"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kestrels 2018-19

A Popa doodle do Performance!  

Fri 19th July 2019

What a fantastic week of performances by Kestrel Class! They pulled off their production of 'We're all going on a summer holiday' in spectactular fashion, completing three dazzling performances. However, don't take my word for it. Below are some play reviews written by Kestrel class. There may be some slight editorial bias but I think we can forgive that this week!


Extracts from Molly, Evie and Izzy's play review.

On Wednesday the 16th of July,  kestrels performed their very last performance at primary school. The play itself was magnificent, however the actors made sure there was a lot of emotion spread throughout the production. The play was outstanding and produced a lot of comedy and happiness.

At the end of the play, along with floods of tears, the children beckoned Mrs Meredith forward to the stage for high fives and many hugs. I suppose we don’t need the Wi-Fi to keep us happy after all.


An extract from Charlie's review.

.I have never seen such marvellous acting, and I have never laughed so much in my life. There was an incredible cast range from the leads all the way to the extras and to the singers. They all played an amazing part in this play. As well as comedy, it had a fair share of romance and had an extremely touching message. I would personally like to say a huge thank you to the years 3,4 and 5 for helping out with this production. Even though they didn’t get much stage time they still participated, and it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

We were all stars this week, however, we did have a star of the week for Kestrels. This week we celebrated with Amelia F. Amelia has had an incredible year 6, throwing herself into her learning with enthusiasm and focus. She has made excellent progress in her learning and has grown into a confident young lady. We are very proud of you Amelia - A worthy last Star of this academic year! 

Rehearsals and Rainforests! 

Fri 5th July 2019

We have been working incredibly hard on rehearsals this week for our summer production! I have been so impressed with how quickly everyone has learned their lines and how much enthusiasm there has been for all the music!!

We have also, as part of 'Arts Week' been reflecting on the impact of deforistation on the rainforest. Our particular focus was on snakes and we have produced some wonderful rainforest snake artwork for display.

The year 6's took part in a transition session run by the church called 'It's your move'. This was an excellent session which gave the children an opportunity to ask questions, reflect and learn more about what to expect next week during their transition days and beyond.

In R.E this week, we learned about the jewish festival of Passover and created our own symbolic Seder plates. 

The year 5's enjoyed another swimming session a welcome respite from the heat this week!

Bishops Prize for R.E. -  Congratulations to Alice who received this prestigious award. A well deserved prize in recognition of her hard work and commitment throughout the year.

Over and Above - Special thank you to Harry, Sam, Bella and Charlie R - who helped rescue the 'snake situation!!!!' and provided me and Mrs Brickwood with some much needed support!






Newspapers and Productions! 

Fri 28th June 2019


A packed week of writing and rehearsals for Kestrels this week. 

We completed our Newspaper reports and really excelled ourselves with the standard of our writing. We have really worked well as a team this week; sharing ideas and helping each other to edit and improve our work!

In science we concluded our investigation into irreverisble changes and we pushed ourselves to include our scientific vocabulary to explain our results. In history, we learned all about Queen Victoria and started to make some comparisons between the monarchs that we have learned about so far this term.

The end of the week was an exciting time as we started to get to grips with our end of year production. Roles have been allocated and rehearsals have begun! The enthusiasm and commitment from the whole class has been amazing so far!

Star of the Week: Congratulations this week go to Rhys, who produced a superb Newspaper Report. He really pushed himself to showcase his most skillful writing! Having cut his finger during the process, it really had taken 'blood sweat and tears!!!'

Thank you in advance for any support you can give the children to learn their lines for the play.





A week full of variety

Fri 21st June 2019

Another busy week has taken place in Kestrel class!

In literacy, we have moved on to journalistic writing. We are going to covering the murder of the sheriff in 'Holes'-our class novel! So far, we have looked at newspaper features, learned to write quotes and finally we have started to plan out our newspaper article.

In Topic we have moved onto learn about Queen Anne and the significance she had in our british history as she was the queen who united our previously independent kingdoms! In science, we completed more investigations into irreversible changes in materials as well as our year 6's learning about human reproduction.

We have also been spending time this week rehearsing for our sports day race and Maypole performance as part of the Summer Fete. 

Well done to all of the kestrels who took part in sports day today. We had some great wins for individual races, however, it was the support for the younger children as we completed our fun carousel of activities that caught my eye! Well done year 6's for performing your Henry VIII race with aplomb! Thank you year 5's for helping with the props!

Kestrel Star of the week: Well done to Alice, who has produced some excellent writing this year and has worked hard to deliver outstanding progress! A truly deserving star this week.

Apologies - Photos will be uploaded next week due to technical fault!!


A Fantastic Week of Learning For Kestrels

Fri 14th June 2019

We have had a full and varied week of learning in Kestrel class this week. 

In literacy we have been working incredibly hard to ensure that our biographies were completed to an outstanding standard. We completed our hot write today and we are feeling confident that we have all produced our absolute best work!

In science, we completed some interesting experiments focusing on how to reverse the changes brought about when we mix materials with water. As a class, we completed the investigations that we designed last week. We learned that insoluble materials can be retrieved from water using sieving or filtering and soluble materials can be retrieved via evaporation. The mixtures where materials reacted and formed different materials couldn't be reversed.

We had two excellent sessions from the Northamptonshire Nursing Team on Wednesday. The first session on puberty was extremely informative and the children responded positively to the session. In the afternoon, the year sixes benefited from a mental health and well-being session. The lesson was full of useful tips on how to keep ourselves feeling positive as well as how to manage those times when we feel worried.     

