"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kingfishers 2019-2020

Miss Whitwood, Mrs Chambers, Miss Freeman and Mrs Wright

Kingfishers being resilient 

Friday 20th March 2020

What a week it's been!

In maths this week, we have done a lot of work on mixed numbers and improper fractions. We began by understanding what they show by drawing them, and then developed our learning by converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. We ended the week counting forwards and backwards in fractions. 

In English, we identified the key features of our focus text, looking at the structure again and identifying the grammatical features. We then practised using some of these grammatical features in our writing by describing a setting.

In Science, we created our own investigation about sound and what happens to it when you move further away from the source. We learnt that the further away you are from the sound source, the quieter the sound is. 

In topic, we used the Ipads to research what the theories are for the Maya civilisation decline. We understood that no one 100% knows what happened to the Maya, but we understood what the historian’s theories are.

In PSHE, we discussed situations that are risky and what children should do if they feel they are in a risky situation or feel pressured to do something which is risky. The class came up with sensible things to do in these situations.

Today is the last day I will see some of you for a while. I will be posting home-learning tasks on the website daily for Kingfishers to complete. 

Please stay safe everyone. 

See you soon. 

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Working hard in Kingfishers!

Friday 13th March 2020

We have fitted in so much learning this week, and have also completed some assessments!

We have started our fractions unit in maths. We began the week by looking at fractions and finding equivalent fractions, and at the end of the week, we began to look at what a mixed number is as well as an improper fraction. 

We completed two assessments in English this week, but in our normal lessons, we unpicked the vocabulary in our focus text and wrote our own definitions for these words. We then learnt how to use semi-colons in our writing. 

In Science, we investigated pitch using different instruments. We tested three different instruments to see how they change pitch and why. 

In topic, we learnt about the Maya calendars and their number system. We then created an information poster to explain how the Maya influenced history. 

We continued to develop our hockey skills in PE by dribbling the ball with accuracy and  continued to develop pace in our cross country lesson. 

Well done to Georgina who is this week's star of the week. She has made fantastic progress in every subject and continues to develop grammatical features in her writing. 

We not only won the cleaners cup for the week, but we were also awarded the attendance award for last week in assembly. Well done everyone. 

It was a sad day for Kingfishers today as we said goodbye to Beth. She will be missed by everyone but we wish her all the best for the future.

Have a good weekend. 

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World Book Day!

Friday 6th March 2020

We have worked exceptionally hard in class this week. 

We moved on to short division in maths this week, dividing numbers by 1 digit numbers. When we quickly grasped this, we moved on to dividing numbers which give us a remainder in the answer. 

In English, we began our narrative unit by looking at our focus text and unpicking the structure. In our grammar lesson, we focused on brackets and how to use them for parenthesis. We quickly understood this. 

In Science, we created our own experiment which tested whether different materials are soundproof or not. To do this, we created our own earmuffs and then tested different materials. 

In topic, we created questions that we wanted to answer about Maya everyday life. We then began to use the Ipads to find the answers to these questions. 

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day through a variety of activities, including reading buddies, reading our own books and creating our own front cover for our favourite book. 

In PE, we continued to develop pace in our cross country lesson and we began our hockey unit by practising how to walk and then run with the ball. 

Well done to Oliver, who is Kingfisher's star of the week this week. Oliver has gotten a lot quicker at starting his work, has made some great contributions to class discussions and has persevered in challenging maths lessons. 

Enjoy the weekend. 

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Multiplication, newspaper articles and Maya pyramids!

Friday 28th February 2020

It has been a very busy first week back!

We have persevered with some tricky maths work this week, using the written method when multiplying 2 digit numbers! After lots of practise, we are confident multiplying 2 digit numbers. Well done everyone. 

In English, we boxed up our own newspaper article about the Maya and have completed our hot write using this box up. We then edited our work at the end of the week and produced the final version of the article. 

