"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kingfishers - Years 4 and 5

The Heat Is On!

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

This has been another very hot week so far and Kingfishers are still keeping their cool. Alongside rehearsals for the KS2 production, this class are still working hard in lessons. It does help when there is a breeze. Here are Kingfishers working on their explanation texts.

An Adventure Day At The Rock

Fri 16th June 2018

Today, all Year 4 and 5 took a trip to The Rock Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough. The focus was about developing team work and throughout the day there were different challenges.

Our first big challenge was to save Joe. What a catastrophe! Joe's plane had crashed somewhere in the grounds and by following a map and solving challenges, we had to find that location; gathering supplies along the way. We pulled together and thankfully found Joe.

In the afternoon, we faced the high ropes. Individual climbing and balancing challenges at least 20 feet off the ground. Everyone dug deep and faced their fears.

What an amazing day!



A blooming good week

Fri 11th May 2018

What another wonderful week, packed with learning!

In literacy, we have begun the hot write process, which means that we have learned all about the features of a formal, persuasive letter, explored, changed and improved existing letters and finally used all this knowledge to create our own version. Kingfishers have really demonstrated the importance of the editing process and the finished letters are superb. Lots of the children wrote to local supermarkets last week. We were hoping that one of these organisations would help us have a happy lap-a-thon by providing us with some fruit. Bella and Giorgio's letter was obviously very persuasive as Tesco in Towcester have offered to provide every child with some fruit. Well done!

In maths, Kingfishers have been learning more about time and converting units of time, including problems involving remainders. We will move on to looking at more time problems next week.
Our science has looked at how plants can reproduce without pollination. The children (and adults!) all learned how to take cuttings by looking for leaf nodes and placing the new cutting in moist compost. We also looked at how tubers and bulbs reproduce and finally how some plants such as strawberries have creepers which create plantlets.

A big well done to our superstar Issie, who was our Star of the Week. Issie, you are simply amazing and a joy to teach.

Great graphs and fantastic flowers

Fri 27th April 2018

This week, we have continued to learn about lifecycles and have focussed on flowering plants. There were so many new terms to learn to describe the male and female parts of a flower and everyone observed carefully as they dismantled their flowers and learned the name of each part. We then went outside to look at the flowers around the school.

In maths, we have continued to learn about statistics and have drawn our own line graphs and gone on to interpret data from them. Next week will be our final week of this and we will be exploring sum and difference problems based on graphs.

Our writing focus for the week has been persuasive letters and we have begun to think about the different sentence structures within formal language. We had a go at crafting multi-clause sentences that would explain our persuasive points clearly. This is really important as we were writing for a real purpose and hope that our letter persuades Tescos to provide us with some delicious fruit for our sponsored event later on this term.

A special well done to Evie, who was our Star of the Week this week. Evie's a friendly and hard working member of the class, who is a joy to teach.

An egg-cellent end to the Spring Term

Thu 29th March 2018

Well, the final week of the Spring Term has come and gone and Kingfishers finished with some exciting events.

On Monday, the Year 4s went to a faith roadshow, where they learned about some different religions from people who practise those faiths. This was a wonderful opportunity and we gained a lot of new knowledge as well as making friends with other children from PDET schools. During the Summer term, the Year 4s will share this knowledge with the rest of the school in an assembly.

Kingfishers had a very enjoyable role in the Easter service on Tuesday. The poem the children shared had been edited and adapted by the children and told the story of Holy Week. A special well done to all those who memorized their parts!

In science, Kingfishers made 2D models to help explain the movement of the Moon in relation to the Sun and Earth. This is a really tricky concept and the children used the key vocabulary to describe orbits and rotations accurately.

It wouldn't be Easter without some sort of hunt, would it? Mrs Barnett hid joke punchlines this year and armed with the jokes, Kingfishers had to match both parts up. There was also a coordinates battle, which Mrs Barnett lost.

Well done Kingfishers on a fantastic term.

A spring in our step

Fri 16th March 2018

Kingfishers have been working especially hard in literacy this week. The portal stories that we are writing are almost half way through and we have spent a long time creating our characters and settings. I can't wait to find out how all the characters get back home.

There have been a few assessments in maths this week that have been squeezed in between some excellent learning about percentages. Kingfishers have learnt about how by finding a hundredth of an amount, it is quite easy to then work out the percentage as this is also out of 100. We even created a whole class number line to demonstrate our understanding of how different amounts of a whole can be represented using fractions, decimals and percentages.