In Topic, we learned about King John and his Magna Carter. We even wrote our own version of a Magna Carter for Greens Norton School.

We had some fantastic ideas and I would happily sign up to most of them! Here is Ethan's vision for our school!

"I want a school where you can walk in and everyone can greet you a good morning, where peace can be kept and where no arguments can break out. A sort of school where kindness can be shared and love can be spread!"

We ended the week making our contribution to the lapathon! We enjoyed our 30 mins of running and were fortunate enough to complete our laps before the rain descended! We would love it if our efforts could be rewarded with a donation to the school - Thank you! Finally, rehearsals for the forthcoming Maypole dance started to show some progress, so we ended the week on a high!!




A Historic Week in Kestrels

Fri 7th June 2019

We have immersed ourselves in the world of King Henry VIII this week as part of both our topic and literacy work. We have researched facts about his extraordinary reign to use within our text genre for this term-biographies. Some excellent writing has already been produced with everyone working incredibly hard to include a wide range of sentence structures and a variety of punctuation.

In science, we have started to look at the properties of materials. This week's investigation focused on mixing a range of materials with water. We learned what constitutes a solution and started to think about what other investigations we could do to reverse the effects of these mixtures.

In R.E. this week, we looked at the Jewish Shema prayer and rewrote our own versions to declare the Jewish faith. In French, we looked at the vocabulary associated with different foods!

In PSHE, we started this term's focus on protective behaviours. We started by thinking about keeping ourselves safe and identifying and responding to our own early warning signs. We also took part in an anti-bullying workshop run by Warts'n'all Theatre Company. 

Whitemoor Lakes

Fri 24th May 2019


Our year 6's joined with Silverstone and Blakesley year 6's for their residential to Whitemoor Lakes this week. We were so proud of everyone as they pushed themselves to take on challenges and conquer fears, as well as build friendships across the three schools in readiness for their transition to secondary school. Everyone had great fun and came back safe and sound! Well done guys, Mrs Brickwood and I were really proud of all of you! 

SATs and Celebrations

Fri 17th May 2019


We are so proud of our year 6 children this week, as they have coped brilliantly with their SATs assessments. Each morning we joined together for a fun breakfast and play and it was great to see them supporting each other. They all approached each test with focus and determination and we could not have asked for more!

A special thank you to our Year 5s, who have been great at just fitting in with Kingfishers this week.

The week ended on a high as we celebrated with a SATs fun day! Posing for our end of year photos, competing in rounders and enjoying a delicious picnic lunch as well as some extra snacks throughout the day!!!!

A great way to end the week! A big thank you to all parents/carers who provided the wonderful food for our picnic You will see from the photos how much we all enjoyed it!

Have a restful weekend everyone!


Final Preparations in Kestrel Class

Fri 10th May 2019


We were putting in place the final preparations for our 6's this week in readiness for next week's assessments. 

In maths, we revisited fractions, explored ratio, practised solving backwards problems using the inverse operation before finally moving onto solving algebra problems.

We also completed our final pieces of grammar revision. Our focus this week was determiners, noun phrases and apostrophes!

We accessed a range of shorter reading texts to increase our exposure to different genres and vocabulary.

We have all worked so hard and I know that next week will be a great opportunity to show just how much you have all learned. Rest and relaxation is on the agenda for this weekend as well as a large dose of positive thinking! Good Luck year 6's you will be fab!!

A special thank you to our year 5's,  who have been working hard with us, and have been so accommodating with all the changes to their timetable! Hopefully you will enjoy your time with Kingfishers next week, but hurry back as we will miss you!! 

In the midst of all the hard work, we did enjoy a special visit from a prickly friend!  Brackley Hodge Watch came and delivered an information assembly sharing the devastating news that we have lost 97% of the adult Hedehogs in the UK. We were told ways in which we can help and our school councillors are going to help us to co-ordinate our response to this crisis.

 Kestrel Star of the Week: We celebrated with Lucy this week. Lucy has made outstanding progress this year as a result of her continuous effort and determination. She has maintained a positive attitude throughout and has really developed her self-belief! We believe in you Lucy - you are a truly remarkable star in our class!




A Whirlwind Week In Kestrel Class

Fri 3rd May 2019

This week has been a whirlwind of learning in Kestrel Class.


We have covered several different areas in maths this week. In the mornings our focus has been on co-ordinates and translating and scaling shapes, whilst in the afternoons we have continued to look at data handling - this weeks focus has been pie charts.


We are becoming grammar gurus as we finesse our grammatical skills! This week we have mastered the subjunctive, revisited the many uses of commas as well as understanding how the use of commas can change the meaning of a sentence! E.g. Let's shoot, grandad! Without the comma, things were not looking good for grandad!! We also secured our knowledge of adverbs and we ended the week brushing up on the many different types of pronouns!


In R.E, we started to explore the Jewish religion and learned the story of Esther. We used drama to re-tell parts of the story and then reflected on which parts were the most important.  We all enjoyed our visit from the Imam and Adanyah's mum on Thursday and learned lots about the Islamic faith and their special celebration 'Ramadan'.


Our year 5s have been joining their peers in Kingfishers class for literacy this week and they have started to immerse themselves in instructional writing. They also completed their first lessons in swimming on Thursday following their assessment session last week.


We ended the week with Friday university and some well earned fun on the field!


Working Hard in Kestrel Class

Fri 26th April 2019

We started back at full speed in Kestrel class, as we are working hard to ensure that our year 6’s are ready for their SATs.

