"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Herons 2018-19


Fri 5th July 2019

This week was arts week and the stimulus was The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. We read the story together admiring the wonderful images and discussing the impacts of deforestation.

We used recycled materials to create some leaves and trees for our very own rain forest. Thank you for all your donations.

Using sharpies and biro we created some chameleons on some bright backgrounds. The Year 3s also had a go at drawing some tree frogs whilst Year 4 went swimming. 

The children also enjoyed listening to the Rainforest song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ3ToUoW1ak&safe=true and used it to create musical instruments, dances and masks! 

All the children really immersed themselves in the activities, but a special shout out to Rose who took so much care and had a smile on her face the whole time! She also did really well in her reading assessment making sure she checked her answers. 

Spellings this week (Prefixes)

 Spellings Set 010719.docxDownload
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This week's learning! 

Fri 29th March 2019

What a week! 

In Maths this week we have looking some more at decimals, ordering and comparing them. We also worked on our problem solving skills in small groups. 

During Literacy we have been diary writing for a competition! In Topic the children did some research about plastic pollution and made posters explaining their beliefs. 

The children also had fun in French with Mrs Brickwood - learning the head shoulders, knees and toes song in French. In RE with Mrs Shadforth the children made some stained glass cross windows to show their understanding of the resurrection. 

We also enjoyed the Easter Experience on Monday at the church! 

Well done to Angus, who is star of the week this week! Angus has a fantastic attitude towards learning and this has been seen in every lesson! Keep going Angus! 

Spellings this week (Mathematical Vocabulary) 

 Spellings 25319.docxDownload
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A jam packed week! 

Fri 8th March 2019 

On Wednesday the children visited a Mandir (Hindu Temple) in Wellingborough. The children and I were really impressed with the bright colours in the temple and it was fantastic to put our knowledge of the religion into practise. 

Thursday was world book day, we had some great lessons with a reading focus and read some books with children around the school. 

In maths we have started to look at fractions of amounts. In literacy we have looked at colons and semi colons and have tried to use these when writing our introduction about the trip to the Mandir. 

A huge well done to Emily, who is star of the week! Emily is always ready to learn and is such a kind, considerate and humorous friend! Well done!

Spellings this week (OU) 

 Spellings set 4319.docxDownload
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Another visit from a sportstar!

Fri 8th February 2019 

On Wednesday the children had a special assembly with Alistair Patrick Heseleton. A Paralympian and footballer with an inspirational story. The children got to ask him some questions afterwards. 

In Maths this week we have looked at sixths, have created representations of these, placed them on a number line and have begun looking at equivalent fractions. 

During Literacy we have started some work on Poetry and next week we will be writing a piece of poetry to match some artwork all about colour. 

In Topic we looked at 3 different Hindu festivals (Diwali, Navaratri and Holi) and started to look at similarities and differences between them. 

Spellings for this week (suffix que) 

 Spellings set 4219.docxDownload
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Taking inspiration from Gail Emms! 

Fri 25th January 2019 

On Monday the children had a special assembly followed by a Q and A session with Gail Emms. Her message was ' be the best YOU can be'. This linked really nicely to our topic lesson where we looked at self belief and all the positive things about ourselves. 

In Maths we have measured length and perimeter; some of the year 4s have also looked at area. The children loved choosing different shapes to measure. 

In literacy we innovated the narrative of 'Wing' looking at lots of grammar features that we can include in our own narratives next week. 

Well done to Oli who received star of the week award! Oli is ready to learn, a kind friend and is developing his reasoning skills in Maths!

Spellings this week are sh sound spelt ch

 Spellings set year 21119.docxDownload
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Our learning this week...

Fri 18th January 2019 

This week the children have been busy learning about factors, sentence types and Hindu gods!

During Maths year 3 looked at the expanded method for multiplication and year 4 looked at the short method. We also had a look at factors of a number and worked hard to find factor pairs!

In English we wrote a character description of 'Wing' looking at different sentence types and structures as well as recapping speech marks. 

Elsewhere the children have continued to label body parts in French, create their own Hindu god and discuss their beliefs and the beliefs of others. In PSHE  we looked at road safety and the best place to cross a road. 

Well done to Mai who is our star of the week this week! She has worked really hard to understand written methods in Maths and is such a fantastic role model!

Spellings ch for k 

 Spellings set year 3 14119.docxDownload
 Spellings set year 4 14119.docxDownload
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Welcome back! 

