"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kestrels 2019-2020

Mrs Meredith and Mrs Brickwood

Another packed week!

Friday 15th November

In literacy, we were introduced to our inspiration for our narrative; an intriguing film called Road's End! We analysed the film, thinking about the deeper meaning of the plot. We learned how to accurately punctuate the dialogue contained within the film and finally we used a model text to innovate an extract from the film.

In maths, we have been completing lots of reasoning challenges using our known multiplication facts as well as improving our multiplication of decimal numbers. We ended the week by looking at how the order in which we complete operations can have quite a dramatic impact on the answer to any given calculation! 

In science this week, we learned about a new force - Water resistance. We devised and conducted experiments to explore the impact of this force.

On Tuesday, we were joined by Claire Reetz who worked with the children to help them prepare for this Sunday's special shoebox service. We hope to see lots of you there to help us with the service!

On Thursday, the year 6's attended a 'Young Citizens Day' in Daventry. The children learned about all aspects of keeping themselves safe as a citizen. They completed workshops on substance abuse, Crime, Making emergency calls, Hate crime, online safety and fire safety. The day was incredibly informative, however, what made the day so special was the outstanding enthusiasm and conduct that our year 6's showed throughout the day! Well done Kestrels! A big thank you must also go to Mrs Woods who accompanied us!

As part of Anti bullying week, our year 5's completed some incredible games focused around the importance of kindness and just how much our haapiness and well being is dependent upon the kind words of others.

We ended the week with music using the track 'Happy' by Pharrell Williajms and developed our ability to find the beat of the music as well as improving our breathing and vocal skills with a range of exercises in readiness to perform the track ourselves. 

Star of the week: We were really pleased to be celebrating with Lucy this week. Lucy has had an amazing week, pushing herself to answer lots of challenging maths questions as well as focusing hard on her writing. With this kind of focus Lucy we know you will smash year 6!!!  

A Week to Remember!

Friday 8th November

Kestrels have had a great start back to the term! 

In literacy, we have moved onto our new writing genre - narrative texts. We have analysed our model adventure narrative and identified its structure and grammatical features. In maths, we have started to develop our skills in formal methods of multiplication; ensuring fluency in short and long multiplication as well as developing our reasoming and problem solving skills.

In history, we compared and contrasted the lives of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Whilst each has their unique attributes there were many things that they had in common such as housing, lifestyle and social structure. We also learned about methods of communication and investigated the Viking use of Runes to label items: we even created our own burial stones with Rune epitaphs. 

In R.E. we were learning about the work of Traid craft and how this is an example of christians putting their beliefs into practice. In P.E. we learned some of the skills required for tag rugby; we worked on our dodging, turning and tagging skills.  

On Thursday, we all joined together for a special remembrance service with the Royal British Legion. As a school we reflected on the sacrifice made for us all. We were particularly proud of Josh A and Giorgio who read poems as part of the service. They both read beautifully and captured the mood of this solemn occasion.

Lots of Learning in Kestrel Class.

Friday 25th October

We started the week completing some end of term assessments. The children all performed really well and should be pleased with their progress!

On Monday and Tuesday, along with the rest of the school,  we visited the Life bus and learned about keeping ourselves healthy in a range of contexts. In science, we focused on analysing the results of our air resistence experiments and ensured that we completed our conclusions using scientific language. We also generated additional investigation questions to deepen our understanding of this force.

In literacy this week, we completed our setting descriptions. We started by innovating from a model text before composing our own descriptions of a viking settlement. In maths, we completed our focus on addition and subtraction by solving a range of challenging reasoning and investigation questions. In R.E. we thought about how Christians might behave today to fight for freedom and justice.

In art we continued to learn about the works of Gustav Klimt. This week we explored his use of symbolism and created our own mythical creatures to symbolise abstract nouns such as fear, bitterness and envy. In music, we studied the song Happy by Pharrell William. We learned about its genre and musical influences as well as understanding its chronological context. We were interested to see when the composers, who we are learning about as a whole school, were prevalent. We also learned some new musical terms such as tempo and dynamic. In French, we wrote greetings cards to our french pen pals.

