"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Welcome to Robin's Class 2020-21

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Robins 2020-21

An Amazing Half Term
Friday 23rd October

We are so proud of the Robins for all their efforts this half term. We’ve seen fantastic progress in so many areas and it’s so rewarding. We’re ending on a real high!

Congratulations to Archie for being our Star of the Week! Archie applies fantastic focus each day and has transformed his writing! This week, he made his own book about rugby training at home and was so proud to show the class. We love watching him grow in confidence! And we’ve loved the kindness that he has shown towards others.

Congratulations also to Nellie for earning herself an Over And Above award. Nellie has worked so hard to extend her writing and practises at home to read and spell lots of tricky words. She uses incredible vocabulary in her writing. With all the extra practise she does at home independently, we think she has gone over and above to achieve.  

This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Literacy – More amazing sentences and Kinetic Letters have appeared this week! We finished our book The Building Boy and then created some salt-dough hedgehogs so we could introduce some instruction writing.

Maths – We’ve continued creating number bonds and recording them systematically for different numbers to 10. We’ve used different resources to consolidate our number bonds and have started to play a game called Number Bond Ping Pong.

Science– We spent our last lesson of the term observing the seasonal changes outside. We discovered the names of our trees in the grounds and then wrote about all the signs of Autumn we spotted, including the colours, shapes and textures of the leaves.

PE – The children practiced some more ball control this week and also had a session with James from Pacesetters on the running track.

DT/PSHE– Following the latest guidelines on Trick or Treating, the children designed and decorated their own pumpkins that can be displayed in your window at home.

When we return after half term, there won’t be a Spellings test as we have an INSET day on Monday 2nd November. The children have worked their socks off and need a good break so the spellings you’ve taken home this week will be tested on Monday 9th November.

I've given some of you a Numicon resource to practise recognising numbers with (subitising). The coloured pieces can also be cut out and used to add 2 amounts.

We hope the children enjoy a wonderful break!
See you on the 3rd!

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy

 Spelling List A1 W7.docxDownload
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Over and Above!
Friday 16th October

Our Kinetic Letters are going from strength and strength! The children are so proud of the progress they can see in their books.

Congratulations to Jasper for being our Star of the Week! Jasper is really focused in lessons and has built up his stamina over the last few weeks to produce some fantastic work. We’ve noticed him following our school rules and showing kindness to others (our favourite trait!). He’s been using Oxford Reading Buddy at home and it’s really improving his reading confidence.

Congratulations also to Alivia for earning herself an Over And Above award. Alivia is absolutely determined in lessons to write incredible sentences and to show off her Mathematical ability. She knows her writing targets and aims every lesson to tick off as many as possible. She is unstoppable! In her spare time at home, she has been making up green and red word cards, like we use in Phonics lessons and practises reading them with others in school. Not only this, she has highlighted to adults when someone else has shown kindness in class – wanting praise for others. What a lovely friend!

This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Literacy – The children have continued to amaze us with their sentence ideas, using vocabulary from our new book. This really is the first building block to becoming an amazing writer – to be able to draw inspiration from texts. Being able to form letters correctly and confidently is the tool for being able to express their amazing ideas on paper, with automaticity!

Maths – We’ve been busy creating number bonds using Numicon and representing them in part/whole models to consolidate our learning from last week. We’ve also looked at Fact Families which represent all the different ways to write the same addition sentence.

Science – The children now have a good understanding of different materials and their properties so we have been practising how to ask and answer scientific questions.

PE – We’ve practised controlling swings and catches using badminton racquets and scoops this week. We also practised using the hockey sticks to improve our control of a ball on the ground. Because we spent some time on a big playground, the Robins were delighted to be reunited with the climbing wall!

Topic – Our aim this week was to use common words and phrases relating to the passing of time, when talking about certain toys. The children used words like: today, now, modern, oldest, future, present, past, newer, before older…

DT– The children designed a moving picture to represent the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff this week – planning in a feature to make it move. Next week, they’ll create their idea.