In RE, we have started to prepare a poem that tells the story of Holy week. We are also creating some beautiful pastel art that we are looking forward to sharing.

A special well done to April this week. Her writing has been of an excellent standard this week, with carefully crafted characters and a super setting. Keep up the hard work April. Kingfishers Class are very proud of you.

A marvelous middle for our Spring Term

Fri 9th February 2018

Tuesday was 'Safer Internet' day. We thought about what makes us feel happy and upset online and how we can support each other when things go wrong. It is very true that a safer internet starts with us.

Wednesday was a truly stupendous day.
It began in the morning, when we were set our challenge. Could Years 2-6 run and cycle the entire distance to the International Space Station? That was a whopping 400km. Our session was just before lunch and we really went for it and became the very definition of perseverance. There were comments like, "My legs are going to drop off!" and "I've never run this far before". We had to wait until the end of the day to find out if we had managed to complete the mammoth challenge. In total, Greens Norton School ran and cycled a massive 413 km. What an achievement!

Our biographies of Tim Peake are now finished and Kingfishers have definitely shown a good understanding of the word, sentence and text features of this non-fiction writing. We are now ready to blast off and explore our next text type.

Work on fractions continues. This week, Kingfishers have been solving word problems involving fractions and will continue to deepen this understanding during the next half term.

A big well done to Lucas, who was our Star of the Week this week. Lucas has worked particularly hard throughout the week and has been noticed for lots of good things throughout the week.

Working hard again

Fri 26th January 2018

What a packed week!

In history, Kingfishers have been learning about the space race. This was a race between countries as to which flag would be the first to be placed on the Moon and led to some of the most amazing technological advances of the present age. The children have started to assemble their own timeline and get to know some of the key players in this exciting period of history.
In literacy, Kingfishers are well under way with writing their own biographies about Tim Peake. The grammar and vocabulary features are pretty tricky. Everyone is using descriptive expanded noun features to give clear and specific details about the life of this great British astronaut and are experimenting with a range of conjunctions to extend sentences and give extra details. This will continue next week.
The maths focus has remained on fractions. This week we have been adding and subtracting fractions, where sometimes the denominator needs to be changed in order to complete the calculation. A fabulous week Kingfishers.
A special mention needs to be made for Leo, who was our Star of the Week this week. Leo has been noticed trying hard and working well by so many of the adults, that he simply had to be our star. Keep shining Leo.

A stunning start to the Spring Term

Fri 5th January 2018

Our first 2 days have been 'Out of This World'! The visit from Atomic Tom was, as always, as fun as it was informative and we learnt about why it feels like there is a ball in the way when you place similar magnetic pole together. We even went hover-boarding!

Our brand new topic saw Kingfishers finding out about some of the celestial bodies in our solar system as well as some of the incredible forces that create movement. We will be digging deeper into this knowledge throughout the term.

The first 2 days saw Kingfishers exploring their creative side and creating brand new planets that we hope to visit through our literacy writing this term. The front covers for our topic books are complete and we are ready to blast off to some fantastic new learning.

Kingfishers at work

Fri 24th November 2017

This week we have been learning how to use the formal method for long and short multiplication. This will be particularly important as we will be looking at worded problems in the coming weeks.

We completed our warning stories this week. By golly, a lot of work went into these and they were very detailed and well-written by all.

In science, there was a bit of a debate. Six weeks ago, a group of Kingfishers set up the mini-tank for our brine shrimp. They have steadily grown over the last few week and we were unsure about whether they were fully grown. Well, this week, we had our answer. There were baby shrimp in the tank once more, meaning that our shrimp must be mature. We added this to our now very detailed life cycle drawings.

A big well done to Bella who was our Star of the Week. I really meant it when I said you were a 'power-house of learning' Bella. You are truly inspirational.

Working hard in Kingfishers

Fri 10th November 2017

In geography, Kingfishers have continued to learn about the features of a river as the water flows between the source and the mouth of the river. The final models were very detailed and there was some great examples of how to work effectively as a group along the way.

In maths, Kingfishers are continuing to learn the timestables. This week they have also learned about multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. This helped them to create some very detailed diagrams about related facts.

During PE sessions, the children have been learning about the different types of passes in basketball. The focus has been on accuracy and the children will continue to develop these skills in order to play team games.

Literacys sessions saw Kingfishers learn a boxing-up technique that will help them with their own story planning in the coming weeks.