In our morning maths we have been investigating missing angles on straight lines, triangles, quadrilaterals and round a point. We ended the week even looking at corresponding angles on parallel lines. In the afternoon, we focused on data handling looking at pictograms, bar charts and line graphs.

In grammar ,we have continued to learn about tenses, focusing our learning on the present, past and future, perfect tenses! We ended the week looking at the differences between formal and informal language.

On Tuesday we started our topic for this term by researching all the monarchs that have reigned since 1066. We were amazed at the length of some of the reigns! We even started to create our own royal timelines.

Our year 5’s have had a varied week. Some of them represented us in a cluster netball competition and others spent the day on Friday training to become sports leaders for next year. On Thursday they all went swimming for their first session at Towcester Leisure Centre.

After all the hard work, we joined up with Kingfishers class for some hotly contested rounders and netball matches.

Kestrel Star of the week: We celebrated with Archie this week as he has come back after Easter with a fantastic level of enthusiasm and focus. In spite of all the hard work, Archie has remained positive and determined. Thank you Archie – you make our class a great place to learn!   

Spellings - Your child has had personalised spellings this week based on the following year 5/6 spelling words:

desperate, determined, thorough, according, physical, necessary, achieve, individual, profession, persuade, aggressive, frequently.

A 'Wonder'ful  End Of Term

Fri 5th April 2019

A full but fun week in Kestrel class to end the term. We completed our learning on 'The Salvation' as part of our R.E this term and presented our thoughts as part of our Easter service at the church. We had reflected on the sacrifice that Jesus made and how this can inspire us to make sacrifices in our everyday life. We also thought deeply about Jesus' example of forgiveness. We discovered that forgiving others can not only make those people feel better but also can give us positive feelings of love and caring too.

In the words of Izzy:

"Forgiveness is a characteristic that can change anything. If you don't forgive, feelings such as sadness, guilt and heart break can destroy your life. Forgiveness is a gift to the heart. If you do forgive then your relationships with others can gain strength again and you can put differences aside. You can feel joy, happiness and have a heart filled with love"  

In maths, we completed our focus on area and perimeter by exploring how to calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms. In grammar, we learned about the perfect tenses! In science we completed an investigation into the changes that variations in string thickness and length can have on pitch.

We ended the week with a fantastic whole school talent show that was really a superb way to end our I believe topic. Many children showed that they had lots of self belief and courage as they took to the stage to show us their talents. A special well done to Bella and Harry who represented Kestrel class with some awesome breakdancing!! We were very proud of you!

The final 'Wonder'ful end to the week was an opportunity to watch the film Wonder which has been a superb accompaniment to our topic this term.

Have a lovely Easter everyone and I look forward to seeing you next term!


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A Reflective Kestrel Class

Fri 29th March 2019

Another packed week of learning in Kestrel class this week.


In literacy, we completed our discussion texts on the impact of plastics. We tried very hard not to show bias and represent both sides of the debate. However, I think we all really 'believe' that we can all still do more to save and protect our environment. This was a great piece of writing to include as part of our I believe topic; it really got us questioning what we would be prepared to sacrifice to protect the planet.

Sacrifice was again front and centre of our thoughts as we took part in the Easter experience in church on Monday afternoon. Kestrels reflected well as they considered various aspects of the Easter story. Our pictures this week show the various activities that we undertook with the Reverend Paula and all the kind volunteers at St. Bartholomews. We also spent time during R.E. this week thinking about what we could sacrifice at this time and the impact it would have. We realised that it doesn't always have to be a material itm and some of us thought about sacrificing some of our time to help and support others!

In maths we immersed ourselves in area and perimeter of compound shapes. We were calculating missing dimensions and applying our knowledge to reasoning problems. In addition, we tested our knowledge of 2d shapes and also investigated the properties of 3d shape. We even created our own 3d shapes - some of us even conquering a dodecahedron!

As we approach SATs, we are getting to grips with some of the more complicated aspects of grammar.  Progressive tenses were again the focus this week and hopefully we are now feeling a little more confident in this area. 

The year ended the week on a high with our year 5's performing in a ukulele concert and our year 6's celebrating having done really well in their latest reading assessment! 

Star of the Week: This week we celebrated with Harry. Harry is quite an inspiration to us all as he always brings his 'A' game to the classroom. Harry is always working hard, answering and asking questions and pushing himself to improve and grow. Moreover,  Harry is also a fantastic team player. Who could ask for more!! Well done Harry! 


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Building Capacity in Kestrels

Fri 22nd March 2019

Another busy week for Kestrels class as we continued to develop our understanding of measure. This time in maths, we were solving capacity problems and converting litres and millilitres. We also started to explore area and perimeter and investigated how rectangles can have the same area but differing perimeters. We are moving into the geometry part of the maths curriculum and your child has been given some information on the properties of 2d shapes to learn at home. Please support your child in revising this key information, in order that we can move onto applying this knowledge in school.  

In literacy, we wrote both sides of our balanced arguments. We worked hard to include powerful conjunctions and vocabulary as well as a variety of sentence structures. We look forward to concluding this genre of writing next week.

In science, we concluded our sound experiment focused on pitch and in R.E. we shared our knowledge of Sikhism with the rest of the school as part of the faith assembly. We also started to deepen our understanding of the events within the Easter story. We examined the different ways in which Christians celebrate this time and we designed our own ways to reflect on this time. Some of us wrote hymns while some of us designed different ceremonies.

Year 6 booster groups have been progressing well and I would like to commend all the children for their focus and enthusiasm during these sessions!