In Science, we began our new topic which is sound. We learnt that we hear because of vibrations and these travel in sound waves to our ear. We then discussed different examples of how vibrations are created, for example, hitting a drum.

We completed our Maya pyramids in topic this week and they look fantastic! Lots of hard work and team work has been used to create them. To finish this series of lessons, we evaluated our models, for example, deciding what went well and what could be improved next time. 

Instead of having an assembly today, we were lucky enough to have a woodwind recital. The visitors performed many different pieces of music which the children really enjoyed. 

Have a good weekend.

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Another term has finished!

Friday 14th February 2020


Even though it was the last week before half term, we still did lots of learning and worked hard. 

In maths, we practised using the short written method to multiply 1 digit numbers. We then practically multiplied 2 digit numbers using counters and at the end of the week, we used the grid method to multiply 2 digit numbers. We found this tricky to begin with but persevered!

In English, we practised more of the grammatical features that are used in newspapers. We then innovated our focus text, writing our own version of it over a couple of lessons. 

In Science, we researched a man called John Logie Baird and discovered how he used electricity to develop  TV. We used the Ipads to create a fact file all about him. 

In topic, we learnt more about the famous Maya Pyramids. We learnt what they were used for and then designed our own. After it was designed, we used boxes to create the structure and then painted it. Thank you to everyone who donated boxes. We had plenty to use. 

Well done to George who is our star of the week this week. George is always enthusiastic to learn and has been working really hard this week in maths! He has even completed extra challenges!

In our internet safety lesson, we discussed what we do online and how we represent ourselves. We talked about identity and how people show this online. We had some very good discussions about this. 

I hope you all have a wonderful half term. Make sure you rest ready to start the next term!

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Where has the week gone?

Friday 7th February 2020

This week has flown by! It has been extremely busy!

In maths, we finished our area and perimeter unit and have just begun our multiplication and division unit. On Wednesday, Year 5 children were taken on a maths trip where they completed lots of activities and learnt lots of small, cool tricks. Have they tried the tricks on you yet? Everyone participated really well and they really enjoyed the day. 

While the Year 5 children were out on Wednesday, the Year 4 children stayed at school and completed some fun activities, some of which linked to our topic. They recreated some Mayan drawings and had a go at weaving! 

In English, we unpicked the key features of a newspaper article and have started to practise some of the grammar skills that are used. 

In Science, we learnt what conductors and insulators are and then created an experiment to see which items around the classroom allow electricity to pass through and which items don't. We really enjoyed finding out these results!

In topic, we learnt about the Mayan religion; what they believed in, how they worshiped their Gods and how it had an effect on their everyday lives. We used our Mayan topic books to do some research to help us find out more information. 

We had a visitor on Thursday who discussed Christianity in Romania, particularly in the past. The class asked lots of interesting questions, considering how religion may be different in other countries. 

Well done to Beth, who is this week's star of the week. Beth showed great enthusiasm during the maths day and persevered when some of the tasks became challenging. 

I am also proud to announce that we were awarded the cleaners cup this week! We have worked hard all week to keep our classroom really tidy. 

Have a good weekend. 

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Newspapers, area and switches!

Friday 31st January 2020

In maths this week, Kingfishers have learnt what area is. We then went on to calculate the area of rectangles. Towards the end of the week, Year 5 learnt how to calculate the area of composite shapes while the Year 4's developed their problem solving skills on area. Some great maths work this week. Well done everyone. 

In English, we began our new unit of work - newspaper articles. We completed our cold write and have now begun to unpick our focus text, including the structure and vocabulary.

We recapped what complete and incomplete circuits are at the beginning of our Science lesson. We then moved onto switches and learnt how they are used and how they work in a circuit. We tested this by creating our own switches and then used them in a simple circuit. 

We learnt how Mayan society was structured in topic. We learnt how the Mayans were ruled and who by. We then learnt what each group of people did and discussed who we thought had the best job. 