Next week, we’re going to practise some extended sentences to finish off the half term. One final push before a well-earned rest. We’ll continue to secure our number bonds too with lots of practical learning.

Helpful Reminders:

As extra practise at home – ask your child to think of a sentence with one of their spellings in. Even if they don’t write it down – it’ll give them the confidence to think of their own sentences.

There is currently a notebook craze sweeping through Robins, much to my delight! However, pencils cases are creating some issues. Please could these be kept at home. I will provide pencils and pens for the children to write with.

I've added some additional resources at the top of the page so you can download and print off to use at home. These link to some of the targets set for your children, which I shall share with you during parents evening. 

Here are the sounds your children are learning this year too. 


Enjoy a wonderful weekend, 

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy



Robins 2020-21
Handwriting heroes!
Friday 9th October

This week we’ve been conquering part/whole models and their relationship with addition. We’ve also made a booklet as a class to reinforce our School Rules. We’ve thought of ways that show we’re Ready, Safe and Respectful. It’s attached below so you can read it too.

Congratulations to Foster for being our Star of the Week! Foster is so focused in lessons and has really improved his handwriting in the last few weeks. He’s been working well at home too which is wonderful to hear.
We love reading the comments in the Reading Logs about your children’s reading at home.

This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Literacy – The children have such fantastic ideas for sentence writing but many of us are not including finger spaces and full stops. We’ve been practising holding simple sentence and taking time to improve our Kinetic Letters. Look at the difference below!

Maths – We’ve been practising addition using cubes and counters and counting on from our largest number. Some of the children have been using number lines to do this.  

Science – We’ve talked about the compatibility of materials for different objects and why we think they’ve been selected based on their properties.

PE – Personal space and following instructions are things we’re working on at the moment so we’ve practised some yoga – keeping to the same spot and minding others around us. It’s good to have some calmness in our day and we’re helping the children to recognise how good it feels just to stop, enjoy peace and breathe deeply. We also practised stopping a ball with our feet and a hockey stick and then passing gently to a partner.

Topic – This week we’ve focused on important changes in the industry – how toys are mass produced in factories where the workers have to wear safety equipment. Toys are now sold in supermarkets and online – not just in toy shops. We looked at replica toy phones and how they’ve changed over time too.

DT– The children made a wheel mechanism in a picture of Little Red Riding Hood – showing the wolf getting closer to her when the wheel is spun!

PSHE - Then and Now. We've been thinking about how our bodies have changed since we were babies and toddlers and what we can do now that we're more grown up!

Next week, we’re going to continue practising 'holding our sentences' in our heads and mastering our kinetic letters! We’ve started a new book called The Building Boy which is inspiring some really great conversation. Then in Maths, we’ll be exploring Fact Families and recalling our number bonds.

I hope you love the school photos! Please order them online.

Enjoy a restful weekend,

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy

 Kinetic Letters h m n r b p.docxDownload
 School Rules by Robins.pdfDownload
 Spelling List A1 W5.docxDownload
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Robins 2020-21
Autumn's here!
Friday 2nd October

It’s been a busy week with lots of practical Maths and sentence construction. We’re really focusing on Kinetic Letters at the moment to get them nailed so that we can become confident, automatic writers!

Congratulations to Jaymi for being our Star of the Week! Jaymi always tries her best and likes to challenge herself within lessons, choosing the trickier option to extend her learning.

This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Literacy – We’ve explored changing the characters and the setting of our story to plan the beginning of our own story.

Maths – Ordinal numbers have been recapped and part whole models have been explored (to split a whole number into parts). This helps the children with their number bonds and addition.

Science – We’ve learnt to ask a question using sentence stems (how, what, why etc), ask questions using scientific vocabulary and ask relevant scientific questions.