Star of the Week: We celebrated with Charlie B this week. Charlie has been working incredibly hard in all subjects this year but we celebrated his achievements in maths this week. Charlie has grown in confidence and smashed this weeks assessments! Well done Charlie you are a star!! 


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Measure For Measure! 

Fri 15th March 2019

We dived into the world of measurement this week in maths. We were converting and solving problems with length and mass using both metric and imperial units of measure.

In literacy, we started to write our discussion texts. We planned our texts using our class research and then learned how to write a great introductory paragraph. We applied skills such as rhetorical questions and emotional language to our writing.

In science, we finessed our musical talents as we completed yet another sound experiment; this time we focused on pitch. In Topic, we have been learning all about Fairtrade and even made and sampled our own Fairtrade lemonade.  Eating and drinking were on the agenda with R.E. this week as well as we recreated a Sikh Langar. We all worked together to prepare, enjoy and clear up our meal; truly embracing the sikh value of equality.

Kestrel Star of the week: We celebrated with Erin this week as she really helped us in our maths work! Erin showed great skill in applying her knowledge of measurements in order to solve some trickier conversions! Well done Erin! You are growing in confidence and we are very proud of you.   


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A Balanced Week in Kestrels 

Fri 8th March 2019

This week in Kestrel class, we continued learning about balanced arguments. We learned how to develop arguments for both sides of a debate by considering the positive, negative and interesting aspects of contentious issues! We also conducted some research into the impact of plastics on our environment to use as part of our own discussion text.

In maths, we focused on percentages. We applied percentages to a range of real life multi - step problems such as service charges in restaurants, sale discounts in shops and even banking decisions relating to preferential rates of interest!!

In R.E. we worked on asking some big questions of God. Questions such as “How do you feel about people damaging your world?” “ Why do you allow illnesses, such as cancer, to destroy the people you say you love?” show just how deeply we were thinking this week.

Thursday brought some more deep thinking with a fantastic World Book Day! We spent the morning looking at the meaning of the precepts in our class novel ‘Wonder.’ We then got stuck into a performance poem - Strict by Michael Rosen! We loved learning and performing this poem. I think our version even gave Mr Rosen a run for his money! We also loved reading with our Wren buddies!

Star of the week: We celebrated with Izzy P today! Izzy is so focused and determined that she impresses us every week with her attitude towards her learning. Go Izzy you are a super star!!

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A Great Start! 

Fri 1st March 2019

Kestrels got straight back into the swing of things with another busy week!

We welcomed two new faces to the team this week. It was welcome back to Seb, from Pacesetters, who is going to be taking our outdoor P.E. lessons this term. During our new outdoor P.E. slot of Tuesday, Kestrels were introduced to the sport of handball. We also welcomed Mrs Shadforth, who will be taking Kestrels for science this term. 

In literacy, we started our new genre of writing balanced arguments. We explored the features of this text and explored the language of bias and fact. In maths, we started the week by looking at equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages before moving onto to calculating percentages of amounts. Our grammar focus was apostrophes of possession.

As part of our topic we studied several artists and learnt how they used colour to represent emotions. We then created abstract representations of emotion using what we believed were the most meanngful shapes, patterns and colour. In science we continued to learn about sound. This week we planned and conducted an investigation on how to insulate against sound. We discovered that different materials can reduce the size of sound wavesand thus reduce the volume of sound.

Friday saw us all embark on new university challenges. A special mention must go to Ethan who is lready applying his newly learnt DT skills to making another project as well as mending his own coat!! Great to see your new life skills being put to such good use!!

Star of the week: We celebrated with Ocean this week, who blew me away with his mental dexterity when finding percentages of amounts. Great maths this week Ocean - keep it up!  









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A Testing Last Week! 

Fri 15th February 2019

Kestrels completed a successful last week of term with a whole host of challenges!

We were really pleased with ourselves during assessment week. In our grammar assessment we had all shown excellent progress since our last review. We also completed three maths papers and yet again, we had all shown progress in key areas which boosted our confidence! I was really proud of the way in which we all encouraged and supported each other, wherever we were on our learning journey! A really impressive show of team spirit Kestrels- well done!

In literacy, we completed our "Highwayman" narratives and published them ready for display! As part of our topic this week,  we focused on the area of self belief. We thought carefully about what positive things we could draw upon to help us feel better about ourselves and boost our self esteem. These were fitting discussions to be having as we discussed as a whole school the importance of taking care of our mental health.

 We also continued to develop our ICT skills as we worked on our moving narrative stories using scratch! We finished this terms P.E. focus on circuit training with many of us having improved our stamina over the 6 week period. Lots of us established new personal bests against each of the physical challenges and again our team spirit showed through as we encouraged each other through some tricky tasks!



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Kestrels Visit A Gurdwara! 

Fri 8th February 2019


The week started well for Kestrel class, with a fantastic visit to the largest Gurdwara in Milton Keynes. This visit linked to our topic of I believe and the specific religious focus of Sikhism. Kestrels thoroughly enjoyed learning more about sikhism as well as understanding some of the rituals and customs that are observed at the Gurdwara. We were all made to feel very welcome and even played some traditional sikh instruments. Take a look at the photos to see our visit in detail.

As it was safer internet day on Tuesday, we spent the afternoon looking at the area of permission and consent. We learned about the responsibilities of organisations to seek permission before they use your personal data and the importance of not clicking 'I accept' for anything that we don't understand. We also discussed our responsibilities on line. We learned that we should also ask for permission before we other people's personal data. We also worked through some scenarios where we could compromise so that everybody feels comfortable with what is shared on line.