In PE, we began to create our own dance routine in groups and in basketball, we recapped all the skills we have learnt. We also learnt a new skill which was shooting. 

In our internet safety lesson, we discussed why people may change their identities online and then created 2 avatars. We tried to make the first one look like us while the second one could look however we wanted. This linked to our discussion on how people may change their identities. 

Well done to Ruby D who is Kingfishers star of the week. Ruby has made a lot of progress in maths this week, and her attitude and confidence towards problems has grown significantly. Well done Ruby!

Have a good weekend everyone. 

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A PCSO came to visit.

Friday 24th January 2020

Lot's of learning has been keeping us busy this week!

We have learnt a lot about perimeter this week. We identified the perimeter of rectangles and then compound shapes. We then went on to calculate the perimeter of shapes with missing lengths! We finished the week with some problem solving work. 

We have come to the end of our poetry unit in English. We completed our shared write, then boxed up our own poem and at the end of the week, completed our hot write. We then read our poems to each other. 

In Science, we identified complete and incomplete circuits and discussed the flow of electricity that moves around a circuit. 

We had a visit from a local PCSO one afternoon this week. He gave us lots of important information and advice. 

In topic, we identified where the Mayans are placed in history by completing a layered timeline. We also recapped what archaeologists do and why they have an important job. 

In outdoor PE, we practised all the different passes that are used in basketball. We finished the lesson with some games. 

Although it wasn't quite 100%, Kingfishers came joint first for the attendance award this week. Well done everyone!

Well done to Asa, who is this week's star of the week. He has had a fantastic attitude to his learning and has been focused in every lesson. 

Have a good weekend. 

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A week full of learning!

Friday 17th January 2020

It has been a very busy week, not only around the school, but in Kingfishers as well!

We have finished part of our multiplication and division unit this week in maths. We practically divided numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 and then attempted this in our books. To end the week, we used our knowledge of multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 to answer calculations such as 32 x 30. The children worked really hard on this and persevered when it got tricky. 

In English, we continued to look at our focus poem. We identified the key features that were included in it and then had a go at using these grammatical features in our own writing!

We had two Science lessons this week! In the first lesson, we identified different appliances that use mains electricity and batteries. We discussed the dangers of electricity as well. In the second lesson, we discussed what a simple circuit was. We then made our own circuits which we really enjoyed!

In topic, we learnt how the Mayan ruins were discovered and when. We wrote a diary entry from the point of view of a Spanish explorer who found the ruins. 

We began our new music unit which was very exciting! We have started to learn how to play the glockenspiel. We played certain notes with some backing music and even started to learn how to read music!

Our star of the week this week is Mai. She always has a fantastic attitude towards her learning, but this week, she put even more effort into her learning! Mai used our vocabulary words in her writing and has made fantastic contributions to lessons. Well done Mai!

Have a good weekend!

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Great start to 2020!

Friday 10th January 2020

Kingfishers have had a great start to the new term! They have all worked really hard and have come back with great focus. Well done everyone. 

To begin the week in maths, we learnt what cubed numbers are and how to calculate them. We then applied this knowledge to word and reasoning problems. At the end of the week, we learnt how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000. We did this practically.

In English, we began our poetry unit by completing a cold write. We then looked at our focus text. We unpicked what the poem meant and then showed our understanding of this by creating a text map. 

We had a fantastic science lesson this week which was taught by Atomic Tom. He taught us what electricity is and how it works. We completed different experiments which we all really enjoyed. We thought the lesson was great and we all learnt a lot from it!

We began our basketball unit in outdoor PE, focusing on our dribbling skills through different activities.

In PSHE, we discussed friendships and whether it is better to have a small number of friends or a larger group. We also discussed why it's important that we value differences and how these can develop our friendships. 

Well done to Yoann who is this week's star of the week. Yoann has shown great resilience this week and he also shows enthusiasm for his learning. Well done Yoann. 

