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Magpies 2021-22

Mrs Sims and Mrs Linehan


Friday 21st January

This week Magpies have been so busy! From getting messy with clay, to learning how to dribble in basketball, to learning how to write in the past tense consistently- I think they will all be in need of a rest this weekend! We have had yet another super week!

On Monday, we were so excited to have Charlotte, a clay ceramic artist, with us! We thoroughly enjoyed taking our inspiration from nature around our school grounds to create some beautiful clay tiles. Charlotte taught us how to roll the clay evenly and then press in some of the interesting leaves and flowers we had found to show an imprint. We even had the opportunity to paint these! We cannot wait to see what they turn out like after they have been fired. A huge thank you to Charlotte for her time, resources and expertise!

In PE, this week we enjoyed learning how to dribble and chest pass in Basketball. The children worked well with their partner to bounce the ball at waist height! 

Our Science lesson this week helped us to think all about healthy eating. We learnt about the different types of food and then sorted foods into those we need a lot of and those we just need a little of! The children enjoyed thinking about the concept cartoon and deciding who they most agreed with!

In Maths, we have finished off our unit on money. The children have worked hard to use the coins to make different amounts. This week we enjoyed tackling some challenging two-step problems. We chose two items from the shop to buy and we learnt how to work out how much change we would need!

 Our Star of the Week goes to Daisy! Daisy is a conscientious member of Magpies who always takes care over her work! Daisy has brilliant ideas in our PE lessons and she is always quick to encourage others!

Friday 14th January

It has been another fantastic week in Magpies class! The children have been engaged in their learning and they have certainly been retaining many of our key facts from our lessons!

In Literacy this week, the children have written their adventure stories. The children have been using cohesion and focusing on remembering their capital letters and full stops. We have been working on reading our writing back to a partner to check for mistakes and improve our word choice,

In our reading lessons, we are enjoying reading the book ‘Flat Stanley’. This week we have learnt how to retrieve answers with accuracy. We have spent a lot of time in lessons practicing and learning how to read fluently. The children have enjoyed being the teachers to their partner in our paired reading!

In PE this week, the children enjoyed their basketball lesson. We learnt how to dribble to ball with control. We worked hard on bouncing the ball at waist height.

In our Science lesson, we enjoyed learning all about how exercise affects our body. We designed our investigation by thinking of an activity to get our body moving. We tested to see what happened to our heart rate before and after the activity!

Our Star of the Week goes to Carter. Carter is a friendly, thoughtful and cheerful member of the class who always tries his best. Carter has been reading with fantastic expression this week!

Friday 7th January

Welcome back and a huge Happy New Year to you all! We have had a fantastic start to 2022 in Magpies class. The children have settled incredibly quickly back into the classroom and they worked hard with their learning this week!

We have enjoyed our diving into our History topic this term! We are learning all about the adventures of Christopher Columbus. The children used sources to help them decide if they could answer questions about Columbus before we found out who it was. Then we learnt all about pirates! We couldn’t believe that Columbus survived a pirate attack! We can’t wait to find out more about him!

In Literacy we have continued to learn about our story writing based on “The Journey”. The children practised writing cohesive sentences using state it, sustain it, sustain it! We enjoyed thinking about the important features of a story.

 In Science we have started our topic all about Humans! The children were all excited to share their baby pictures as we thought about how humans grow and change from birth.

In our PE lesson this week the children enjoyed learning gymnastics. We learnt how to travel and balance on the equipment by using our body in a curled position. 

Our Star of the Week goes to Sofia! Sofia is always a brilliant role model in our classroom and shows a fantastic attitude to her learning! A great start to 2022 Sofia!

 Friday 17th December

This term has flown by! As expected the Magpies have had a fantastic term and thoroughly enjoyed finishing it all off with some incredible Christmas nativity performances!

It might be the end of term but Magpies have been busy learning!

In Literacy this week, we have been learning all about the past tense verbs. The children have been able to identify these in a sentence and write their own past tense verbs using the suffix ‘ed’ where needed.

In Maths, we have started learning all about money! The children have practised recognising coins and they have been able to think about the different values of coins!

We have been busy finishing our science unit all about plants this week! The children were amazed to look at their cress and find that the cress had even started to germinate in the dark! We drew some careful observations!

Our Star of the Week goes to Molly! Molly is a reliable, thoughtful Magpie who always works hard in our lessons and always looks out for the other children in the class! A brilliant Autumn term Molly!