Fri 11th January 2019 

Happy new year! What a busy first week back the children have had! Monday saw our Stunning start, introducing 'I believe' looking at religious beliefs but also personal beliefs and goals! We set ourselves some goals for this term, looked at inspirational people and enjoyed a game of Goalball in the afternoon. 

In Maths year 3 looked at comparing multiplication and division statements and year 4 looked at multiplying 3 digits together. In English we have become familiar with WING - a narrative about a bird like creature with only one wing. 

We had fun in French with Mrs Brickwood and labelled parts of the body in French! Our Science theme of sound was introduced AND we have started to look at Hinduism!

Well done to Ethan - our star of the week this week! Ethan has been amazing in guided reading sessions, giving some brilliant answers about the book 'Wonder' . 

Spellings for Monday - Suffix OUS 

 Spellings set year 3 7119.docxDownload
 Spellings set year 4 7119.docxDownload
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Last full week before Christmas...

Sun 16th December 2018 

This week in Maths have completed some investigations and built our own snowmen out of shapes and measured their perimeter. In English the children have planned and written some fantastic newspaper articles about Michael's (from Kensuke's Kingdom) disappearance! 

On Monday we had an RE day looking in detail at the Christmas story and christian beliefs. Then we were lucky enough to watch the Wrens, Robins and Magpies productions! In topic we looked at some of the natural phenomena that occurs in America: Blizzards Tornadoes Hurricanes Earthquakes. The children came up with some ideas of how Americans could stay save in these extreme weather conditions. 

Well done to Rose, who is Herons star of the week! Rose always works hard and listens in class, she has also grown in confidence!

Please bring in wire coat hangers if at all possible for you child to use in our DT project next week! Thank you! 

Spellings for tomorrow are a list on contractions (using apostrophes) 

 Spellings set 10 12 18.docxDownload
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Christmas Crafts!

Fri 7th December 2018 

We have been very busy this week and beginning to get ready for Christmas - sewing, decorating and completing assessments! 

The children have work hard in the mornings and completed some reading and maths assessments,  begun writing a newspaper article and compared american landscapes. 

In the afternoons we had a go at sewing!!!! Luckily we had Mrs Chambers to help! The children had a go at creating some stockings and Christmas trees to sell at the Christmas Fayre. 

Well done to Charlotte our star of the week this week - she has been making sure she gets the most out of lessons by contributing and reminding others of the rules. Fantastic! 

Measurement spellings this week - 

 Measurement Spellings set 31218.docxDownload
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A marvelous week!!

Fri 30th November 2018 

What an exciting start to the week! On Monday, the children took part in some Kensuke's Kingdom themed activities, they produced some lovely artwork, coordinate maps, messages in bottles and made fire!

Alongside this we looked at formal methods of multiplication and division in Maths and in English we looked at "Peaches and Scream!" a newspaper text ready to write some newspaper articles over the next couple of weeks. 

In topic we began to research an American city (once we'd established between a hamlet, village, town and city) using laptops with a partner. 

Well done to Ruby - our star of the week this week! Ruby's attitude towards learning is fantastic and she makes some superb contributions in class. 

Spellings for this week are a list of homophones/near homophones that we need to practise in Herons! 

 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 Y4 26.11.18.docxDownload
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This week's learning! 

Fri 23rd November 2018 

In Literacy we have written some formal persuasive letters to Mrs Marsh to persuade her to take us to New York on a school trip to help us with our topic learning! In Maths we have looked at division - sharing and grouping, formal methods and different representations. 

During RE we learnt about the Buddhists beliefs of karma and reincarnation and created a snakes and ladders board game to show our understanding. In topic we have looked at New York and the wide variety of landscapes across the USA. 

Congratulations to Carter our star of the week this week, Carter works so hard in Maths and has developed some fantastic problem solving skills! 

Spellings (these will be tested on Tuesday) 


 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 19.11.18.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 19.11.18.docxDownload
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This week's learning! 

Sun 18th November 2018 

In Literacy we have looked at persuasive features and tried to include these in our letters applying for 'Britain's Best Village ' competition. During Maths the children have been continuing their work on multiplication and division. 

We also had activities based around anti - bullying week and the Buddhist eightfold path. 

Year 4's also had Bikeability on Friday, I had excellent feedback from the instructors so well done!

Well done to Beth who is our star of the week this week. Beth has been working so hard recently and has really grown in confidence and maturity - amazing! 