Have a good weekend. 

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Christmas has arrived! 

Friday 20th December 2019

This half term has flown by. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!

We finished our instructions topic in English this week by making salt dough Christmas decorations. We then used what we did to complete our hot write. Well done Kingfishers for writing excellent instructions.

In maths, we learnt what common factors are. We then identified prime numbers up to 100 and to finish the week, we learnt what square numbers are. We've learnt a lot in maths this week!

On Tuesday, we went to the church for the Christmas service. We had different groups sing and some children in Kingfishers did some readings. 

On Thursday, all of KS2 came together for our debate - Which invaders were the best? The children had their debate in small groups. It was amazing to hear all  the arguments and listen to Kingfishers recall everything they have learnt about the Anglo Saxons. They all did really well. 

Today is a sad day for Kingfishers. We have said goodbye to Teddy, who will be starting a new school after Christmas. We wish him the very best of luck and all the best. 

Kingfishers had the highest attendance last week compared to the rest of the school. Well done everyone!

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas! See you in the New Year!

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Focused learning  

Friday 13th December 2019

Kingfishers have shown great focus this week as more Christmas activities have started. We have been lucky to watch two plays this week! One was performed by Wrens and the other was performed by Robins and Magpies. The performances were great!

In maths, we have come to the end of our statistics unit. We finished by using data to create line graphs and then answered some challenging questions about the data. We have now begun to look at multiplication and division. We specifically looked at factors at the end of the week.

In English, we identified all of the key features in instructions and annotated our focus text. Towards the end of the week, we looked more at the grammatical features and used these in our own writing. 

In Science, we created our own gears! We used card to make them and then investigated how they work. We really enjoyed this lesson. 

In our computing lessons this week, we discussed why people should be sceptical of what they read online. Our second lesson focused on search engines and how they should be used. 

In topic, we recapped everything we have learnt about the Anglo Saxons by summarising. We also completed a quiz!

Our star of the week this week is Ashley. She always has a fantastic attitude to her learning and challenges herself when tasks become challenging. Well done Ashley. 

Have a good weekend.


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Christmas activities have begun! 

Friday 6th December 2019

We have had a very busy week as we lead up to Christmas!

In maths, we have continued to focus on statistics, specifically looking at two way tables and timetables. We discussed where we might come across timetables and then we learnt how to read them. We finished the week by applying this learning to problems. 

In English, we gave each other instructions. We learnt that they have to be very specific, otherwise they are not clear and steps might go wrong. We then looked at a selection of instructions, including some recipes, and compared them to each other. We discussed what was good about each set of instructions and what could be improved. 

On Monday, we were joined by the CSALT Trust for RE. They talked about the Christmas story with visual representations. We then completed a quiz based on what we were taught. 

In Science, we learnt about pulleys, what they are, where they are used and how they are used. We then created our own experiment investigating how they work and which one is the most effective. Our task was to lift a milk bottle full of water with the least amount of force. We really enjoyed this lesson. 

During the afternoon on Tuesday, we got into the Christmas spirit by making Christmas cards! These cards are for some of the elderly in the village. The cards look fantastic!

We were awarded a certificate for 100% attendance in today's assembly. Well done everyone!

Congratulations to Aella, who is our star of the week this week for her focus and attitude in reading. It has been great to see your confidence grow in this subject!

Have a good weekend. 


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Another week has flown by! 

Friday 29th November 2019

This week feels like it's gone very quickly.

In maths this week, we have been looking at statistics and how data can be presented. We began the week by looking at different types of charts and towards the end of the week, we wrote our own research question, collected data from each other and then presented the findings in a chart. 

In English, we completed a shared write, using our box up to help us write. We also completed a cold write which focused on instructions as this will be our next unit. 

In Science, we completed an experiment on water resistance. We dropped blu tack into a cylinder of water and timed how long it took to get to the bottom. We then changed the shape of the blu tack and repeated the process. 