Doctor Bones visited our classroom this week as Kingfishers began to think about how the skeleton and muscles work in pairs to create movement. The children created some excellent representations of a skeleton in their books. It was also lovely to see so many prospective parents during this session. We hope Dr. Bones didn't scare you!

Well done to Harry who was our Star of the Week this week. Harry is always so motivated in his learning and a fantastic role-model to those around him.

A great finish to our half term

Fri 20th October 2017

This week we have been looking at performance poetry and we performed 2 of our favourites to the rest of the school on Thursday. We used lots of different techniques to help us remember all the lines. Adding actions and using text mapping seemed to work the best for us. We will look at these techniques again after half term when we will be reading and writing warning stories.

Our topic work is still in full flow. We dug deeper into the process of transpiration and discovered that there were very few things that stopped transpiration from happening. Submerging a plant, restricting light, restricting oxygen and reducing the temperature had very little effect how much of the red water was drawn up through the plant. In fact, only plunging the plant below zero degrees seemed to stop the process. Great science Kingfishers!

We looked more closely at dams. The largest one we discovered was in China and is km across. Thinking about the techniques used in dam construction, we designed and made our own to see how well we could hold the water back. The winning one worked for 8 seconds.
A special well-done to Olivia this week. She was our Star of the Week for the amazing effort she put into the poetry work.

Work, work, work!

Sun 8th October 2017

This week has been a fantastic example of Kingfishers working hard.

In English, we have been building to our hot-write and so have really needed to focus on adding the grammar features expected at Y4 and 5 to our setting descriptions. A brilliant job done by all!

Our maths has seen us develop our mental and written calculations for addition and subtraction. We used these skills to design our own flying machines on a budget during one class challenge. Evie and Ocean impressed Mrs Brickwood with their analytical approach, that saw them only £17 away from spending their entire budget.

We have also been thinking very carefully about how we use water and tracking this throughout one day. We all found it quite surprising how much more water we use than undeveloped countries. One toilet flush (about 2.5 litres) is as much water as some people use in a whole day. We used our data to create graphs and charts.

A special mention to Charlie Russell who was our Star of the Week. He is such a talented mathematician, writer and more importantly, good friend. Well done Charlie.

A creative week for Kingfishers

Sun 24th September 2017

This week, the Kingfishers have worked hard to pull together everything they have learned about report writing to create a final report about water around the world. A special well done to Giorgio who earned 'Star of the Week' for a wonderfully informative and well-organised report.

We have begun to think in more depth about the water cycle this week. There are lots of tricky new terms to learn and so we all tried to come up with an action to demonstrate the different parts of the hydrological cycle. See if you can guess which part of the water cycle the photographs link to.

Thank you also for all the donations to Harvest Festival. These will help families in our local area throughout the coming months. Kingfishers retold the story of 'The Feeding of the 5000'. We hope you all got a part of our 'meal' that we shared out. The messgage it contained is a reminder to us all, "With God, all things are possible". Matthew 19:26

We are all really looking forwards to our visit to Barnwell on Monday. See you soon River Detectives!

Jumping in at the deep end.

Fri 8th September 2017

Okay, if I must admit it, the first day back was the best day so far. Why? Well because not only was our morning packed with fun art activities, but the afternoon was filled with water fun! We had a water balloon throwing competition, a water carrying competition with sponges and even got to use super soakers! Oh, did I forget, everyone developed important teamwork skills.

By Matthew

Thank you to all the Kingfishers who have come back so positive and ready to learn this week. My highlight has been the fantastic talk in our maths lessons. We have been thinking carefully about place value and how where digits are placed affects the value of the number. Everyone rose to the challenge of the tricky games and tasks. Mrs. Barnett


A Dramatic, Penultimate Week

Fri 13th July 2018


It is quite hard to imagine how we squeezed in everything we did this week- well done Kingfishers.

Tuesday and Wednesday brought our 3 performances and both the singing and acting were top notch. The audiences smiled and laughed throughout!

In maths, we have been developing our understanding of coordinates and have been plotting missing coordinates from a range of polygons.

We launched into a full debate in literacy and history as we thought about the positive and negative aspects of each decade. All points were developed and countered very well and we all developed some very important speaking and listening skills.

Throughout the week, we have started to present our term's homework projects. These are currently being displayed in the school hall and there will be another chance to see them on Monday.

A special well done to Alice, who was our Star of the Week. A simply amazing young lady, who could earn this nomination every week.

A Sunny Sports Day

Fri 22nd June 2018

This week is always a highlight in our calendar as the whole school gets together to compete in our annual sports day. There was so much learning to cram into the rest of the week as well.