This week would not be complete without a massive well done to all of the Magpies and Robins for their Christmas Nativity ‘Prickly Hay!’ The children performed their lines beautifully, enthusiastically joined in the songs and danced their socks off! What incredible performances!

We also enjoyed a special Christmas dinner on Thursday. We made Christmas hats and enjoyed a delicious meal!

Have a lovely Christmas break Magpies!

Friday 10th December

This week has certainly been a busy one in Magpies class! In amongst all of the Christmas Nativity performances the children have been working their socks off in class!

In Literacy, we are really enjoying the book ‘The Journey’. The children have been enthusiastic to write and they have produced some great writing! We even found time to write a fact file in our Geography lesson where the children wrote facts about the world using all of their knowledge from this term!

In Maths, we have been learning to add three single digit numbers. We have been thinking about the most efficient way to do this, using our number bonds to help us! The children enjoyed diving into some problem solving activities!

In our Science lessons this week, we followed up on our observations and learnt that a plant needs water, light and temperature to stay healthy. We spoke about what a seed might need in order to germinate. We put some cress seeds in the light and in the dark! We thought about which ones would grow first!

In Geography this week we learnt about the final 2 continents! We found out all about South America and North America! We had to sort facts to see which continent they were from. The children were beginning to compare the two continents by thinking about what is the same and what is different!

The children were very excited to see the stage up on Thursday morning and they performed brilliantly in their dress rehearsal to the rest of the school this morning! We are looking forward to showing you our performance next week!

Friday 3rd December

Magpies class have had a fantastic week! With Christmas play rehearsals beginning it really is very exciting! 

In Science this week we learnt about what a seed needs to grow. We looked carefully at bulbs and seeds and we were able to make some comparisons. The children all recorded their thinking with beautiful presentation! We enjoyed planting our own cress seeds. Some children put them in the dark and some put them in the light. We will wait and see what happens to our cress!

In Maths this week we have continued to problem solve with our number bonds to 100. There has been some great learning together as the children have practised explaining their thinking to their talk partner! Don't forget to keep learning these Key Instant Recall facts at home!

In Literacy we are really excited to read the Journey by Aaron Becker. We have enjoyed looking carefully at the pictures to infer what might happen next. We have practised using our capital letters for names, the start of the sentence and places.

Our Christmas play rehearsals are going well! The children are incredibly excited and you are certainly in for a treat!

On Wednesday we enjoyed listening to the Raven's class perform their Brass concert! Thank you Ravens! 

This week our Star of the Week goes to Foster! Foster is a joy to have in our classroom and we have been impressed with his hard with this term!

Friday 19th November

Its been a busy week in Magpies class! Take a look at our photos below to see all of our learning!

In Literacy we have been busy writing our stories for the Robins class! The children have worked really hard to use cohesive writing and to include questions and exclamations! We are looking forward to finishing our stories next week!

In Science we thought carefully about why the grass grows in Summer but not in Winter. We made some observations of the grass now. We brought a piece of grass inside to see if it grows better in the warm classroom!

In Geography we enjoyed learning about the equator and the Northern and Southern Hemisphere! The children were able to find where the equator goes. We looked on a map to find some of the warmer countries.

In PE we have enjoyed our target games and gymnastics. We were able to roll a ball with control to our partner in our outside lesson. In gymnastics the children have been learning to make straight and zigzag sequences by travelling in different ways. We are looking forward to getting the large equipment out next week!

A huge well done to the children for raising so much money for Children in Need today. We enjoyed a mufti day, lots of games at playtime and colouring in Pudsey!

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Lilah. Lilah has made great progress with her writing due to her hard work in class! 


Friday 12th November

Another brilliant week in Magpies class! Across the curriculum the children have been working incredibly hard and trying their best! 

In Geography we enjoyed learning about compass directions. We used clues with compass directions to help us stick the continents in the correct place on the globe. We also learnt the 5 oceans of the world. The children enjoyed being weather presenters and creating their own weather report to help them remember the names of the continents and oceans!

In Maths this week we have continued to practise our adding and subtracting. We have been working really hard to make sure we count accurately. We enjoyed some problem solving lessons. The Magpies class all felt really proud of their problem solving when they managed to find lots of answers to the challenge!

In Literacy we have been boxing up our Meerkat Mail story. The children have learnt about the key features of a story and they are looking forward to writing their own stories for Robins class!

