt. This week we drew our own story maps and used them to retell the story to ourselves. We have been investigating some of the vocabulary and working out what some of the words mean for example scared. We talked about what scared meant to us - frightened, sad, not a good feeling in our tummy and our heart might beep faster. We also completed a number of hold and write a sentence for example A deep cold river.

In mathematics we have been looking at numbers up to 5 using the song 5 little speckled frogs and 5 current buns. We have been finding different ways to partition the numbers to 5.

In art we made some prints using polystyrene to make a grass effect for the swishy swashy grass in the bear hunt. We have put them together for the start of a display.

In PE we have two areas of learning dance and target practice. The dance is to make up movements using different animal moves. In target practice we threw bean bags under arm to try and get them in a hoop to score points.

A big focus this week is reminding about the importance of the correct pencil hold when ever we pick up our pencil.

Week ending 6th January 2023

A very happy New Year to all! It was wonderful to have the children back at school rested and refreshed for this terms learning.

We jumped straight into a new book - We are going on a bear hunt. We quickly learnt actions for all the story and sequenced the story using pictures.

In mathematics we found out about zero - When there is nothing there to count it is Zero. The Zero number block has no blocks! We looked around for zero things.

We started straight back with phonics and found the children have retained so much of their phonic knowledge and were quickly reading and writing words with confidence.

Welcome back everyone!

Week ending 16th December

The last week of the winter term was fantastic. We did 3 nativities one to the school, one to local pre schoolers and one to family. It was exhausting! But the shows were amazing. The children really shone through.

In talk 4 writing we read and learnt the Christmas story. We sequenced it using pictures and look at the map to see where Bethlehem is. It is a long way away!

We had a lovely day on Thursday. We made Christmas hats and had a wonderful roast dinner with everyone in the hall.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Have a good rest and we look forward to seeing you in 2023!


Week ending 9th December

The stage is up in the hall so it has been a week of nativity practice! We also did a practice in full costume so we could make sure we could move about safely on and off the stage. The songs are going round and round in my head 24hrs a day!

In mathematics we investigated rectangles 2 long sides and 2 short sides. We also investigated special rectangles called squares that have 4 sides all the same length. We did some rectangle and square spotting around the classroom. There are a lot to spot! We also investigated how many different ways we could put 5 buttons on 3 snowmen pictures - 2, 2 and 1 or 3, 2 and 0.

We investigated the outside world and described what we could feel when we touched natural objects. We described with words we could think of - bumpy, rough, cold, spiky ,fluffy, smooth.

Week ending 2nd December

We are into December and there has been lots of talk of chocolate from advent calendars!

We started a new story Harvey Slumfenburgers Christmas present. Sadly his present is forgotten by Father Christmas so he has to make the long journey back to deliver it! We have learnt actions for the story and sequenced pictures from the story.

In mathematics we continued to use a 5 frame to explore the numbers up to 5 - one more and one less.

We have been practicing writing short sentences and captions using our Fred fingers. Handwriting is very much improving and we have been learning the jumper family this week.

In PE we started to learn throwing and catching skills with a bean bag. We focused on keeping our eyes on the beanbag to throw and catch it. We finished off with some throwing target games.

Of course we have been practicing the nativity daily!

Week ending 25th November

A tricky week with all the rain but we have managed to get out as much as possible.

Phonics has been exciting as we have been learning the first set of special friends - diagraphs two letters one sound. These are CH, TH, SH and QU. It has been quite challenging to remember these and not get them mixed up. But we are trying very hard.

We have been using our new special friends in sentence work with Hold a sentence. We remembered and wrote down the sentence Hot chips from a shop. Although some children said they get their chips from a van!

In maths we are using 5 frames to build on our knowledge of numbers 4 and 5. We have been looking to see what 4 and 5 look like on a five frame. We used double sided counters to see how many different ways we could make 4 and 5.

We have had some lovely crafting afternoons with the junk modelling developing skills to construct and join objects together with a purpose.


Week ending 18th November 

Well the weather can be as rotten as it likes but it won't stop our fun and learning!

Our new story is the three little pigs! What amazing Wolf and 3 little pig voices we made! Huffing and puffing and scratching our chinny chin chins! We drew  some fantastic story maps to help us remember the story.

In mathematics we have been comparing 4 and 5 and singing the songs 5 little ducks and 5 elephants came out to play to find one less and one more.

We had two fantastic yoga sessions to help us relax and unwind whilst it rained outside.

In kinetic letters we continue with the tricky abracadabra family. Pencil holds are getting better but lots of reminding is still needed.

Nativity practice is in full swing and lots of songs are being sung in the classroom as the children are exploring and learning.


Week ending 11th November

Nativity song practice is now in full swing - so I imagine some of the songs are being hummed and sung at home!

We continue with Goldilocks and the three bears and have been acting out the story with actions and lots of funny voices for Daddy, Mummy and Baby bear. We talked about all the sad choices Goldilocks made and how sad it made Baby bear feel. We talked about the importance of never going into a strangers house.

In mathematics we have met Numberblocks 4 and 5! We have been looking at what 4 and 5 look like on a five frame. With 4 there is one space left and with 5 it is all full up!

We wrote our first 'hold a sentence'. This is where we say a short sentence lots of times then use our phonics to write the sentence. They all did amazingly.

In kinetic letters we have been practicing the abracadabra letters. These are quite difficult because they all start with an anti-clockwise movement.


Week ending 4th November

A huge welcome back to all the Wrens. So lovely to see you all!  You have settled back into routines so well - Well done!

We started the week with a familiar traditional tale - Goldilocks and the three bears. We quickly set about learning the story with actions and have completed our story maps as prompts for the story.