In maths, we moved onto finding fraction of amounts and enjoyed another week of making progress in our calculation assesments. We have been working really hard over the last few weeks in guided reading. Our focus has been on inferring meaning and justifying our answers with evidence from the text.  We finally took a reading assessment to see whether all of our hard work had paid off! We absolutely smashed it! Our scores had increased significantly! Well done Kestrels!

We enjoyed our visit from the paralympian footballer, Alistair Patrick-Heselton. His self belief and enthusiasm inspired us and we shall delve iinto how we can improve our self belief next week.







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Fractions, Sound and Snow in Kestrels! 

Fri 1st February 2019

In maths, we have continued to learn more about fractions. This week we investigated addition of fractions by trying to build monsters that added up to a specific total. We then moved on to multiplying fractions. Most of us were then able to see some improvements in our calculation scores this week.

In literacy, our narrative of "The Highwayman" continued. we have written our build up and we have set the scene for disaster to strike the main characters. Our grammar lessons have focused on the passive voice this week. We were learning how to identify passive sentences and then how to change an active sentence into a passive one. In guided reading we have continued to work on our inference skills ready for a mid term assessment next week!

We planned our own investigations in science this week. We were exploring the relationship between distance and volume of sound. We also compared how sound travels through air and through solids using string telephones. 

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Working Hard in kestrels! 

Fri 25th January 2019

We've had another week of hard work and focus in Kestrel class!

In literacy, we have started to write our narrative stories. We focused on trying to include a range of different sentence structures to ensure that our writing remains interesting for our readers!

In guided reading, we have immersed ourselves in our class novel "Wonder" by R.F. Palacio. We have been working on using evidence from the text to support our answers, particularly when applying our inference skills.

In maths, we have been learning all about equivalent fractions. We have been scaling up and simplifying fractions aswell as identifying fractions of shapes by using equivalence. We have also started to look at adding and subtracting fractions.

In science, we explored how sound travels through different materials and developed our ability to explain our scientifc understanding.

As part of our topic, we identified the key religious beliefs across the world, as well as  considering what people believe when they do not have faith in a god. We learned the terms atheist and agnostic and started to think about how people without a traditional faith may choose to lead their lives. We reflected on the 15 most commonly shared beliefs across all religions and decided whether these were things that we also believed.

We are getting super fit in Kestrel class this term as our P.E. focus is circuit training and running. We have been setting ourselves personal targets and charting our progress across a range of challenges.

Star of the week: We celebrated with Ethan this week who has developed his focus, perseverance and determination to succeed. Ethan is pushing himself to make sure he really understands the tricky learning that we are undertaking at the moment and is often putting in extra time to ensure that he completes extra work to secure his understanding. Well done Ethan! Keep going!

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Fun with Fractions! 

Fri 18th January 2019

 We've had a packed week of learning this week in Kestrel class!

In maths, we have dived into the world of fractions. We have been comparing and ordering fractions using our generalising and reasoning skills. We have also learned how to use common denominators in order to further compare fractions.

In literacy, we have been studying the ballad poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes. We unpicked the narrative story of the ballad and have started to plan our own narratives, writing from the perspective of different characters.

We launched into our new topic by exploring what is meant by 'a belief'. We debated the difference between a fact and a belief and started to consider what our beliefs might be.

In ICT we started on our journey to create animated stories using 'scratch.' We focused on creating a background scene and making our characters within it. We also applied our critical thinking skills when selecting websites to use for research. We decided that official websites would be a good source of information as they were more likely to contain facts.  

In French, we learned some new vocabulary - the parts of the body! We then had to label each other correctly!!

Well done to our dodgeball team who competed on Friday and came 2nd in the competition!

Star of the week: We celebrated with Sam this week. Sam is just an incredible learner in our class. He is focused, determined and inquisitive. He also has the best team spirit and collaborates well with all his peers so that they too can progress in their learning. We are so lucky to have you in our class Sam - Thank you for being an amazing star this week and every week!!

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A great start to the new year! 

Fri 11th January 2019

We had a great first week back in kestrel class. To launch our topic of ‘ I Believe ‘ we had an immersion day on Monday. We started the day considering what we believe about different subjects. We then had to believe in our team mates as we learned to play goal ball - a sport for the visually impaired. Finally, we designed outfits that reflected our personality!

In literacy, we started to look at our new writing genre - narrative texts. We looked at the structural and grammatical features that make a good adventure story.

In maths, we immersed ourselves in the properties of number. We learned to find common multiples and factors. We then applied our knowledge to reasoning challenges using other number properties such as prime and square numbers.

In R.E. We started to learn about the religion of Sikhism. We learned what Sikhs believe and discovered some of the features of their worship.

Our science topic this term is sound. We investigated how sounds are formed from vibrations by looking at the effect of vibrations on different materials - drum skins, water, plastic and elastic.

We ended the week with our first GreensNorton university sessions! We enjoyed either dynamic dance, dazzling deutsche, forest favourites, or funky furnishings!

Star of the week: we celebrated with Jack today! Jack is a great member of Kestrel Class. He is hardworking, kind and helpful. He is also a fantastic support to all of us out on the playground in his role as sports leader! Well done Jack- what a star you are!!


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A wonderful variety of learning! 

Fri 14th December 2018

No two weeks are ever the same in Kestrel class and this week was no exception!