This week's spellings

 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 15.10.18.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 12.11.18.docxDownload
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Remembrance and more!

Fri 9th November 2018

This week the children have started to learn about persuasive text features within a formal letter. They have also been looking at times tables and multiplication, 3, 4, and 8s for year 3 and 6s, 7s and 9s for year 4.

During Topic the children worked in pairs to research an American State, during RE they looked at the Buddhist festival 'Vesak' and made some lanterns. In PE we worked collaboratively and played some traditional playground games in our houses. The children also got to experience the new running track!!!

A special mention to Ashley who is star of the week this week. Ashely wrote a beautiful poem about remembrance. Thank you to all parents/carers who came on Tuesday and Wednesday evening it was lovely to meet you all properly. 


Spellings for Monday 'Shun' (sion) endings

 Spellings Y3 0511.docxDownload
 Spellings Y4 0511.docxDownload
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This week...

Fri 2nd November 2018

Welcome back after the half term. This week we a have begun looking at multiplication and division, year 3s need to know their 3, 4 and 8 times tables and year 4 will need to know their 6, 7, 11 and 12 times tables! Practise has begun! We recapped some grammar during literacy lessons and focused on editing and improving our work. 

In topic we went across the pond and started looking at The USA and it's 50 states, we have started to learn a song but there's lots to remember! During RE we had a look at some Buddhist symbols and found out the meaning. For remembrance the children wrote some lovely poems and created some poppies. 

Star of the Week: Ethan! Ethan is a superstar, he is kind and helpful but is growing into such a thoughtful young man - well done!

Spellings for Monday

 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 29.10.18.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 29.10.18.docxDownload
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Happy Half Term!

Fri 19th October 2018

This week the children wrote a setting description, postcards from London and Paris and painted some Buddhist temples! We even squeezed in some time to create our own optical illusions and recap addition and subtraction. 

Well done to Sophie who was Herons star of the week this week - Sadly Sophie is leaving us but I had to give her star of the week because she is so kind and helpful. Good Luck! 


Have a fantastic half term and stay safe!


Spellings for Tues 29th (the suffix ly)


 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 15.10.18.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 15.10.18.docxDownload
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What a week!

Fri 12th October 2018

Wow! The children have been so busy this week: recording an album, performing a concert and trying out badminton.

As well as this, the children have been continuing some work on addition and subtraction and becoming familiar with a setting description as part of our Literacy work. In topic we looked at the flags, languages, currency and capital cities of different European cities - which the children seemed to enjoy!

Well done to Nathan who is Herons star of the week this week! Nathan has been trying really hard to push himself and extend his learning. Well done! 

See spellings for Monday (The suffix tion) 

 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 8.10.18.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 8.10.18.docxDownload
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A fantastic week!

Fri 5th October 2018

We have had such an exciting week this week! 

In Maths we have begun to look at addition and subtraction using the column method to work out tricky equations. More active and collaborative learning took place on Monday where the children had to work in house teams to figure out some mathematical challenges! 

In Literacy we read some more of Kensuke's Kingdom and went outside to create Michael's shelter!

I think the most exciting thing this week was POPUK! Herons got stuck in and learnt 7 songs with Curly Claire to sing and record on Wednesday! 

A special mention to Ollie who received Star of the Week this week. Ollie has been working hard and setting a brilliant example to the rest of the class, well done! 

Spellings - prefixes 

 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 1.10.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 1.10.docxDownload
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Harvest in Herons

Fri 28th September 2018

During our Maths lessons we have almost finished our work on place value; Year 4 now know a lot about 4 digit numbers and Year 3 know loads about 3 digit numbers! In English we planned and wrote all about a place we designed; we had some fantastic ideas (Tarantula Town, Crystal City and Tropical City all sounded interesting!). 

In the afternoons this week we have been learning about the eye for science, the city of Paris for french and the story of the Buddha in RE. We have also been practising our Little Red Hen Rap which some of you saw in church. Thank you for joining us and for your kind donations which I'm sure you may have assisted your children in gathering!


Have a fab weekend!

See OU spellings for Monday

 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3 24.9.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 24.9.docxDownload
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Our learning this week! 

Fri 14th September 2018

In lessons this week we have been busy learning all about Roman Numerals, Explanation Texts and Light! We even had time for some artwork. 

In Maths the year 3 children looked at the place value of 3 digit numbers and year 4 explored Roman Numerals! During English we have begun looking at an explanation text all about Towcester and have begun looking at the features. 