In topic, we finally found out who people believe was buried at Sutton Hoo which linked to our very first topic lesson of the term. 

In PSHE, we considered all the characteristics that make a good friend. We wrote these down and then ordered them from most important to least important, explaining our reasons for each choice. 

Our star of the week in Kingfishers is Ruby M this week. Ruby always has a fantastic attitude towards her learning and always wants to improve her work where possible. Well done Ruby. 

Have a good weekend. 

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Friday 22nd November 2019

In English this week, we have used some of the grammatical features that can be found in a narrative in our own writing. Towards the end of the week, we planned our own narrative, using the structure from our model text. We are very excited to write our stories next week! 

We have completed some challenging maths this week! As we came to the end of our addition and subtraction unit, we completed some multistep problems which made us think carefully about what the questions were asking and how we were going to answer them. We persevered and gave the questions our best attempt!

In topic, we learnt how the Anglo Saxons became Christian. We found out lots of interesting facts about this which we really enjoyed. We were given questions and had to find the answers around the classroom. 

In Science, we learnt about air resistance. We created our own definitions of what it is and used diagrams to explain how it works. 

In art, we developed our watercolour skills by painting waterlilies. We had to concentrate quite hard as we used thin paint brushes to create lots of detail. 

Our star of the week this week is Lilia. Lilia has shown great perseverance throughout the week, especially in the lessons that she finds challenging. Keep it up Lilia!

Have a great weekend. 

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A great week for Kingfishers 

Friday 15th November 2019

We have had a great week in Kingfishers! 

In maths, we started the week by using pictorial images to subtract numbers and then moved on to the formal written method. To end the week, we applied what we learnt to word problems. We are developing our understanding of problems and what they are asking.  

In English, we continue to work on our focus text "Elf Road." We have identified the structure of the story and used drama to identify how the main character is feeling at different points throughout the text.  

In topic, we read the story of Beowulf. We discussed how the story helps us identify what the culture was like in Anglo Saxon times. We then created a story map to retell the story in our own words.  

In our indoor PE sessions, we have begun our circuit unit with 8 different activities to complete. We completed activities like skipping, star jumps and squats.  

On Tuesday afternoon, we had a visitor to help us with the Christmas Shoe Box appeal. The class produced some great pieces of writing, some of which will be shared during Sunday's church service.  

Kingfisher's star of the week this week is Ethan for being focused in lessons and for always ensuring his presentation is neat. He has also been a very kind friend. Well done Ethan.  

Have a good weekend.  


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Straight back into hard work!

Friday 8th November 2019

Kingfishers have had a great attitude coming back to school this week. Even though we have only been back 4 days, we have learnt lots and have worked really hard.  

In maths, we began to look at subtraction by using base ten to practically subtract numbers. We used this resource to help us understand what it means to exchange when subtracting. 

In English, we began to look at our focus text for our new unit on narratives. We identified who the main character was and then identified the key events. We created a story map to help us become familiar with our text. 

In Science, we completed a Science experiment investigating weight. We dropped different items into a container of flour and studied what the flour looked like when the different objects were taken out. We really enjoyed this experiment. 

In topic, we used a variety of Anglo Saxon non-fiction books to gather research on what they wore and ate, as well as what they did for work and what their hobbies were. 

In outdoor PE, we began to learn how to play tag rugby. We learnt what it is and then practiced how to throw and catch a rugby ball. 

The Royal British Legion joined us for assembly on Thursday to discuss Remembrance day and why people wear a poppy.

Well done Kingfishers for all your hard work this week.

Have a good weekend.




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End of our first half term!

Friday 25th October 2019

Kingfishers have completed lots of work in our last week of term. We have had a very busy week with a lot of learning. 

Kingfishers started their addition and subtraction unit this week in maths. At the beginning of the week, we practically solved addition calculations using base ten and counters. We used the bar model to represent these calculations and then in Friday's lesson began to use the written column method.