Kestrel Star of the week: This week we celebrated with Lily. Lily has been working extremely hard all term and has produced some fantastic writing as well as being a kind and caring member of the class - Thank you Lily!

A Marvellous Middle in Kestrels Class.

Friday 18th October

Our week started with a fantastic day immersed in the world of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We were joined by Erik Erikson, a viking jarl (earl), who shared how vikings were named, what they wore, and how they lived. He also gave us an insight into viking law and order and weaponry. The children had the opportunity to handle lots of viking artefacts as well as dressing up in armour and everyday clothes from the era. What a super way to start the week and an excellent marvellous middle for our topic!

In Literacy, we have started to look at setting descriptions and have focused on learning how to use figurative language to best effect when constructing descriptive sentences. In maths, we have been solving multi-step problems using both addition and subtraction. We had great fun in science this week as we were learning about a different force - air resistance.  We made parachutes of different sizes to understand the impact of surface area on the speed of descent of a parachute!

In P.E. this week, we were building our upper body strength in gym. We used ropes and bars to climb and complete forward and backward flips! In PSHE, we took on the role of agony aunts and uncles as we tried to solve frienship dilemmas. I'm sure this excersise will help us to manage our own difficult situations more easily. In R.E., we were reflecting upon the ten commandments and how their meaning gave direction to how people should live their lives.

After all of this activity, we loved reading with our year 1 reading buddles again this week!

Kestrel Star of the week: This week Josh A. was our star! Josh has been so thoughful and reflective in his learning this week; really pushing himself to improve his work and secure his understanding. Josh also represented us when meeting with an external R.E. visitor and discussed R.E. in our school with maturity and skill. Well done Josh!

A Great Week for Kestrels Class.

Friday 11th October

This week we have been solving problems and reasoning with addition and subtraction in maths, whilst in literacy we completed our non chronological reports. The children should be rightly proud of their writing as they have all pushed themselves to produce their best writing.

In science we analysed our results from our friction experiment and used these to draw conclusions- making sure that we included all of our technical vocabulary. In art this week we started to learn about the austrian artist Gustav Klimt. We analysed some of his early pencil sketches and experimented with our own sketching and shading techniques. In history we learned how Danelaw was established in England once the vikings had settled here and finally in PSHE we discussed what it was to be a good friend and created our own recipes for a healthy relationship!

Our year 5's spent every afternoon this week completing their bikability course. They had great fun and represented our class and the school extremely well. We hope they have many safe and enjoyable bike rides ahead of them!

Star of the week: This week we celebrated with Panos, who has produced some excellent work in maths and science as well as being an incredibly focused learner in our class. Well done Panos you really are a star!


From Vikings to Friction.

Friday 4th October

Another varied week of learning for Kestrels.

We've started to delve a bit deeper into our Viking topic and we have learned all about one of the first viking invasions at Lindesfarne. We have also started to learn about King Alfred and how he maintained his kingdom when the vikings started to colonise England. We are continuing to write our reports about viking life and we have been working hard to maintain a formal tone throughout.

In maths, we have moved from negative numbers to addition this week. We used an airship game with numberlines to help us understand the concept that adding negative numbers reduces the value of the starting number and taking them away increases the value - Tricky stuff!

In science we have been learning about another force - friction. The children designed their own enquiry questions and conducted fair tests to explore the effects of this force. In French, we have been learning how to introduce ourselves by sharing our name, age and where we live. Thanks to Mrs Brickwood, I'm sure we will be fluent soon!

Star of the Week: Congratulations go to Bella this week, as she was selected to be our star! Bella is quite an inspiring learner in our class as she is always pushing herself to join in with the learning to secure her understanding. She has also produced some outstanding writing this week too! Great work Bella- keep it up! 


A bumper crop of learning during Harvest week.

Friday 27th September

What an excellent week of learning we've had in Kestrel class.

In maths, we've been rounding decimal numbers to 1 and 2 decimal places, as well as starting to look at negative numbers. In literacy, we've planned our report on the Vikings and have written our introductions making sure that we orientate our readers and in science, we have concluded our experiment on gravity. We learned that objects have weight as a result of gravity pulling us to the centre of the earth.