In the afternoons we have been looking at light in science with Mrs Brickwood, as well as creating some 3D buildings inspired by the artist 'Hundertvasser'. 

Well done to Edward who is our star of the week this week! Edward has proven how hard he can work in lessons now he is in KS2. 

See below to download spellings for Monday. 

 Spelling Homework Sheet Y3.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4.docxDownload
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Welcome back! 

Fri 7th September 2018

Over the last 3 days the children have been introduced to a newly decorated classroom, a Geography based topic and have welcomed new friends. 

We had a look at the different kinds of maps, and mapped out an area of the school in the style of an ordnance survey map. The children enjoyed working outside to draft out their ideas. 

We had a look at drawing and shading and have begun to create some 3D shapes which we will use to make our very own European cityscape! 

On top of this the children have been busy and concentrating on practising key spellings and making their own network hands (to help them feel safe at school). 


Star of the week, spellings and homework will be given out next week - just a reminder that PE for our class is on Monday and Tuesday. 

It isn't easy (easy easy) being a kid!

Fri 19th July 2019

What a week herons have had! Despite the exhaustion we have still been upbeat and busy. 

We have been doing some research into a period of history that interests us so that we could write a story. The children seem to like history and I now have lots of great stories set in the past: Julius Ceasar, The Black Death, Gunpowder Plot, Titanic and even the Battle of the Somme! 

We spent most of Monday in the hall practicing the performance. A massive thank you to all parents and children who joined us on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. I hope you enjoyed the production of 'We're going on a summer holiday'. 

Well done to Ethan who has received the last star of the week award for this academic year! Ethan has worked his socks off this year and has made magnificent progress. 

Homework was displayed wonderfully in the hall today, some great projects which will be up Monday morning if you didn't get a chance. 

Herons On Fire! 

Fri 28th June 2019

In our Maths lessons this week we have gone back to look at time. The children have been working hard to solve tricky time problems where they have to find or compare the duration. 

In Literacy we have been building up to at hot write. The children have planned, written and edited a complaint letter based on a fairy tale of their choice. There has been some really good points made so if you want to make a complaint you know who to turn to! 

We are learning about teeth, so in Science we set up a tooth observation, seeing which liquids are better or worse for our teeth. We also had a lovely hour in the sunshine trying out Tri Golf! 

Well done to Emily, star of the week this week! Emily writes pages in Literacy but has become much more resilient and improving her work! Just an awesome member of Herons! 

Spellings this week are some more homophones! 

 SPellings Set 240619.docxDownload
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Busy Herons! 

Fri 21st June 2019

This week saw sports day, Monday university and Queen Victoria!I

In Maths we have been looking at co ordinates; the year 3s have also learnt about kg and g! The children seem to enjoy these practical elements of Maths and have been working very hard. 

During Literacy we have completed our innovated version, complaining to Goldilocks about her awful behaviour during her stay at The Three Bears Hotel! 

The children became immersed in researching The British Empire when learning all about Queen Victoria's reign and finished our Judaism learning with the Jewish New Year Festival - Rosh Hasanah!

A great effort was put in by all for sports afternoon on Friday! I hope all the children and parents enjoyed the sunshine!

A special mention to Charlotte this week, who is our star of the week. Charlotte has been engaging really well in Guided Reading and Literacy, using a wider range of vocabulary. 

Spellings this week: silent W 

 Spellings Set 170619.docxDownload
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What a Weekathon...

Fri 14th June 2019

This week has been a very active week in herons! We have completed a health and fitness circuit, played benchball and we ran around the track for 30 minutes to raise money. The Year 4s also went for their first swimming session this week as well as completing a special yoga session. 

In Maths we have been measuring and drawing angles! The children should now be able to tell you all about acute, right and obtuse angles. During Literacy we have recapped speech marks and carried on with our letters of complaint. We are also really enjoying our learning aboutJewish festivals (Hanukkah this week!) and our science (the digestive system!). 

Spellings this week are just words that you need to know :) 

 Spellings Set 100619.docxDownload
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Jumping into June! 

Fri 7th June 2019

This week we have learnt all about time and some of us have begun to tell the time to the nearest minute using both analogue and digital clocks! Please keep encouraging your child to tell the time at home, i am sure you will agree it's a much needed life skill! 

During Literacy we have started working on a formal complaint letter! We have looked at complaint letters to hotels and restaurants making sure we can spot all the features we need to include. 

