"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Herons 2020-2021     Miss Snook, Mrs Chambers & Mrs Brennan-McCord

Back online! Friday 16th July 2021

The Herons class have shown their resilience this week and a huge thank you to all of you who joined online today :) 

This week we have looked at tsunamis and the impacts they can cause to humans. We used this to help us plan and write some disaster stories. We have finished the year 3 Maths curriculum and ended this week by looking at temperature. 

We also spent some time in Music looking at the band 'Sister Sledge' the class really enjoyed 'we are family' as well as 'he's the greatest dancer' perhaps you could put these on at home!

Well done to Georgia, who is our star of the week this week for being supportive and kind. 

Spellings are (the children will be tested online) Geography vocabulary 

Earthquake! Friday 9th July 2021

The children have started to look at the physical geography this week. Once we had found out what an Earthquake is we made our own cities over a fault line and created vibrations. The more vibrations the Earthquake created, the more of our city got destroyed! 

We also used the Earthquake theme to write the first of a disaster story! Our main character lives in San Francisco and is out skateboarding with her friend on the Golden Gate bridge when suddenly....

In Maths we are now looking at capacity and measuring. We also enjoyed Science this week - testing magnetic and non - magnetic materials. PE in the sun; Tennis with Beth and Kick rounders to end the week on a Friday afternoon! Hopefully, the sport does well at the weekend too!!!!!!

Our star of the week is Lydia - Lydia has made so much progress and is always so polite, respectful and kind.             Spellings - word families

Running out of time! Friday 2nd July 2021

 I can't believe we only have 2 and a half weeks left! It has gone so quickly! 

In Maths we finished off looking at time, measuring things in seconds, converting time as well as solving problems. We have now moved on to measuring mass. 

In Literacy, we are using 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balit to help us recap some skills for some story writing. We also loved looking at magnets in Science this week as well as painting our volcanoes with Mrs Shadforth! The children now know the 3 types of volcano (cinder cone/composite/shield) so hopefully their artwork resembles one of them :) 

Well done to Hollie, who is our star of the week this week! She has really worked on on reading things carefully rather than rushing. Well done. 

Spellings - prefixes 

Sports Day Fun! Friday 25th June 2021

It felt a lot more normal this week as we got to compete in a KS2 sports morning! The children completed a variety of activities, cheered each other on and some ran races - they even got an ice lolly! Winners to be announced on Monday....

This was a lovely treat after the assessments the children did this week. We also researched, planned and wrote a non - chronological report all about an animal of our choice.  We spent the afternoons looking at '2Graph' on Purple mash and planning our own investigations/graphs.

A busy week :) 

Spellings - Science vocabulary. 

Locating Volcanoes! Friday 18th June 2021

This week in Geography, the children were looking at the differences between the location of 3 volcanoes: Mauna Loa, Vesuvius and Fagradalsfjall (in Iceland!). Before we could compare them, we had to find them! We used google maps on the Ipads to help us. 

In Maths, we have been continuing with time and looking at digital and analogue clocks to find a.m and p.m as well as the 24hr clock. The children have really enjoyed Literacy this week and have been innovating non - chronological reports all about elephants. We also investigated friction in science; testing different surfaces and the distance travelled. 

A highlight this week was going into the hall for assembly! We celebrated with Isla this week, who is our star of the week for her great effort, care and improvement on presentation. 

Spellings: common misconceptions of similar words (their/there/they're) 

A joyful week of June! Friday 11th June 2021

I have been really impressed with how the children have come back after half term! We are ready to learn and enjoying the new Geography topic - wicked weather!  

In Maths, we are looking at time and the children have made their own clocks to help them practise telling the time to the quarter of the hour and to the nearest 5 minutes. In Literacy, we are looking at non - chronological reports and the children have identified the features they will need to use in theirs. 

During Geography, we looked at the physical structure of volcanoes and well as different types! We loved looking at forces in Sciences, experimenting with clay in Art and have been lucky enough to have Beth help us with tennis in PE! 

Well done to our star of the week, Gabriel, who has been very polite, working hard and sensible! 
Spellings - Geography vocab (tricky!!!) 

Pizza Time! Friday 28th May 2021

We have had such an exciting week! 

On Tuesday, It was so lovely to be able to get out of school and visit the Towcester museum to learn more about the Romans! The children loved the 'health and hygiene' session and dressing up as a Gladiator. 

On Thursday, we tested, designed, tasted and evaluated pitta bread pizzas! The children were able to grate and chop ingredients but I think their favourite part was the eating...

Well done to Freya, who is our star this week. Freya represented the school brilliantly on Tuesday and I am really proud of the work she has put in this term. 

Spellings 'ally'

Happy half term! 

Roman Communications! Friday 21st May 2021

In our History lessons this week the children learnt all about the way in which Romans communicated. We looked at their alphabet and how it was different to ours today and to the Celts in Britain at the time of the Roman invasion. The children really enjoyed looking at the Roman number system and asking historical questions all about Roman Numerals! 

 In Literacy we have been innovating a class newspaper report about the three little pigs and in Maths we have finished looked at Geometry; as well as ordering and comparing fractions. 

 It was our last cricket session and tri golf this week :( However, we ended with a Tri Golf house competition. 

Well done to Tom, who is our star this week! Tom's handwriting, confidence and work ethic is really improving and we are so pleased!   Spellings - Topic Vocab

Equivalent Fractions! Friday 14th May 2021

We have spent lots of time in Maths look at equivalent fractions this week. The children used resources and their multiplication facts to make connections between 2 or more fractions. 

 In Literacy, we have started at looked at newspaper reports! The children really enjoyed finding examples of alliteration. They made posters in Topic and RE this week and enjoyed PE sessions from Summer and Pacesetters.