In literacy, we immersed ourselves in the world of poetry. We considered the effect of figurative language on the reader, analysed the figurative language used within the poem "The Dream Catcher" by Pie Corbett and finally planned and started to write our own versions of a dream catcher inspired poem. 

In maths we continued with division. This week, the focus was on expressing remainders in a variety of ways. Some of us were expressing remainders as fractions as well as decimal numbers. We ended the week applying our knowledge to some interesting reasoning challenges. We had some excellent discussions trying to convince each other that we had found all possible solutions to some tricky problems!

On Tuesday, we were extremely lucky to be visited by Mrs Hall for a science lesson. We learned all about the Victorian invention of Pepper's ghost! We had great fun applying our knowledge of light and reflection to create our own optical illusions.

In R.E, we reflected - amongst other things - on the question of whether christians believe that the true meaning of Christmas is lost in the Tinsel, Turkey and TV! We talked about the importance of being thankful and giving at this time of year.

The very next day, some of us had the opportunity to give something back to our local community. We headed off to Duncote Hall to sing some christmas carols to the residents. Well done to all the children who sang. We put a smile on all the residents faces and they really enjoyed listening to, and joining in with, all the carols.

We ended the week with our delicious christmas lunch! A big thankyou to Di and her team. We thought it was fab-u-lous!

Star of the Week: This week we celebrated with Rhys! Rhys has been working incredibly hard on his writing this term and is consistently producing some excellent pieces. He is also proving invaluable as a member of the e cadets!! Well done Rhys!



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Carols, Fairs and Assessments! 

Fri 7th December 2018

Yet another strange mix of christmas preparations and academic focus this week!

We finally completed all of this term's assessments. The children have been assessed on reading, grammar and mathematics and they will have their results shared with them next week. Well done everyone for working hard!

Tuesday was a  highlight of the week as most of Kestrel class attended the cluster carol event held at Towcester Church. The children have been working hard over the last few weeks perfecting their songs and perfomed beautifully at the concert on Tuesday evening. Special mention to Erin and Archie who represented us in special singing and reading parts. You both did brilliantly!

We were quite industrious on Wednesday afternoon as we created our contribution to the christmas fair - sock snowmen! We were very pleased that they all sold out at Friday evenings christmas fair!

On Friday morning we immersed ourselves in our geography topic and learned how to use climate zones to describe the weather in various countries in south America. In the afternoon, we created our christmas cards for our french pen pals to wish them a "Joyeux Noel!"  

Star of the week: This week we took some time to celebrate with Evie. Evie has made a real step change in her determination to learn and answer questions! Well done Evie! Keep going, it is really making a difference! 



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A Marvellous Week! 

Fri 30th November 2018

We started the week with this term's marvellous middle!

The whole of KS2 immersed themselves in the world of Michael Morpurgo's novel Kensuke's Kingdom on Monday. We completed a range of activities including recreating Kensuke's island in pastels using the setting description from the novel. We then used our co-ordinate skills to plot and locate  some of the geographical features of the island. Some of us were even plotting in four quadrants using negative numbers! We also completed a message in a bottle to help Michael get rescued from the island. We decided that our letter would have been more successful than the one in the book, as we used physical geography clues to help passing ships recognise our island. Finally, under the careful watch of Mrs Barnett, we learned how to build and light a fire. We found out that a great deal of perseverance was needed! However, we all succeeded! We even managed to display some of our work in the hall.

We have completed some assessments this week and there will be some more next week too. However in literacy we completed our persuasive letters and in maths we have moved onto division. We used manipulatives to help us visualise the concept of grouping as well as learn some division vocabulary such as quotient ,dividend and divisor.

In geopgraphy, we moved away from Europe (not Brexit!) and started to explore the continents of North and South America. We studied their climates and identified the significant variety of climates due to the vast size of the Americas.

We have also been rehearsing for the forthcoming cluster carol service. Singing in two part harmony as well as german takes some practice!!

Star of the week: Well done goes to Bella this week. Bella is always a star in Kestrel class. However, this week she really excelled during our marvellous middle day as she completed all of the activities to an extremely high standard! Well done Bella.

Our spellings this week focus on silent letters 

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Busy Busy Busy! 

Fri 23rd November 2018

We had another busy week in Kestrel class this week. In Literacy, we have started to write our persuasive letters in the role of Michael from Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have really captured Michael's plight and I think Kensuke will have no choice but to help!!!! 

In maths we have continued to develop our multiplication skills. We ended the week with the whole class completing a wide range of reasoning challenges. We were focusing on how we can improve our reasoning by asking ourselves key questions such as; what do you notice?, what is the same? and what is different?

On Wednesday, the year 6’s attended a young citizens day. They learned about a range of things that will help them to become wiser and better citizens. The workshops included sessions on: being critical thinkers when on line; safety on the road; solvent abuse; Hate crime; fire safety and how and where to get help and support.

In geography this week we compared and contrasted locations within Scandinavia and the UK, while in R.E. we reflected on actions that Buddhists would believe bring us good or bad karma!

The sports leaders were excellent citizens within the school community this week as they supported the whole school to use the running track during play times and lunch times. They all prooved themselves to be kind, caring and responsible! Keep it up guys; everyone is noticing and appreciating your help!

We finished our week with rehearsals for the forthcoming Cluster Carol Concert and a competitive game of Kibana to develop our tag rugby skills.

Star of the Week: Kestrel star this week is Lucy. Lucy is working incredibly hard with her writing and has produced some excellent persuasive texts. Keep going Lucy! You are making excellent progress.

This weeks spellings are again focused on homophones. Words that sound the same but have different spellings and different meanings.


