"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kingfishers 2021-22

Miss Whitwood, Mrs Chambers and Mrs Brennan-McCord 

Friday 26th November

In literacy this week, we worked really hard writing our biography hot writes. We made some good edits and then we wrote the final version. We then began our new unit of work on persuasive letters. We read our focus text and discussed what the purpose of a persuasive letter is. 

In maths this week, we spent a lot of time learning other subtraction strategies that we can use as well as the column method. We focused on finding the difference and learnt how to use the compensation method. We applied our learning to problems and at the end of the week, we estimated the answers to calculations by rounding. 

We had a great discussion in PSHE on stereotypes this week. We learnt what they are and then considered a variety of different stereotypes. As an extension, we considered why stereotypes are negative.

In history, we learnt why the river Nile was so important to Egyptians. We understood how it was used and why and we also discussed why floods were important to the Egyptians. 

In computing, we used a spreadsheet to create a shopping list for a party. However, we had to be careful how much we spent as we had a budget! In our online safety lesson, we discussed how and when online relationships may be healthy and unhealthy. 

Well done to Jake who is star of the week this week. Jake is always helpful around the classroom and always shows great listening skills. His also wrote an excellent hot write. Well done Jake!

Have a good weekend!

Friday 19th November

In maths this week, we continued to develop our understanding of subtraction by using the column method to subtract 3-digit numbers and 4-digit numbers. We then applied our learning to reasoning problems and word problems. 

In literacy, we used our plans to complete our shared write on Albert Einstein. We then researched another scientist, Thomas Edison, in preparation for our hot write. At the end of the week, we planned our hot write and began to write it. 

In history, we learnt what Egyptian medicine was like. We learnt that the Egyptians had many cures and remedies for illnesses that we have today, for example, headaches and stomach aches. We also learnt what the Ebers Papyrus is and understood that it is a record of all the remedies and cures the Egyptians used.

In RE, we considered what Pentecost means to Christians and we created an invitation to welcome and encourage people to celebrate the day the Holy Spirit arrived. 

As part of anti-bullying week, we discussed the role of the spectator and what they should do if they witness bullying. We then created posters to encourage others to help stop bullying. 

Well done to Rosie who is star of the week. Rosie has shown what an excellent attitude she has to learning and she has been working hard to make sure her letters are joined. 

Have a good weekend.

Friday 12th November

In maths this week, we continued our addition and subtraction unit by using the column method to add 4-digit numbers. We then used counters to subtract 3-digit numbers and at the end of the week, we moved on to using the column method for subtraction.

In literacy, we practised some of the skills needed to write a biography; we practised writing in the past tense, we identified and used time conjunctions and we also practised using fronted adverbials. We also researched Albert Einstein to help write our shared write for next week. 

In history, we learnt what hieroglyphics are and what they represented. We also learnt that we are now able to read hieroglyphics because of the Rosetta Stone. We talked about what it is and how it was useful in reading hieroglyphics. 

In RE, we continued to learn about Pentecost and the Kingdom of God. We drew our own image of Pentecost and considered what we think the symbols mean. 

In PSHE, we discussed what the difference is between a friend and an acquaintance and in our second lesson, we considered what aggressive behaviours are and identified the consequences of this type of behaviour. 

Well done to Emma who is our star of the week this week. Emma has become a lot more confident in maths recently and she is challenging herself more. Well done Emma!

Have a good weekend everyone.  

Friday 5th November

In literacy this week, we began our biography unit. We learnt what a biography is and what the purpose of them are. As well as this, we identified the structure of biographies, noticing they are written in chronological order, and we also identified the key features of this type of text. 

We have spent most of the week practising addition this week. We began by using counters to add numbers and then we began to use the column method to add 2 3-digit numbers. We also spent time applying our learning to problems. 

In history, we learnt who Tutankhamun was and why he is a famous pharaoh. We learnt how he was found and we discussed the possible reasons why no one knew where he was buried.

We completed two PSHE lessons this week. In our first lesson, we discussed what compromising is and read different scenarios and shared how the people involved could compromise. We also learnt what personal space is and why it is important. 

In music, we used glockenspiels and xylophones to play different rhythms with music. 

Well done to Teddy who is our star of the week. Teddy constantly works hard and he is always ready to learn. Well done Teddy!

Have a good weekend!

Friday 22nd October 

We had a very busy week in Kingfishers!

In maths this week, we continued to develop our understanding of negative numbers and then we learnt how to read and write Roman Numerals. 

In Literacy, we finished our plans for our story at the beginning of the week and then we spent two lessons writing it. We then spent time editing our hot write and at the end of the week, we wrote our final version. We worked really hard on our stories. 

In music, we continued to develop our improvisation skills and then we learnt what different notes are called and how many beats they're worth. We then used this to write our own compositions and we played them with the Mamma Mia song.

In our online safety lessons, we considered how much time we spend looking at screens and discussed whether it is healthy to spend lots of time doing this. We considered ways to help us spend less time on devices. We also discussed what a digital footprint is.

Well done to Theo who is star of the week this week. Theo has shown great enthusiasm in lessons and he showed this week that he is an excellent team player. 

Have a wonderful half term everyone!

Friday 15th October 

We have done lots of writing in literacy this week. At the start of the week, we planned our shared write where we discussed the story features we wanted to include in our writing. Over the next two lessons, we innovated our focus text using our plans to help us. At the end of the week, we started to plan our story for our hot write which we will be writing next week. 