On Thursday, we shared our reflections, as part of our harvest service, on animal conservation. At school we had reflected upon the cruelty that mankind sometimes shows towards animals. Hunting and deforestation can mean that animals become endangered or even extinct. We performed "Animals in danger" during the service which is a song that asked us to put ourselves in the animals shoes! None of us would have been happy to trade places! Special mention must go to Giorgio who ably supported us on the electric guitar.

We enjoyed our second reading buddies session with Robins class and also enjoyed learning our "pick up a book" song all about the joys of getting lost in a book. Those Kestrels undertaking 'Amazing Animation'  as part of Friday university this week also enjoyed creating their own animation sequences using Pivot animation. 

Star of the week: It was Charlie's turn in the spotlight this week as we celebrated his excellent writing. Charlie has been putting in so much effort into his writing and it is really starting to pay off. Great job Charlie!

Lots of learning for Kestrels.

Friday 20th September

We had another busy week of learning this week.

We started to improve the writing skills that we need for report writing and have written a model introduction about the Anglo Saxons. In maths, we have been considering how to round numbers to the nearest, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and even the nearest million!! We have also been solving some rather tricky reasoning problems.

In history we learned all about why and when the vikings invaded Britain. We also used the school ipads to complete some research on the vikings everyday life and customs. To accompany our topic, we are really enjoying our class novel Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. Each plot twist has us on the edge of our seats and we can't wait to read the next installment!!

We have been working hard on a range of reading vipers in guided reading and this week we were looking to improve our ability to explain our understanding using evidence from a text.

 Our ICT knowledge was put to the test on Tuesday, as we learned how to develop our word processing skills.  Our outdoor P.E is netball this term and we started to look at shooting goals.. As you will see from our photos, we are doing well! In R.E we were reflecting on how Moses would have felt when God spoke to him from the burning bush.

We ended our week thinking about how to be a good friend. We were considering helpful and insensitive respnses to a range of different scenarios and how our words can impact on our friend's feelings. In Kestrel class we want to focus on giving helpful comments to our firends so that they feel, positive, cared about and happy!

What a lot of things we have learned this week!


Working Hard in Kestrel Class.

Friday 13th September

Kestrels threw themselves wholeheartedly into a full working week this week!

In maths, we have been understanding the value of numbers up to 10 million, as well as decimal numbers with up to 3 decimal places. We also finished the week by revisiting some core calculation skills from last year.

In literacy, we started to look at the features of report writing. We looked at both the structural and grammatical features of the text in readiness for starting to write a shared text next week. We also reviewed our grammar knowledge, in order to understand what our priorities should be for this term.

We have started to learn more about what life was like before the Vikings invaded Britain. We learned about the Anglo-Saxons - who they were and where they came from, as well as what daily life would have been like during this time.

In French, we reviewed lots of vocabulary and then applied this to understanding everyday conversations.

Thursday, saw us taking part in our new school initiative - Reading Buddies. Kestrels paired up with Robins class (Year1) to spend some quality time reading with each other. Kestrels shared some favourite books and then listened to the Robins read. We are looking forward to next Thursday's Reading buddies session.

We ended the week with a fun Hotshots taster session! Have a great weekend and I hope to see some of you at church on Sunday.

A Great Start For Kestrel Class.

Friday 6th September

The Kestrels had a great start back after their summer break. This week we have completed a range of activities linked to our history topic "This Is My Land." We have: made Viking shields; deliberated over artefacts to identify whether they were from the roman, anglo-saxon or viking era; played a range of invasion games and learned about the viking's belief in many gods by creating a viking god card game.

We also organised a number of key roles for our class and school this week. We voted for our new school councillors and congratulations go to Olivia and Taylor who are our chosen representatives. We know they will do an amazing job on our behalf!

The children also gave some impressive speeches to apply for the roles of House and Vice Captains. Congratulations to our new leaders who are;

Blue House: Leo (C) Panos (V)

Red House: Charlie (C) Olivia (V)

Green House: Harry (C) Sam (V)

Yellow House: Bella (C) Josh (V)


I was also delighted to celebrate with the children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge. I was particularly impressed with the range of genres that the children chose to read. They used this opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new. Well done Bella,Charlie, April, Giorgio, Ellie, Tawny,Sam and Alice!