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A Packed Week of Learning ! 

Fri 16th November 2018

We have had another action packed week in Kestrel class.

In literacy, we have been immersing ourselves in the skills required to write persuasive letters. We have been analysing a model letter written by Frankenstein's monster. Using this model, we have produced parts of our own letter focusing on persuasive, emotional and exaggerated  language as well as effective sentence structures.

In maths, we have continued to develop our skills in using formal methods of multiplication. Some of us have moved onto long multiplication including reasoning and problem solving. We also completed a maths investigation using our multiplication skills.

For our geography lesson this week we investigated the human geography of Scandinavia. We analysed the similarities and differences between the three countries.

As part of anti-bullying week, we considered the theme of respect. We thought about how we could show respect to our peers. We also looked at a speech by Michelle Obama to help us think about ways to respond when people are disrespectful towards us.

We took part in lots of sporting activities this week both during and after school - well done to all the Kestrels who took part in the football and athletics competitions. We are very proud of you!

Star of the week: We celebrated with Issie this week. As well as being just an amazing member of the class, Issie has been working really hard in literacy and produced some excellent persuasive writing this week! Keep going Issie!

Over and Above: A big thank you to Amelia who is always so kind and helpful. 

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A Week to Remember ! 

Fri 9th November 2018

In literacy this week we have moved onto our new genre of persuasive writing. We have identified the features of persuasive writing and we have started to use persuasive sentence openers. Our grammar focus this week was adverbial phrases. We learned that adverbials can be words, phrases and or clauses.

In Maths this week, we continued to reason and problem solve with addition and subtraction before moving on to look at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

In topic we explored Norway in more detail and wrote post cards home using our knowledge of the physical geography of this country.

We were excited to be the first class to use our new running track this week. We have now used it several times for "brain breaks" and we are looking forward to being able to use it more regularly during free play.

On Tuesday, our year 6's went to Sponne for a science lesson. They learned how to use a bunsen burner and how to investigate the energy contained within food! Everyone enjoyed their lesson and hopefully will be starting to feel positive about their transition next year.

All of us enjoyed our two visitors this week. Anthea from the dog’s trust taught us a lot about why dogs are abandoned and what we should think about before buying a dog.

The Royal British Legion lead us in a wonderful remembrance service to mark this significant anniversary. Well done to Charlie B and Adanyah for reading the school's remembrance prayer so well.

Star of the week: We finally celebrated with Charlie this week! Charlie has just been an amazing asset to the class with his determination and enthusiasm for his learning!

We also celebrated with Alice this week. Alice has started to thrive since she started in year 6. She has become incredibly focused and is making excellent progress in all areas of her learning.

 Over and Above: A  big thank you to Sam this week for helping Charlie with everything that you need two arms for! Sam has been such a kind and caring friend!

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A Full First Week Back! 

Fri 2nd November 2018

We enjoyed a busy first week back after our half term holiday.

In literacy, we have been developing our understanding of descriptive writing. We have explored the impact of powerful adjectives and verbs. We have also used figurative language to further enhance our writing. We have practised writing some setting descriptions and we have started to write our final description using a World War 1 battle scene as our inspiration. This will help us understand a little of what life was like 100 years ago in the war.

In maths, we have been focusing on subtraction. We have revisited formal methods of subtraction for whole and decimal numbers. We have solved multi step problems involving both addition and subtraction and we have completed lots of reasoning activities.

In Geography this week, we started to look in detail at the climate of the Scandinavian countries. We compared and contrasted climates using our geographical knowledge of climate zones and then used this climate data to create line graphs.

In PSHE, we explored the importance of developing meaningful relationships with others. We thought about the people that we are close to and discussed how we might develop these relationships.

Star of the Week: This week we had to postpone our celebrations with Charlie R due to a poorly arm. We will celebrate next week instead!




Another Great Week For Kestrel Class! 

Fri 19th October 2018

We ended the term with another week of hard work!

In literacy, we completed a cold write for our next writing genre - setting descriptions. We also continued to deepen our knowledge of pronouns. We learned how they (the pronouns!) can sometimes be ambiguous, if we are not very careful!

In maths, we reviewed our understanding of place value, before moving onto deepening our knowledge of formal methods of calculation for addition. We have reasoned and solved problems with whole and decimal numbers and we have all been ensuring that we push ourselves to complete as many challenges as we can, so that we learn as much as possible!

In topic this week, we have moved on to explore the continent of Europe! We learned about all the different continents, before exploring the countries in Europe. We used atlases to help locate those countries that have the Euro as their currency. We then narrowed down our focus to Scandinavia. We looked at pictures to start to understand what it might be like in Scandinavia and used our geographical language to describe the landscape.

In PSHE, we reflected on keeping ourselves safe. We wrote diary entries about different scenarios where we could be unsafe. We described the potential dangers, how we felt about the danger (Our early warning signs) and most importantly what we did to keep ourselves safe!

Star of the Week: Everyone! We have been focusing this term on being ready for learning. This week every single member of the class got their name on our recognition board for being ready for learning - Twice!!!!! Well done Kestrels, I am very proud of you! 

Have a very happy and safe half term!




Recording Artists, Cyclists and Illusionists! 

Fri 12th October 2018

Another varied week this week in Kestrel class.
In literacy, we have completed our reports on U.K. cities. We published our writing, focusing on using joined writing with appropriately sized lettering. Now they not only read well, but they look great too!

In maths, we all moved onto completing calculations with negative and positive numbers. We used a number line and practical equipment to help us.