In literacy, we have been delving into explanations and exploring the use of cause and effect conjunctions.

In maths, our learning has been about shape and the properties of 2D shape. There is a lot of mathematical vocabulary in this unit and we are all working hard to ensure that we understand it.

In history, we explored the 1980s and had a class quiz to test our new knowledge.

Well done to all of Kingfishers who showed what great sportsmanship looks like on Friday. The support of younger pupils and the encouragement you gave each other was wonderful. We can't wait to find out who won on Monday!

A special well done to Callum for being our Star of the Week. This young man is working hard to be the best that he can be.

Mid-May and Marvellous

Fri 18th May 2018

In literacy, we have begun our narrative writing. Every year, local schools are invited to take part in a historical story writing competition. This year the focus is on Armistice day and Kingfishers have been busily planning and boxing up our ideas for why Towcester got to hear about this amazing day so late into the afternoon while the rest of the country were already celebrating. There have been some fantastic ideas so far and I'm looking forward to reading the story openings over the weekend.
In maths we have finished off our unit on time with some tricky 2-stage problems as well as an investigation into the shape of clock hands. There will be lots of very active maths lessons next week to link into our active week.
We checked in on our cuttings, our potatoes, onions and strawberry plants. Not too much going on there yet, so hopefully, with a bit more water and warmth they will soon start to grow.
In history, we explored the swinging 60s with their outrageous fashions, loud music and technological advances. We all designed a 60s outfit and I have to say, some of them were fit for the cat-walk!
A special well done to Josh, who was Star of the Week. Josh, you have worked incredibly hard and deserve to be recognised for this.

A week of wonderful work

Fri 4th May 2018

In literacy this week, we have really drilled down into the sentence structures that you might find in a formal persuasive letter. Both Y4 and Y5 have tried to include multi-clause sentences using a range of different conjunctions and some have been even more specific and included embedded, relative clauses. We continued to explore formal language and completed the letters written to local supermarkets. Let's hope that we persuaded them enough so that they provide some refreshing fruit ready for our Lapathon on the 23rd May.
We have come to the end of our statistics unit in maths. Kingfishers are now reading information from a range of graphs and charts, as well as creating our own. Everyone has been busily solving difference and sum problems and talking about trends in line graphs. Brilliant Kingfishers!
In history, we have been thinking carefully about the different sources of information that we can use to find out about the past. We can now say if a source is primary or secondary and how reliable it might be.
A special well done to Charlie Russell, who was our Star of the Week. Charlie makes fantastic links between what he learns and is incredibly observant. Keep up the hard work Charlie. You are a star!!

A Smashing Summer Start

Fri 20th April 2018

This week, we had our stunning start where we learned more about our topic, 'Have You Heard?'. The focus is on history and how Britain has changed since 1948. I was impressed with the children's existing chronology of the time periods around the ones we will be learning about, and we have decided on some specific mini-topics such as war and diseases that the children want to learn more about. There were 3 fun activities for the stunning start: pop art with Mrs Meredith, a Cadbury's time line with Miss Snook and time capsules. It was a fabulous day and set us all up for what will be a very interesting topic.
In literacy, we looked at the features of a formal, persuasive letter. This looked quite different from what the children thought it might and so we will look deeper at the features and language next week.
Maths saw us begin a series of lessons on statistics. There has been a lot of new vocabulary to learn about data, such as discrete and continuous and we will continue to explore this next week.
Science this term, will also look at change, although on a much shorter timescale. Kingfishers will explore lifecycles of plants and animals. There has been a fabulous opportunity for children in Kingfishers to join a gardening club that will help to support this learning. If you are interested, please speak with Mrs Barnett.

Sporting Sensations

Fri 23rd March 2018

This week has been packed full of exciting portals, tricky time and a fantastic effort for Sport Relief.

In literacy, Kingfishers have finished their detailed portal story writing. The intrepid characters they created have visited a magical world, battled all kinds of monsters and returned safely back home. Within these narratives, the children were asked to demonstrate using commas accurately for different reasons, use a range of sentence types and use relative and prepositional phrases to create a vivid story world.

In maths we have been thinking about converting 12 hour times to 24 as well as converting between different units of time. This is a tricky subject and we will revisit this next week.

On Thursday, we took part in a Sports Relief challenge. The children looked fantastic in their sports kits as they worked together to complete as many combined minutes of activity throughout the day. Not including breaks, Kingfishers completed a whopping 20 hours of exercise! Thank you for all the donations which will go towards supporting sporting projects both in the UK and abroad.