In Music this week we have been learning our Ho Ho Ho rap! We enjoyed trying to rap the words and keep up with the music! We were able to play the tune on the glockenspiels! Take a look at our photos below!

Our Star of the Week goes to Oliver! Oliver has only just joined our Magpies class but already he is showing a brilliant attitude to learning! Oliver is a hardworker, kind friend and a super role model for our class rules! Well done, Oliver!

 Friday 5th November

This week we have been busy flying around the world! The children are enjoying our new Geography topic this term learning all about the world in which we live! They learnt the names of the different continents through a catchy song and then used globes, atlases and maps to help them locate where they are.

In our Literacy lesson, we have spent most of the week working on cohesion. The children are enjoying using the book Meerkat Mail to help them learn how to write sentences that link together. Some fantastic writing throughout the week! We even had a visit from Sunny the meerkat!

In Maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract. We have spent most of our time on different methods to solve subtraction number sentences. The children were using their tens and ones to help them. We tried presenting our work neatly to help us make sure we counted carefully.

Across all of our subjects the Magpies have been working their socks off! In PE we enjoyed target throwing and beginning to think about different ways of travelling in our gymnastics lesson. In Music we are learning a Christmas rap! It was tricky to squeeze all of the words into the sentence but we are getting there! We are enjoying learning some of our songs for our Christmas nativity!

Our Star of the Week is Lainey! Lainey is quiet, reliable and hardworking. She is always presenting her work thoughtfully and neatly! Well done Lainey!

Friday 22nd October

A final week in Magpies week! We have had a brilliant term together with lots of hard work from all of the children and lots of learning happening all the time!

Our week this week has been a busy one! We started the week by finishing off our learning about the Great Fire of London. The children have certainly enjoyed this History topic and they are full of fascinating facts to share with you! This week we learnt about how fire engines have changed over time.

In Maths this week, we have found many patterns in numbers! We have been adding and subtracting both ones and tens. The children have used equipment and jottings to help them. They were able to tell their partner what they noticed about the tens and ones!

In Literacy we have enjoyed finishing off our recount writing from Samuel Pepys. The children were incredibly proud of their final recount! 

In our Science lessons, we learnt how to use equipment safely to help us investigate different materials. We measured to see how stretchy different materials were and then we thought carefully about a tricky concept cartoon! 

Our Star of the Week goes to Alivia! Alivia is kind, hardworking and a fantastic role model in our Magpies class! Well done!

A super first term in Year 2 from all of the class! Have a well-deserved, relaxing half term Magpies!

Friday 15th October

It has been a week full of kindness in Magpies class. This week we have been particularly impressed with how the children are looking after one another and helping one another in their learning! Our week started with an afternoon of History where we learnt how to use a text to retrieve important historical information. The children read King Charles II speech on how he wanted London to be built after the fire. We enjoyed redesigning London and pretending to be the architect Christopher Wren!

In Literacy this week, we have learnt all about recount writing. We have looked at the important features of a recount and we were able to find them in the text! Magpies’ class have planned their recount as though they were Samuel Pepys. We are looking forward to writing them next week!

In Science this week, we have continued to learn how to make careful observations. We looked at the same object made out of different materials and thought about how it was suitable for its purpose!

Our Star of the Week goes to William. William has shown a fantastic attitude to learning and he has been working incredibly hard with his Kinetic Letters each lesson! Well done, William!

Keep reading at home over the weekend Magpies and don’t forget to sign your reading records!

Friday 8th October

It’s been a super week in Magpies class! From celebrating Harvest festival in the church, enjoying our special pizza party and learning to use a saw for the first time! There has been a lot of excitement this week!

In History this week, we learnt how to use a timeline. We learnt about the events of the Great fire of London and then created our own timelines to show these events in time order!

In Maths this week, we have been busy counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! We even learnt how to count in 3s! If you look at the pictures below you will notice we started to learn about fact families. We enjoyed persevering at a tricky Maths challenge where we used our fact families and number bonds to help us!

In Design and Technology, we had a brilliant afternoon using our designs to help us build our fire engines! The children took great care with using the saw to help them cut the dowelling they needed for the vehicles axles. They followed their designs carefully and used different materials to make their fire engines as realistic as they could!

In Reading this week we have been learning how to make predictions. We have been trying to use what we already know about the text to help us make sensible predictions! We have been enjoying reading the book Pumpkin Soup to help us!

