"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kestrels 2019-2020

Mrs Meredith and Mrs Brickwood

Working Hard in Kestrel Class.

Friday 13th September

Kestrels threw themselves wholeheartedly into a full working week this week!

In maths, we have been understanding the value of numbers up to 10 million, as well as decimal numbers with up to 3 decimal places. We also finished the week by revisiting some core calculation skills from last year.

In literacy, we started to look at the features of report writing. We looked at both the structural and grammatical features of the text in readiness for starting to write a shared text next week. We also reviewed our grammar knowledge, in order to understand what our priorities should be for this term.

We have started to learn more about what life was like before the Vikings invaded Britain. We learned about the Anglo-Saxons - who they were and where they came from, as well as what daily life would have been like during this time.

In French, we reviewed lots of vocabulary and then applied this to understanding everyday conversations.

Thursday, saw us taking part in our new school initiative - Reading Buddies. Kestrels paired up with Robins class (Year1) to spend some quality time reading with each other. Kestrels shared some favourite books and then listened to the Robins read. We are looking forward to next Thursday's Reading buddies session.

We ended the week with a fun Hotshots taster session! Have a great weekend and I hope to see some of you at church on Sunday.

A Great Start For Kestrel Class.

Friday 6th September

The Kestrels had a great start back after their summer break. This week we have completed a range of activities linked to our history topic "This Is My Land." We have: made Viking shields; deliberated over artefacts to identify whether they were from the roman, anglo-saxon or viking era; played a range of invasion games and learned about the viking's belief in many gods by creating a viking god card game.

We also organised a number of key roles for our class and school this week. We voted for our new school councillors and congratulations go to Olivia and Taylor who are our chosen representatives. We know they will do an amazing job on our behalf!

The children also gave some impressive speeches to apply for the roles of House and Vice Captains. Congratulations to our new leaders who are;

Blue House: Leo (C) Panos (V)

Red House: Charlie (C) Olivia (V)

Green House: Harry (C) Sam (V)

Yellow House: Bella (C) Josh (V)


I was also delighted to celebrate with the children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge. I was particularly impressed with the range of genres that the children chose to read. They used this opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new. Well done Bella,Charlie, April, Giorgio, Ellie, Tawny,Sam and Alice!