In Literacy, Kingfishers completed a poetry lesson which they had to perform, carefully thinking about their tone of voice, body movements and facial expressions. Towards the end of the week, they completed a cold write task, which was to write a short narrative. Narratives will be our Literacy unit after half term. 

In Science, we summarised all of our learning on magnets by creating an information leaflet, explaining what they are, how they work and how they are used. 

In netball, Kingfishers participated in a netball match, using all the skills they have learnt over the last 8 weeks. The score was 1-1.

Reading buddies on Thursday was another success. It was great to see Kingfishers enjoy reading with the younger children. 

Congratulations to Ruby H who is this week's star of the week. Ruby is always determined to do the very best that she can and always wants to improve her work where possible. Well done Ruby. 

Well done to all of Kingfishers. We received a certificate in Friday's assembly for having 100% attendance last week. A fantastic achievement by everybody. 

Have a great week off everyone.

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Viking/Saxon Day 

Friday 18th October 2019

We had a great start to the week! We had a visitor in school who taught us more about the Anglo Saxons as well as the Vikings. We were given the opportunity to dress in clothes that the Anglo Saxons would have worn as well as some of the armour they wore. We had a really good day and learnt lots of interesting facts.

In Maths, Kingfishers have come to the end of their place value unit. We finished by learning about negative numbers. Next week, we will start our addition and subtraction unit. 

In Literacy, we completed our setting description hot write, using a picture of a scary looking house as our stimulus. 

In Science, we investigated how magnets are used and where they might be found. We used the ipads to research where magnets might be used. 

Congratulations to Tillie who is Kingfishers star of the week this week. Tillie made fantastic contributions to our Viking Saxon day and she is always one of the first to show she is ready to learn. Well done Tillie. 

Have a good weekend. 

Bikeability Week 

Friday 11th October 2019

This week has been very different for Kingfishers, as most of the Year 5s did Bikeability from Monday to Thursday. It has been fantastic to see all the children enjoy it and learn so much from it. 

Back in class, at the beginning of the week, we completed rounding problems. We had to think carefully about what questions were asking and unpick them. Later on in the week, we learnt how to count up and down in different multiples of 10. 

In Literacy, we practised writing some of the key features that are found in setting descriptions. Towards the end of the week, we planned our own setting description which we will write next week. 

In Science, we used magnets to investigate which items around the classroom are magnetic and which aren't. 

In our indoor PE lesson, we combined everything we have learnt so far in gymnastics and created a routine which we peer assessed. 

Well done to Ethan who is this week's star of the week. He always comes into school with a smile on his face and always demonstrates the school values. Congratulations Ethan. 

Working hard in Kingfishers class

Friday 4th October 2019

We have had a great week in Kingfishers and have completed lots of learning!

In Literacy, we started to look at setting descriptions. We identified the key features of setting descriptions and showed our understanding of an example text by drawing pictures.

In Maths, we have done lots of work on rounding. We all rounded to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and some of us have started to round to the nearest 10,000 and 100,000! We have also spent time over the week playing a times table game to help us develop our fluency.

In Science, we learnt about magnets and how they work. We did an investigation using two magnets to see what happens when the same poles, as well as different poles, are put together. We really enjoyed this challenge. 

In topic, we researched who the Picts were and how they link to the Anglo Saxons. We used Ipads to do this and made lots of notes. 

We used water colours in art as we are learning about Monet and are practising some of the techniques he used.

We had another successful reading buddies session this week which was lovely to see. It is great to see Kingfishers support Magpies with their reading. 

Congratulations to Carter for being star of the week this week. Carter has worked really hard in all subjects, especially in maths where he has challenged himself and has showed lots of focus. 