A special well done to Edward who was our Star of the Week. Edward puts a smile on everyone's face through his kindness, hard work and sense of fun. He is simply a super member of Kingfishers.

Flying high

Fri 2nd February 2018

This week has been packed.

In maths, Kingfishers have become more confident with multiplying fractions, with many surging on to solve word problems using this tricky skill.

In literacy the children have been carefully polishing their biographies and have begun their hot-write. This is an important part of the writing process in Talk for Writing, where children have been able to edit and improve their paragraphs and now produce their final piece which showcases their writing skills to their fullest.

Science saw Kingfishers creating and testing parachutes this week. Year 4 and 5 have clearly understood how the area of a parachute affects air resistance. Next week, they will create and test their own parachutes to demonstrate their understanding of air resistance further.

A rare, sunny moment in the week meant that the PE circuits session could take place outside. Well done to all of the children who really pushed themselves to beat their personal bests in this session.

A special well done to Will Riding, who was our Star of the Week. Will's work ethic this week has been amazing, including when he represented the school during the village school football tournament this week.

Making an impact

Fri 19th January 2018

It has been another great week, packed full of learning for Kingfishers.
In literacy, Kingfishers have really tried to develop good editing skills and now have a much clearer idea of how to polish a piece of writing so that it really shines. We will need this important skill next week when we write and edit biographies about Tim Peake. All children have begun to write their spelling scores into their reading records. We will try to keep this going as a lot of parents have asked for this.
Maths hasn't half been hard (sorry)! Yes, Kingfishers understanding of fractions has taken a big leap this week as they got to grips with finding equivalent fractions using knowledge of the times tables. This has helped the children to order fractions and we got to grips with ordering tricky fractions this week.
In science, Kingfishers have been discussing gravity. The children looked and identified reaction forces and moved on to experimenting with how objects of different sizes and weights leave different sized craters when dropped.
A special mention to Raph, who was our Star Of The Week this week. Raph questions everything and make sure he has a deep understanding of everything he is asked to learn. You really are a superstar Raph and even the adults could take lessons from you.

Out of this world learning

Fri 12th January 2018

This week has seen the children in Kingfishers really getting to grips with the biography genre. They have been learning all about the features using a short biography about Chris Hadfield, who is a Canadian astronaut. He is a truly inspirational man, who has demonstrated that it doesn't matter what your background is, if you have big dreams and work hard, anything is possible.

Maths has been all about fractions and finding equivalences. At the beginning of the week, lots of the children were using fraction walls and made great progress as they developed a deeper understanding as the week progressed.

Our science focus still has us enthralled. We created posters to demonstrate just how much we had learned about our solar system this week.

A special well done to Alice Murrell, who was our Star of the Week. Alice is simply amazing and impresses us all every day. As was mentioned in assembly, this young lady is a true role model.

Kingfishers are working hard

Fri 1st December 2017

In literacy, we have been learning about another type of writing and busy learning the text and language features of newspaper reports. Alongside this, we have been looking at how commas can be used to clarify meaning. Commas literally save lives. If you're not sure how, ask a Kingfisher.
Kingfishers have also been busy in maths and perfecting written formal methods for solving division problems. This skill was used later in the week to solve worded problems. Some of us even got as far as expressing remainders as fractions and we learned very quickly when it was possible to do this and when rounding the answer would be better.
As you can see from the pictures, we have also begun to sing Christmas songs. Some of our Y5 pupils will be involved in the Cluster Carol Service in St Lawrence Church next week. The songs sound so good, we will all be sharing our favourite during our own Christmas service.
Well done to the positive and hard-working Panos, who was our star of the week. Panos is always ready, respectful and safe. All the adults who are in Kingfishers and those who visit always mention just how wonderful Panos is and it was lovely to celebrate this with the rest of the school this week.
We hope to see lots of you at the Christmas fair on Saturday. With Christmas goodies, tombolas, a raffle, toy stalls, a games room, a craft room, the ever-popular gift room and even face painting, there really is just one place to be between 2 and 4 this Saturday!

A week that ended with spots and stripes

Fri 17th November 2017

We are well into our writing stage in literacy. We are all writing warning stories and I think we all left our characters on a bit of a cliff-hanger on Friday. Next week can't come soon enough so that we can sort out how the characters in our warning stories get out of their predicaments.