PE– We’ve been learning to use different equipment to put into our Circuit so this week we practised throwing and leaning into our thrown, balancing, kicking a ball with accuracy and controlling a ball with a hockey stick.

Topic – Victorian toys have been compared to their modern day replicas. We looked for similarities and differences between a Victorian doll and a Barbie doll.

Next week, we’re continuing to explore how sentences are constructed and how they are punctuated. Handwriting will continue to be a focus for the rest of the term. In Maths we’re going to study the addition symbol and addition facts.

How are you getting on with Oxford Reading Buddies? Let me know if you’re unsure about anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr9wirOTVIw&safe=true

Helpful Reminders:

Spellings are below.

I’ve attached a Kinetic Letters practice template and some lines for extra practice at home. 

 Enjoy a restful weekend and look out for Scary Mary tomorrow!

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy

 Kinetic Letters Handwriting Practise Sheet.jpgDownload
 Kinetic Letters template.docxDownload
 Spelling List A1 W4.docxDownload
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Robins 2020-21
Scary Mary and Amazing Maisie!
Friday 25th September

We’ve had a busy week of learning and a creative Friday afternoon making the school entry for the Scarecrow competition. We’ve been able to use our knowledge of different materials and properties to make her. Her name is Scary Mary.

Congratulations to Maisie for being our Star of the Week! Maisie is an incredible role-model who puts a lot of thought into her work and is a really kind friend to others.

This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Literacy – We’ve been practising holding a full sentence and writing it down carefully, remembering all the important features – a capital letter, finger spaces, kinetic letters and punctuation. The children are learning to retell our story from memory brilliantly and have been able to sequence the story accurately on a story mountain. 

Maths – Vocabulary has been key again! Greatest and smallest and greater than and less than. We’ve been ordering amounts and numbers and comparing groups.  

Science – We’ve been testing materials this week for their properties and recording information in a table. We’ve discovered that some materials have several properties!

Music – We listened to the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air by Will Smith and found the pulse. We talked about the song and compared it to another song from last week. We asked ourselves ‘How are the raps/songs different and how are they similar?’

PE – As part of building our Circuit, we’ve practised shuttle runs and jumping in different ways. We’ve also had a go at dribbling a ball with a hockey stick.

Topic – Ask your child about the invention of the teddy bear!

DT– The children made a lever mechanism by creating a puppet of Jack which can climb up the beanstalk.

Next week, we’re going to explore the number line and move on to Addition and Subtraction. We’re also going to continue practising our sentence structure and using conjunctions: and, but, so and because.

Helpful Reminders:

Spellings are below.

Individual school photos are next Thursday.


Enjoy a restful weekend,

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy

 Spelling List A1 W3 21st Sep.docxDownload
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Robins 2020-21
Robins are ready to learn!
Friday 18th September 2020

These Robins just keep on impressing us with how enthused they are to learn. They've got into good routines and they are such a pleasure to teach!

Congratulations to Jack for being our Star of the Week! Jack is a gentleman who is so helpful in class. We wouldn’t be without him!

This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Literacy – We’ve explored language in ‘The Gigantic Turnip’, particularly adjectives! The children are learning to retell the story and to use taught vocabulary in their sentences. We’ve been describing all kinds of different vegetables.

Maths – Vocabulary has been key! One more, one less, equal to, greater than, less than and fewer. Ask the children to give you some statements using these words – we’ve been practicing a lot!

Science – The class explored some new materials and used adjectives to describe them: shiny, dull, hard/soft, rough/smooth and bendy/not bendy. We discussed why these properties are important for the purpose of the object.

Music – We began to recognise the basic style indicators of Hip Hop and enjoyed a little dance!

PE – We’re learning a different exercise to put into a Circuit so this week we practised jumping and recapped changing direction by pivoting.

Topic – It’s been really exciting to explore some old Corgi cars this week and compare toys from the past with similar versions today, like the scooter. We learnt to find similarities and differences.