On Wednesday, We recorded, along with the rest of the school, our Pop UK album and enjoyed performing at the church. What a great experience; one we shall not forget for some time!

In science, we have continued to learn how we see light, by exploring how light can be reflected. We also looked at optical illusions and learned how pattern, colour and light can affect our perception of how we see things. We then created our own optical illusion by drawing 3D hands.

Our year 5's have had busy afternoons this week completing their bikability course! They have learned a significant amount about road safety and have improved their competence in this area - well done guys!

Star of the week: This week we celebrated Conner's fantastic writing. Conner has worked so hard over the last few weeks to develop his writing and he has completed an excellent report. Well done Conner; we are very proud of you.

Pop Swagger! 

Fri 5th October 2018

What a week we've had this week! We all tried our hand at becoming pop stars as we worked with Claire from Pop UK to learn seven songs that we will perform at two pop concerts, as well as recording on our own cd! Kestrel class got into the groove big time and we sang our hearts out as we honed our performance moves! We can't wait for next week when we will showcase our hard work!

In literacy this week, we have continued to write our reports on a UK city of our choice. We have focused on editing and improving our writing in order that it includes a range of sentence structures  as well as descriptive factual language. Our grammar focus this week was word classes. We revised all the key word classes and then worked in pairs to sort a range of words into their correct class!

It got chilly in our maths lessons this week as we immersed ourselves in negative numbers. We've ordered, found the difference between and solved a range of problems involving negative and positive numbers.

In science, we investigated how we see light. We learned about the parts of the eye and their function and how we see because light enters our eyes.

Our week ended with our indoor P.E. session. We worked on our cooperation skills by working in small teams to devise a throwing and catching pattern whilst simultaneously passing an "orbit" ball between each individual group!! We beat our previous record and managed to circulate the orbit ball multiple times! We ended our session with a game of throw tennis!


Rounding, Counties and Harvest! 

Fri 28th September 2018

 This week in maths, Kestrel class went rounding mad! We learnt how to round to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000. Then as if that wasn't enough we learnt how to round decimal numbers too!! By the end of the week we were using mathematical language to explain our rounding decisions and we were reasoning with this skill too. Well done Kestrels!

In topic this week we discovered lots about counties in the UK. We discovered that each county had their own council, responsible for such things as education, sanitation and emergency services.

We ended our week by attending the Harvest Festival. Our contribution to the service was an adaptation of the tale of the "Stone Soup." The drama that we created was focused on the power of sharing. A fitting theme for harvest time We were proud of our production and received lots of positive comments about our performance - thank you!

A Great Week of Learning! 

Fri 21st September 2018

This busy week has flown past with lots of excellent learning for Kestrel class.

In literacy, we developed our sentence writing skills as we wrote model introductions and paragraphs for a non-chronological report. We also researched a range of cities within the UK in readiness for our "hot write" report!

In Maths we have been comparing the values of whole and decimal numbers. We have ordered numbers using numberlines and using practical equipment to help us visualise the relative size of ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

We had our first visit to the library this term and we enjoyed spending a few moments on Wednesday afternoon immersed in our novels!

Our outdoor P.E. focus this term is Hockey and we braved the blustery weather to practise our push passes!

In science we finished our shadow experiment by focusing on how to explain our results with a scientific conclusion.

Star of the Week: Congratulations to Molly, who is working so hard in all of her lessons, even when she finds things tricky. Molly really is a star in our class!

Over and above: Well done to Charlie for helping all of the younger children in our school during lunchtimes.

A Testing Week for Kestrels!

Fri 14th September 2018

Things picked up a pace in Kestrel class this week, as we completed our first assessments of the year! A tough start! However, this will help us to understand what skills and knowledge we need to learn over the coming year!

In our "normal" lessons we started to explore number in maths. We looked at different representations of millions numbers and we started to solve problems using our knowledge of place value. We completed an investigation into different ways to partition numbers and we spotted patterns when numbers are 10 x , 100 x, or even 1000x bigger or smaller than each other!


In Literacy we started to learn the features of report writing and we explored different sentence structures. We used these different structures to create factual sentences about the UK. 

In Topic we researched facts about the UK and designed posters to reflect our learning. In science, we started our unit of work on seeing light. We learned about sources of lights and we designed an investigation into how shadows are formed.

Spellings: This weeks spellings are based on words ending in the "shus" sound written either cious or tious. One helpful rule to help your child learn this pattern is - if the word can also end in tion then use tious eg. caution becomes cautious.

Star of the Week: This week we celebrated Callum's great start to year 6. Callum is always working hard and pushing himself to achieve his best - you are a star Callum, well done!

Over and Above: Bella went over and above this week as she even spent her break time solving maths challenges!! Great attitude Bella!

Stunning Start for Kestrels!

Fri 7th September 2018

Welcome to the first blog of a new term! We have had a truly stunning first week back after the holidays! It has been lovely to see some familiar faces but equally fab to welcome new faces to our class and our school!

We launched our new topic "Earth Explorers" by looking at maps. We learned about the symbols used on ordnance survey maps and then used these to create some ordnance survey maps of the school grounds.  As we will be exploring some key cities in Europe and the Americas, we also applied our art skills to paint some fabulous cityscapes - pictured below!

We got to grips with some literacy this week and completed our first cold write of the term. We will start to look at report writing over the next few weeks. We started our mornings with some maths challenges to get us ready for our full maths timetable next week!

Over and Above: Well done to Adanyah who was our first over and above nominee this year! You made us very proud!