On Thursday morning, we were able to celebrate Harvest Festival at the church. The children learnt a poem all about different ways that they can look after God’s earth. They performed it incredibly confidently with huge smiles on their faces! Look at us in action in the photos below!

Friday 1st October

The term is flying by but Magpies class have had another super week!

In Design and Technology, the children enjoyed designing their fire engine ready to make it next week. The children thought carefully about the materials they would like to use and the type of axle they would need.

In Maths this week we have been busy counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. The children have been looking carefully at the numbers to try and spot patterns! We enjoyed working out whether the numbers are odd or even! 

In History we learnt about why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly! We looked carefully at different sources to help us. We enjoyed using drama to help us learn how the soldiers helped in the fire. We pretended we were a soldier in 1666 and wrote a letter home telling our parents just how busy we had been!

In our reading lessons this week the children have been thoughtfully asking questions and wondering about the book ‘Vald and the Great Fire’. The children have been showing they can use the text to help them ask questions. We even came up with some questions we would like to ask the author of the book!

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Ella! Ella has been confidently coming into school and she has been impressing us with her learning across the curriculum!

Friday 24th September

A busy week in Magpies class! This week we have enjoyed learning how to compare numbers, investigate wheels and axles, write a setting description, learn how to dribble a ball with control and much, much more!

In our Maths lessons, we have been using the Maths resources to help us compare objects and numbers. The children were able to explain their mathematical thinking using key vocabulary to help them. We learnt how to use a place value chart to help us show numbers in different ways.

In our History lessons this week, we were able to compare two different sources. The children enjoyed reading a part of Samuel Pepys diary! We couldn’t believe it was the real diary written in 1666! The children were brilliant at finding things that were the same and different between the diary and a picture of the Great Fire!

For Science this week we learnt how to use equipment in an investigation. We investigated which material would be the most absorbent. The children used a pipette to help them measure the water and they worked well with their talk partners to investigate the different materials.

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Jaymi! Jaymi has shown an amazing attitude to learning and she has always been ready to challenge herself in her learning.

Friday 17th September

It has been another brilliant week in Magpies class this week! The children have continued to enjoy their learning and work incredibly hard in lessons! In Literacy we have been learning about the important features of a setting description. This morning the children came up with some super adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the city of London as it blazed in the great fire!

In our Maths lessons, we have been developing our understanding of tens and ones. We have been using the part whole model to find different ways of making a number. The children have used the Base 10 to help them!

On Tuesday afternoon, we enjoyed a tennis house competition to practice using our tennis skills from Year 1. We will await to see the results of the winning house team!

We also enjoyed our computing lesson this week, where the children learnt all about coding. They were able to give instructions to help control the airport and make sure the planes were flying in the correct direction! They even managed to include sounds in their coding!

For Science this week we learnt how to gather and present our data. Using our knowledge of materials, we enjoyed a material hunt around school to find out how many different materials we could find. The children neatly presented their findings as a block chart.

In Music we enjoyed learning our song 'Hands, Feet, Heart'. We used the glockenspiels to play the notes G, C and A along to the music. A great way to end our Friday afternoon together!

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Maisie. Maisie has been welcoming to our new children and showing that she is always ready to learn in Magpies! Well done, Maisie!


Welcome to Magpies!

Friday 10th September

What a fantastic first week together as our new Magpies class! The children have been superstars and they have enjoyed their learning this week!

Our week started with a day of History. We learnt all about Charles II and even had a very special visit from him! Then we learnt how to compare the rich and poor houses in the Tudor times. The children enjoyed building their own houses out of junk models. Take a look at our pictures below!

In Literacy this week, we have started to practise our Kinetic Letters, full stops and we have even been learning about cohesion! The children have put all their concentration into doing the very best writing they can.

In Maths, we have started building up with numbers to 50. We have been using Maths resources to help us and reminding ourselves of the tens and ones in a number. We even tried some really tricky reasoning problems.

Here are a few helpful notes for the week:

Spellings: Spelling books will need to come in on a Monday each week. Please help your child to practise their spellings using Kinetic Letters at home.

Reading: Your child should have brought home a reading book and reading diary. Please read with your child at least 5 times each week and record it in their diary. Reading books will be changed each Thursday.

Library: Your child will also bring home a library book each Friday to share together.

PE: Our PE days are usually Thursday and Friday.

Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to a great year in Magpies Class!