Mathematics this week is all about triangles and circles. Triangles with three straight edges and circles with one curved edge. WE sorted the shapes, made pictures with the shapes, went out on a shape hunt and made some triangles and circles with natural materials. We carried on the circles and triangles theme in art where we learnt about the artist Kandinsky.

In PE we did a lot of dodging skills moving our feet quickly in different directions to avoid each other.

In kinetic letters we practiced the slider family z, x, v, w and k. All are very straight with lots of sliding!


Week ending 21st October

We made it to the end of our first half term. Well done Wrens!

A busy end to the term. We have been working hard in phonics and have now learnt all of the individual letter sounds. We have been Fred talking lots and lots of new words in the classroom. We have been using these skills to build words with letter tiles. We have practiced the jumper family in kinetic letters and the progress over the week has been amazing.

In mathematics we have been learning about the numbers 1, 2, and 3. We have been comparing amounts, matching numeral to amount and checking that when there are no more to count we stop.

We have painted and decorated our Diwali lamps they look really amazing!

In PE we did a timed run around the track to see how many laps we could do. 8 was the most just super!

Wishing you all a happy half term.


Week ending 14th October

This week we have carried on learning The Tiger who came to tea story with actions using our story maps for prompts. We ripped up paper to make a tiger pattern.

In mathematics we have met the Numberblocks numbers 1, 2 and 3. We have been investigating what 1, 2 and 3 look like. We have been grouping objects into groups of 1, 2 and 3 and have been looking at the amount on 5 frames.

We have been listening to the Diwali story and learning about how different people celebrate their religion in different ways. We remembered our visit to the church for harvest and talked how we celebrated in the church.

We used very squishy clay to make our own Diwali lamps. We have to wait until next week when they are dry to paint and decorate them.

In kinetic letters we have been practicing the window cleaner family l, t, i and u.


Week ending 7th October

We started learning a new story this week 'The Tiger who came to tea'. We have started to learn and sequence the story with actions and have tried drawing a story map to remember the story.

In mathematics we have been looking at repeated patterns. We investigated two colours to begin with - red yellow red yellow red yellow. We then looked at size big little big little big little. These patterns are called AB patterns.

In PE this week we played some more team games, collecting bean bags and putting them into our squirrel nest as nuts. We also tried hopping on one leg and then the other.

We spent some time thinking about our emotions and feelings. We talked about happy, sad, angry and cross. We talked about what things may make us feel these emotions and what can help us if we feel sad. We drew different faces on a monster to show different emotions - most of them were happy monsters!

In art we finished off a scene from The disgusting sandwich. We made a disgusting sandwich and painted the different characters from the story.

Improvements are being made daily in kenetic letters and blending in phonics with lots and lots of practice is improving.


Week ending 30th September

We have continued to learn the story The disgusting sandwich. We thought of all the things on the disgusting sandwich and thought of our own ideas about what the sandwich would land in. We also thought about how the Badger felt when the sandwich became too disgusting.

In mathematics we learnt about length and height and compared things using the words, short, shortest, long, longer, tall and taller.

We looked at some examples of art made with natural materials then in pairs had a go at making our own natural art faces. We used leaves, shells, stones and flowers.

In PE we had a great time playing tag with the tag rugby belts. Once we got the hang of it we split into two teams to see which team could get all the tag belts first. There was a lot of running about, dodging and swerving skills displayed.

We have made a good start with Kinetic letters and had a go this week at writing some of the letters on a board.

Week ending 23rd September

This week we started learning a story with actions, story maps and acting. This is talk 4 writing. The story we are learning is The disgusting Sandwich. A badger is very hungry and wants to the sandwich but ends up eating slugs! The children have started to remember parts of the story and the story order.

In mathematics we have been learning about matching. We matched socks, shapes and natural objects. We could match things that were exactly the same by shape, size and colour and also things that are nearly the same such as feathers and twigs.

In PE we continued to learn some team games - remembering that it is our turn to go once our team member has returned back to the team. We have also been investigating what finding a good space looks like.

We continue with daily phonics and sounds and blending. We have been learning sounds m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p and will consolidate these next week.

In art we used mirrors to look at our faces, then using water colours we carefully painted on the features of our face.

Week ending 16th September

A very full week with lots of tired Wrens.

We started teaching phonics and have so far taught the sounds m, a, s, d and t. We have also been learning to Fred talk words and blend sounds together to make simple words. The children have their phonics packs to practice at home as well as their first reading books. We have also started teaching letter formation and pencil hold as part of Kinetic letters.

We had two PE lessons this week where the Wrens managed to get changed into their PE kit with minimal support. There was lots of learning about the running track and how to work as a team as part of a running game.

The children have been earning marbles for sitting as strong bears on the carpet and for good tidy up time. The marbles go towards points for their house. Sticker charts have also been started for good learning. The children are working towards their bronze certificates.

The class is so much more independent at lunchtime and are very much getting use to school routines.


Week ending 9th September

Welcome ! Welcome ! Welcome! To our wonderful new Wren class and their wonderful families!

What a fantastic week! Apart from Mrs Wizard losing her voice but at least the Wrens helped her find it. It also gave a chance for Mrs Musson to meet the new Wrens. She said she had a wonderful time.

Everyone has settled so amazingly, coming into school, putting their things away, sitting on the carpet, saying good morning for the register. So much to remember - but everyone got it!

We have been busy in all areas of the classroom exploring and investigating inside and outside.

We have started to learn some songs about the days of the week and the seasons of the year. We also met Fred the frog who can only speak in sounds - we had to work out what he was saying l-e-g leg! f-oo-t foot! h-o-p hop! He is a very funny frog!

We found out about marbles and how we can get them for helping in the classroom and making good choices.

What a great week. We can't wait until next week.