DT– The children made a slider mechanism by creating a puppet on a lolly stick which could slide along a picture. It gave us the chance to listen to another traditional tale too; The Gingerbread Man.

Next week, we’re going to explore how sentences are constructed and how they are punctuated. In Maths we’re going to continue comparing amounts, ordering numbers and using ordinal numbers: 1st, 2nd 3rd

You should have login details for Oxford Reading Buddy stapled into the front of your Reading Records. This is a great resource for you to use at home with your own library of books available to you! Watch this short clip to see all that it offers and its benefits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr9wirOTVIw&safe=true


Helpful Reminders:

Spellings are below. 

Please remember to bring in Reading Records everyday so we can read with your child and record it for you to see. We will record spelling scores in these on a Monday too.


Enjoy a restful weekend,

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy

 Spelling List A1 W2.docxDownload
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Robins 2020-21
Our first week!
Friday 11th September 2020

We’ve had a fantastic first week in Robins! Every child has settled in well and we’ve started the year with a bang!

Congratulations to Molly for being our first Star of the Week by demonstrating all of our school values and showing lots of kindness!
We’ve been really impressed with the whole class for following school rules and getting into good routines.

This is what we’ve been up to:

Literacy – We’ve explored pumpkins and turnips and created some artwork to launch our current book ‘The Gigantic Turnip’. We had a visit from farmer Giles who helped us describe the vegetables and we acted out the story too. We spent time describing the characters and then thought of some good questions we could ask the old man and the old woman from the story.

Maths – We have been practising our counting, forwards and backwards and starting from different points on a number line; we’ve grouped objects to make them easier to count and represented number in different ways – with counters, tallies, numerals and words.

Science – The class explored some raw materials for their textures, weight and opacity. Then they labelled objects around the classroom by creating their own labels.

Music – We listened to some 'pop' to find a beat and then made actions for the song.

PE – Changing directions and playing as a team were our themes this week. Also, listening to instructions!

Topic – The children have been so excited to share their favourite toys and look at toys from the past. Thank you for emailing me and bringing in amazing examples of your own toys – Mrs Murphy and I have loved reminiscing!

DT– Using pop-up and flap books we’ve explored mechanisms in books to make moving pictures. The children will soon design and create their own moving picture.

Next week, we’ll continue with our story and the children will begin to write about it. In Maths we’ll be finding one more and one less than and comparing numbers.

Helpful Reminders:

Spellings will be tested first thing on Monday morning.

Please remember to bring in Reading Records everyday so we can read with your child and record it for you to see. 


Enjoy a restful weekend,

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy

Robins 2020-21

Welcome to Robins!
Friday 4th September 2020

A very warm welcome to all our lovely Robins and parents.

Mrs Murphy and I have loved these last 2 days getting to know you better. The children have really enjoyed exploring their new space and playing with their friends again. We have shared our feelings and thoughts during Circle Time and have ensured the children that our classroom is a safe place to be – where everyone’s voice will be heard. We’ve discussed what we like about school, what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner and have recapped our school values: be safe, ready and respectful.

We use a reward chart with individual name cards to celebrate our values being shown alongside marble rewards.  I particularly love to reward children for showing kindness to others.  

We’ve told the Robins that our topics Toys and Materials will start next week. If any parents have any old toys from their childhood that they wouldn’t mind being shown to the class – please bring them in from Monday. They will only be shown to the children and discussed and will go home the same day.

The children will also share their favourite toy with the class next week so please could they bring in a photo of it by Wednesday 9th or it can be emailed to me at hcarter@greensnorton.org.uk 


Helpful Reminders:

Spellings will go home on a Monday (starting from next week) We’re  starting with tricky words (words that can’t be sounded out).

Please bring in PE Kit as our first lesson is on Tuesday.
PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Reading Books will be changed on Thursday.

Please prepare a healthy snack for your child that it bagged or boxed.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carter and Mrs Murphy