In maths, we learnt how to count in 25s. We also learnt how to count forwards and backwards within negative numbers and challenged ourselves by crossing 0 as well. 

In PSHE, we discussed what it feels like when we feel pressured to do something. We looked at different situations and discussed who might put pressure on someone in those situations. 

We really enjoyed our history lesson this week. We searched for facts around the classroom which taught us all about the Egyptian pyramids. We learnt some really interesting facts and used these to ask further questions. 

In music, we learnt what improvisation means and we used tuned instruments to create improvisations while listening to our focus song Mamma Mia. 

Well done to Logan who is our star of the week this week. Logan always has an amazing attitude towards his learning and he is a role model for positive behaviour. Well done Logan!

Have a good weekend!

Friday 8th October 

In maths this week, we used our place value understanding to order 4-digit numbers. We also learnt how to round numbers to the nearest 1000 and recapped how to round to the nearest 10 and 100. 

In literacy, we learnt the meanings of some of the vocabulary from our focus text and identified the features of a story. We then practised some of these skills for the rest of the week. We learnt how to punctuate direct speech, how to use subordinate clauses and how to write cohesively. 

In history, we really enjoyed learning about mummification. We had to consider what the steps were and in what order, as well as considering why the Ancient Egyptians used mummification when people died. 

We researched the Leprosy Mission this week in RE and identified what the Christian group behind the mission are trying to achieve. We then linked this to Jesus and what his teachings were.

On Thursday, we walked down to the church with the rest of the school to celebrate Harvest. We really enjoyed the service and it was great to see so many children donate to the food bank. Well done to all the children who practised and read for Kingfishers during the service. 

Have a good weekend. 

Friday 1st October 

We have been working really hard in maths this week. We have spent a lot of time finding 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more or less of numbers and we have been working hard at developing our explanations to reasoning questions. At the end of the week, we used the more than and less than signs to compare numbers. 

In literacy, we planned and wrote our hot write. We described the Egyptian pyramids for this piece of writing. We created excellent setting descriptions using what we have learnt over the last few weeks. At the end of the week, we began our new unit of work on stories. We identified the structure of a story using a story mountain.

In history, we learnt about the Ancient Egyptian beliefs. We learnt that they worshipped many Gods and Goddesses. We also learnt why religion was so important to the Egyptians.

In RE, we discussed our foundations and then compared these to Christian foundations. We then discussed how Christians show these foundations, for example, give to food banks. 

Well done to Lydia who is our star of the week. Lydia is always ready to learn and she wrote an amazing setting description for her hot write. Well done Lydia!

Have a good weekend. 

Friday 24th September

In literacy this week, we continued to practise using some of the features for a setting description. We practised using similes and alliteration. We then included these skills in our shared write, where we described a different setting.

In maths, we showed our understanding of the thousands column and then partitioned 4-digit numbers. We then placed 4-digit numbers on number lines and estimated where some should go on blank number lines. 

In PSHE, we considered situations where we have said no to a friend and gave examples of these. We also discussed the consequences of this. 

In history, we learnt what society was like for the Ancient Egyptians. We identified their hierarchy and then created questions about the different groups of people, for example, the Pharaoh, scribes and slaves. 

Well done to everyone who shared their views on why they should be part of school council. It was very clear that you all spent a lot of time and effort thinking about your speech. Congratulations to Logan and Ella who were voted as this year's school council members.

Well done to Eleanor who is our star of the week this week. She has a fantastic attitude towards her learning and is working exceptionally hard to earn her handwriting pen as she has been practising in her lunchtime.

Have a good weekend. 

Friday 17th September

In maths this week, we have worked hard on placing numbers on a number line. We challenged ourselves by estimating where numbers should be placed and we considered what the numbers might be at the start and end of number lines. We also recapped how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 and applied our learning to problems.

In literacy, we developed our understanding of vocabulary. We also identified the key features of a setting description and at the end of the week, we recapped what expanded noun phrases are and included them in our own sentences. 

In history, we learnt what civilisations are and we learnt when the Egyptian civilisation began and when it ended. We then compared these dates with other civilisations. 

We completed two PSHE lessons this week. In our first lesson, we discussed good and not so good feelings and in our second lesson, we considered what makes a positive, healthy relationship. 

In PE, we practised how to throw a netball and we also marked other players to try and stop them catching the ball. We put sequences of movements together in gymnastics using spins to go from one position to another.

Ella is our star of the week this week. Ella has settled really well into our class and she follows the school rules really well. Well done Ella!

Have a good weekend!

Welcome to Year 4! 

Friday 10th September 2021

It has been great to welcome everyone into Kingfishers this week to start the new school year. We have had an excellent week and have already started to get used to the school rules and routines again. 

In maths, we recapped our learning on numbers up to 1000 by showing our understanding of them and partitioning them. We also practised some mental arithmetic strategies to help us add and subtract numbers which are multiples of 10 and 100. 

Our first literacy unit is setting descriptions. This week, we read our focus text and were able to identify the key parts which helped us visualise the setting. We also explained what a setting description is and what the purpose of them are. 

Well done to Tom who is our first star of the week. Tom has come back to school with an amazing attitude and he has tried his very best in every lesson. Well done Tom! 

Here are a few helpful notes for the week:

Your child has been given a new reading record. Please read with your child at least 5 times and record it in their books. Reading records will be collected in every Thursday.

Our library session is every Monday where your child will have the opportunity to take out and change their library books.

Our PE lessons are usually on Thursday and Friday each week.

Have a good weekend!