In Topic we have found out all about Queen Anne! A very interesting monarch who formed the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In Science we looked at the digestive System and watched so spaghetti get digested! 

Finally, we enjoyed a drama workshop all about anti - bullying the children all seemed really engaged with the session and hopefully learnt all about the emotions different people can feel. 

Well done to Beth, who received star of the week! Her enthusiasm and efforts in writing have really paid off and she has made some great progress. 

Spellings (more homophones)


 Spellings Set 030619.docxDownload
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Diamond Cricket and Henry VIII! 

Fri 24th May 2019

Maths has been all about statistics and division, incooperating our topic work into creating a bar chart all about kings and queens! Year 4s have also had a look at line graphs and understand that these are used to represent continuous data.  

In literacy and topic it has all been about King Henry VIII and his six wives! The children have loved learning about this key monarch and have produced some very informative biographies! 

During science the children observed and found out all about the three different states of water and took part in some interesting group investigations! Who knew that adding salt to ice actually makes it colder! 

We made the most of the weather and managed to get outside for PE and played rounders and diamond cricket - which we have learnt the skills for over the term. 

George worked incredibly hard across all of the above this week and earnt star of the week this week! Well done George! 

Enjoy half term! 

Spellings this week 

 Spellings Set 20519.docxDownload
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Chocolate Bar Charts

Fri 17th May 2019

Maths has been all about statistics and data handling methods. The children have been fantastic at interpreting the data; we just need some more practise creating some charts and graphs. We also revisited our times tables and methods for multiplication. We are looking at time soon in Maths, ANY chance you get with the children to have a go with them at telling the time would be so beneficial (and appreciated!) 

We are also looking at biographies, and have started writing a biography all about King Henry VIII. The children seem to be really interested in learning about all the kings and queens during topic too!

In Science we looked at melting and freezing and the fact that it is a reversible change. The children investigated melting and freezing chocolate and presented their findings in a bar chart. 

Mrs Barnett has created another quiz for us to have a go at this week as an additional homework - which is due on Thursday.


Well done to Ollie who is star of the week this week because of his superb effort with his handwriting and progress with joining. Keep up the good work! 

Spellings this week all end in OUS 

 Spellings Set 13519.docxDownload
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Money, Instructions and the Magna Carta..  

Fri 10th May 2019 

Maths has been full of solving problems and calculations to do with money. We have also recapped subtraction using multiple methods and vocabulary to help us!

In Literacy we have planned and written a set of instructions on making a keep 'healthy' potion. The children then used these ideas to have a go at planning and writing their own. 

During Topic we learnt about King John and the Magna Carter. The children then made their own Magna Carta's for the school - very authentic! We have also done some work on Passover and the Jewish Seder plate. 

Congratulations to Yoann, who has received star of the week for a second time! Yoann works so hard and takes care over it. He is kind, caring and an inspiration to all of us! 

Homework this week is a reading comprehension about Robin Hood, however if your child would like to have a go at an online grammar quiz (made by Mrs Barnett!!!) then click the link below...

https://quizizz.com/join/ and enter the code 820723

Spellings this week ei eigh and ey 

 Spellings Set 6519.docxDownload
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A week full of learning!  

Fri 3rd May 2019

We have been incredibly busy and working hard in Herons class this week - maybe not as busy as the residential last week. If you haven't seen photos yet, then please look at the Enrichment Extras area of the website. 

In Maths we have been learning all about money: identifying coins, converting pounds and pence, ordering money and comparing money. The children did really well and a lot of them used this to problem solve. 

During our Literacy lessons we have been focusing on instructional pieces and looking at the features to help us with our own writing. We mixed this up with topic and wrote some magical instructions together entitled 'How to Get to King William I's Castle' or something similar! 

The children had lots of ideas for this and background knowledge as we worked extremely hard on Monday to find out about William I and Norman England. 

In Science we are looking at materials. This week we identified the particles and sorted solids, liquids and gases. See if you can spot which one is which in the pictures below...

Well done to Jamie, who received star of the week this week. Jamie has been working hard in lessons and trying so hard to be his kindest to others! Well done Jamie! 

Spellings for Tuesday (s - sc) 

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

 Spellings set 29419.docxDownload
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Can you hear that? 

Fri 22nd March 2019

During our science lessons this term we have been learning about sound. This week herons class had to investigate which materials would be best for muffling sound and made some ear defenders! After testing bubble wrap, cardboard and felt we concluded that felt was in fact the best! Although many of us did not predict this!