We were feeling very proud on Thursday, as many in Kingfishers Class were called up to the front of the assembly to receive times table certificates. Keep up the hard work Kingfishers!

This week has been anti-bullying week across England. We reflected on what bullying is and what it looks like and came up with practical strategies for how to deal with it. We came up with a motto for Kingfishers. 'Sometimes we are the same; sometimes we are different, but we are always stronger together.' Everyone created a jigsaw piece to celebrate our differences and similarities.

The week ended with a spotty and stripey theme. We whole-heartedly embraced Children in Need and created a fabulous collage of Pudsey using small coins. We counted up how much money we collected altogether (it got a little confused at one point) and we estimated a total of £56.36. That Kingfishers, is amazing.

A special well done to Ocean, who was our Star of the Week. Ocean, you have worked so hard to learn your spellings and timestables. Keep up the hard work- we are very proud of you.

A wonderful week of work

Fri 3rd November 2017

This week has seen Kingfishers develop their memory skills using a range of visual and physical techniques. We have now learned our first story and are looking forward to applying some of what we now know in our own stories.

In maths, we have had a real focus on times tables. This important knowledge will underpin a lot of what we do in the coming weeks. So far we have looked at patterns within tables, games we can play and strategies to help us recall facts quickly. Keep learning these please Kingfishers!

Thursday saw us undertake a cross-country challenge. How many laps of the field could we complete in 20 minutes, or the 'How many times can we lap Mrs Barnett, challenge'? We were very impressed with the levels of fitness in Kingfishers. We linked this to our science and then made models of how muscles work in pairs around bones to create movement.

We ended the week on a high and took part in the 'Big First Aid Lesson'. This was an event that schools across the country took part in. It is a valuable life skill and although I hope you never need it Kingfishers, I know you are far more prepared now. Thank you especially to Raphael who is a bit of an expert in this field.

A final big and well-deserved congratulations to Issie. You were our Star of The Week this week for being truly amazing. We were all very proud of how you stood up and were able to retell the first part of 'The Canal' to the whole school.

Working hard

Sat 14th October 2017

What a week!

The wonderful Kingfishers have been learning more about the 7 life processes and this week looked in-depth at respiration. Most of us can remember all 7 using the acronym MRS GREN. The sea shrimp in our classroom have had a growth spurt this week and we are beginning to be able to recognise different body parts. This will give us all something to focus on when we talk about the way different animals move around in the sea.

Towards the end of the week, we revisited the story of Adam and Eve and explored the idea of temptation and why sometimes it is important to resist. Tasty snacks were placed around the room with signs saying. "Do not touch". It was an interesting insight into strategies we can use every day and why temptation is so difficult to ignore.

Kingfishers have also compared water usage between the UK and Kenya and produced some wonderful posters demonstrating why there are such huge differences.

A special well done to Lily, who was our Star of the Week this week. You have been a superstar Lily and we are lucky to have you as part of our class.

One more week until half term Kingfishers!

A marvelous middle in Kingfishers

Sun 1st October 2017

Monday saw our visit to Barnwell Country Park to investigate the picturesque River Nene. We measured the river's flow (about 1m per second on Monday), investigated its chemical properties and learned about the physical and biological features of this beautiful back-water. The writing this inspired was phenomenal and Kingfisher Class used the new vocabulary they learnt very well.

The rest of the week was just as packed. The maths was fantastic and we have been thinking about prime numbers and prime factors. We took our learning outside as we drew factor trees. In PE, we have been developing our dynamic balances. This was topped off with a race that consolidated these new skills. Well done to Issie and Lucy who won this week's 3-legged-paper chain race. In computing, we have been creating algorithms and we will be using this to create our very own quiz show. Watch this space!

A special well done to Matthew, who was our Star of the Week this week. His hard work and perseverance are amazing and he is a real role-model in our classroom.

A week of hard work

Fri 15th September 2017

This week in Kingfishers, we have been learning all about water and where it is found. We wrote speeches and delivered them to a partner. It helped us to think about the importance of listening carefully and what this looks like. There are some great photos that demonstrate that Kingfishers Class have some excellent listeners.
We have also been learning how to read, write and order larger numbers up to 1,000,000. This has been tricky, but the clever Kingfishers now know how to place commas to help with this.

Thank you to Ethan and Lucy, who treated us to a mini-concert during our Golden Time. It was just what we needed after a week of hard work.

A special mention to Samuel, who was our Star of the Week. In every book, he demonstrated his learning well and showed a real drive to achieve the best that he could be.