In Friday's celebration assembly, we were awarded another attendance award for last week, which means we have had the highest attendance two weeks running! Keep it going Kingfishers!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Harvest Church Service Week 

Friday 27th September 2019

Like every week so far, Kingfishers have been working extremely hard on their learning. 

This has been very apparent in maths, where we have been identifying missing numbers at the ends of number lines. At the beginning of the week, we found this quite tricky, but now, at the end of the week, we are super stars at it. We persevered and it is clearly seen in our books. 

In Literacy, we completed our hot write, writing a non-chronological report about the Anglo Saxons. We started the week researching facts about the Anglo Saxons, and then put these facts into a planning format. From there, we wrote a draft of our report and then wrote our hot write.  

We conducted our own experiment in Science this week. We used force meters to measure the amount of force it takes to pull an item across different surfaces. 

We would like to say thank you to all the parents who joined us at the church on Thursday to celebrate Harvest. We enjoyed creating and sharing our poem about the rainforest. In our lesson, we discussed why it is an important part of our planet and why we should be thankful for it. 

Well done to Emily for being our star of the week this week. Emily is always ready to learn and has a fantastic attitude towards her learning.

Finally, a massive well done to the whole class as we had the highest attendance for last week. Keep it up!

Have a lovely weekend. 

So much learning!

Friday 20th September 2019

Kingfishers have been working really hard this week in all subjects. There has been lots of learning!

In Maths, Kingfishers have continued to develop their place value knowledge and have been focusing on partitioning numbers. On Thursday, they applied this knowledge to reasoning and problem solving questions. 

In Literacy, the class have written their own information text. Every day they have focused on one section of the text and then have built on it the following day. 

In PE, the class continue to develop their skills in both gymnastics and netball. In gymnastics, the class practised jumping skills and used some of the apparatus and in netball, Kingfishers learnt the rules of footwork. 

In our Topic lesson, the children learnt what Britain was like before the Anglo Saxons invaded, who they were and where they came from. 

This afternoon, Friday University started. The class were excited about the 4 different sessions: animation, origami, Spanish and yoga. 

Finally, well done to Nathan, who is this week's star of the week, for always being ready to learn and for always having a great attitude to learning.

Another great week for Kingfishers!

Friday 13th September

Kingfishers have had a busy week, getting back into school routines with lots of learning. 

At the beginning of the week, the class learnt Roman Numerals, and then applied this learning to reasoning problems. Every child worked really hard at this and were starting to challenge themselves. Towards the end of this week, Kingfishers have focused on place value, looking at 4 and 5 digit numbers. 

In English, we have focused our learning on information texts. We identified the key features, and then practised writing some of these, including a glossary. Fronted adverbials have been our grammar focus this week. 

Our PE lesson on gymnastics focused on movement. The class had to consider different ways of moving around the hall. Some ideas were very original!

Thursday afternoon was very exciting! Each child buddied up with a child from Year 2. They then listened to each other read. It was lovely to watch. The class are looking forward to working alongside their buddies again soon. 

The class have worked really hard this week, and it has been fantastic to see the progress they have already made.

A fantastic start for Kingfisher class.

Friday 6th September

Everyone in Kingfisher class has settled really well back into school life. The class as well as parents have been very welcoming. 

The class have had lots of fun completing different activities related to our new topic. They have designed and made their own shields, sketched Anglo Saxon helmets and played a number of PE games related to invasion. The class have really enjoyed all three of these lessons. Kingfisher class also had the opportunity to write their own messages to each other in Anglo Saxon runes.

The class voted for their school council representatives this week. They planned their own speech, stating why the class should vote for them as a well as sharing their ideas on how they could make the school even better. The class then voted, writing two names on a slip of paper. Congratulations Ollie and Beth who were voted Kingfisher class school council members. 

Aella, Mai, Ethan and Lilia were very busy over them summer holiday as they completed the summer reading challenge. They had to read 6 books! Well done to all four of you. They received a certificate as well as a medal for all the fantastic reading they completed.