We have been doing some assessments in Maths and Reading this week, along with a hot write in Literacy! But in Maths we have learnt abit about tenths, hundredths and decimals and focused on the VIPER inference during our guided reading sessions. 

In topic we learnt about the preparation for Diwali and made some Diwali cards. 

Ruby was our star this week! Ruby contributes so much in lessons and im really proud of her for always having a go!

Spellings (soft c) 

 Spellings Set 18319.docxDownload
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What have we been learning about this week? 

Fri 15th March 2019

Despite the horrible weather conditions this week the children have been busy inside, learning lots in the classroom!

In Maths we have been ordering and comparing fractions: some with the same denominator, some with the same numerator and some where we had to use our equivalent fraction knowledge to help us! 

During Literacy lessons the children have been focusing on different punctuation and trying to include this in their recount of our trip to the Mandir last week. 

In topic and RE we have looked at Lent as part of the Easter story as well as create some images of what a Hindu home looks like during Diwali. We even managed to squeeze in some science and PE! 

A special well done to George, who is star of the week, this week! George wrote a fantastic recount of the trip and is always working hard in lessons. 

A reminder that homework needs to be returned to school on a Thursday at the latest so that I can turn it around ready for Friday. Thanks :) 


 Spellings set 11319.docxDownload
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A visit from the sun! 

Fri 1st March 2019

I hope you all had a lovely half term!

Throughout the course of the week the children have been adding and subtracting fractions in Maths and starting to become familiar with a recount text and all of it's features. 

In topic we had a look at The Fairtrade Foundation and expressed our own beliefs about Fairtrade. Hopefully we can now re tell the story of Rama and Sita, which is a Hindu story. linking to Diwali. We also looked at parts of the body in our French lesson with Mrs Brickwood. 

The sun came out and the children enjoyed a spontaneous lunch hour on the field! 

The children had their first week of their new university subject and the children in German enjoyed making Bravarian hats! 

Well doen to Ruby - star of the week this week!!!! Ruby has been working really hard, believing in herself and therefore making great progress in Maths. 

Spellings for Monday are shun endings (cian or sion) 

 Spellings set 26219.docxDownload
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Happy Half Term :)  

Fri 15th February 2019 

This week the children planned and produced some metaphorical poetry about a colour of their choice - we also created an abstract piece of artwork to go alongside this!

In Maths we looked at problem solving and reasoning using what we have learnt about equivalent fractions.  

During our topic afternoons the children found out more about Diwali and created some Hindu style Rangoli patterns. 

Well done to Georgina - star of the week this week!!! Georgina worked really hard to produce her poem 'Green' and has engaged really well in topic lessons. 

Spelling this week (shun spelt tion) 

 Spellings set 11219.docxDownload
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Stories, Sound and Snow!  

Fri 1st February 2019 

This children have worked really hard in Maths this week and have begun to look at fractions,What are they? What is different about a unit and a non unit fraction? We worked in teams in the hall to see if we could match the pictures to the fraction!

In literacy the children have been busy planning and writing their stories based on a rags to riches tale. Some of these will look fantastic on out topic board. 

During topic we looked at the symbols of Hinduism, the importance and meaning of them. We then added these to our PowerPoint presentations all about Hinduism. We also looked at expressing yourself through colour. The children now know what the 3 primary colours are, the 3 secondary colours and even some tertiary ones! 

As part of learning about sound in science the children looked at animal ears and how they are different/similar to human - they also had a go at using sign language to sigh their names! 

On Friday came the snow....AND Jack was our star of the week! His story was fantastic and he worked so hard to include some superb vocabulary! A huge well done!

Spellings for Monday use the suffix GUE 


 Spellings set 28119.docxDownload
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A week of hard work in Herons! 

Fri 21st September 2018

In Maths this week we have been counting in multiples of 10s, 100s and even 1000s form any given number as well as ordering and comparing a group of numbers! 

In English we have started writing our class explanation text all about Northampton, the children have worked really hard on this and I am pleased with all of their ideas! We have also just started designing our own towns and cities which the children loved! I look forward to seeing them write about these next week. 

We have just stared to look at the continent of Europe as part of our Topic 'Earth Explorers!' and the children worked collaboratively to produce some epic posters. 

A huge well done to Yoann who was star of the week this week! Yoann always shows me he is ready to learn and is such a enthusiastic member of the class. 

Spellings for Monday (y for i) 

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