The children also enjoyed identifying talents for themselves and their friends in PSHE :) 

Well done to Georgia, our star of the week this week! Georgia has worked hard to ensure her writing is cohesive. 

Spellings this week - gh 

A jam packed week! Friday 7th May 2021

 Although the children have only had a 4 day week, we have still got huge amounts of learning completed! 

We started off by looking at fractions as decimals in Maths e.g. 0.1 is one tenth, put these on a numberline and started to find fractions of amounts. During Science the children made a whizzer wheel to investigate UV rays coming from the sun. It has been a soggy few days but we managed to get some golf practice in and the rain just held off for us in cricket! We finished off the week by writing our problem stories! 

Well done to Miller, who is star of the week this week. Miller has worked really hard on setting a good example to the rest of the class. 

Spellings for Monday - suffix 'ly' 

Roman Formations! Friday 30th April 2021

 As part of our History topic, the children had to attend Roman Soldier Training! We learnt what is was like to be a Roman Soldier and the formations they had to quickly arrange themselves in on the battlefield! 

We enjoyed lots of great PE this week; Tri golf using iron clubs, cricket with Summer and we completed our daily mile along with lots of other schools in England. 

As part of our Literacy sequence, the children innovated their own problems using our book 'The Witches' and we begun learning all about tenths in Maths. We also tested different surfaces in Science to see if they were reflective or not. 

A huge well done to Isla P, who received star of the week this week! She has shown great manners, has been working hard and her behaviour is super!                   Enjoy the bank holiday :) 

Spellings - homophones 

Branching Databases and Simulations! Friday 23rd April 2021

 In Maths this week, we have continued our work on fractions making sure we know the difference between a unit fraction and a non unit fraction by showing different representations for each. We have also loved Literacy this week and have used 'The Witches' to help us practise some grammar skills that we will include in our problem stories. 

Most afternoons, we learnt all about branching databases on Purple Mash. The children really enjoyed completing other databases and designing and creating their own. We also got time to look at some simulations and pretended to be an astronaut trainee. 

On Thursdays, Summer from Chance to Shine Cricket delivered our first cricket session! The children really enjoyed the throwing and catching games and are looking forward to batting skills next week!

Well done to Archie, who received star of the week this week. Archie has shown he cares about his learning by working hard and following our school rules. 

Spellings - Science Vocabulary 

Sources of Light! Friday 16th April 2021

 In Literacy we have been looking at a text about a lighthouse to help us with our writing! We have become familiar with lots of new vocabulary and written cohesive paragraphs using 'state it, sustain it, sustain it' to help us. 

During Maths, we have begun looking at fractions; halves, quarters and thirds! We have also recapped the column addition method so that the children begin to use it more to help them, 

 In PE we have LOVED tri - golf! The children are enjoying something different, scoring points and encouraging one another. Light is also our Science focus this term and Herons were really good at classifying sources of light - I think they will enjoy this topic!

Well done to Arthur - our star this week! Arthur has been so focused and is caring about his learning! 

Spellings - Suffix OUS 

Please Mrs Chambers Friday 26th March 2021

 The children have really enjoyed exploring texts by 'Allan Ahlberg' as part of our literacy learning this week. We re-wrote one of his poems 'Please Mrs Butler' using a different teacher or adult. Some of them were very funny, which was great after our Maths and reading assessments. 

 We also spent time with Mrs Shadforth creating our Roman pop up books this week. They were all about the Roman gods. As part of our Netball learning in PE, the children had to practise their shooting skills in either: a hoop, a net or the bin (a favourite). We also finished off our Science learning about skeletons by classifying them and completing a quick quiz, which everyone did really well on :) 

Our star of the week this week was Theo! Theo has been enjoying his learning so much and really working so hard - thank you!           Spellings this week: Silent Letters 

Happy Easter! 

A week of hard work! Friday 19th March 2021

 I have been really impressed with the children's hard work this week! We have been very busy!

Maths: We recapped some multiplication and division methods to help us move our learning on.
Literacy: Wow! We managed to learn skills, edit, plan and write our character and setting descriptions this week. The children loved using 'The Lost Thing' to help them. 
Topic: We researched more information about Roman Gods using the ipads and found out if we had a similar personality to Julius Caesar! 
PE: We enjoyed Kurling and Boccia this week with James, did lots of laps around the running track and had a look at the different positions in Netball. 
Other: We enjoyed practising lever and link skills and the Easter Story with Mrs Shadforth. As well as thinking about different types of skeletons in Science! 

Star of the week: Well done Adele! This week Adele has worked tremendously hard on all aspects of the curriculum and this is really paying off!     Spellings: Homophones


And.... we're back! Friday 12th March 2021

 It has been great to have all the children back this week - I hope they have all come home feeling positive and enjoyed time with their friends! 

We have spent some time looking at books all about Romans and shared lots of new facts with the class. The children also loved learning about the Roman Gods and we will be researching more about some of these next week. 

In Maths, we have measured and calculated perimeter of lots of different shapes; even some with missing sides! In Literacy, we practised writing cohesive paragraphs and adjectives in a range of ways using 'The Last Castaways' to help us. 

We enjoyed Netball outside for PE this week and had a go at the 4 types of passing! 

A special shout out to Logan, who is our star of the week this week! Logan came back with such a great attitude and I was very impressed with his handwriting.              Spellings - Science Vocab

Twelve Days Of Christmas! Thursday 17th December 2020

 Wow! I can't believe we have finished the Autumn term. 

This week was very festive, the children sang and performed their song. Thank you to everyone who came and watched us. 

We have been catching up on our Science learning and made some Christmas hats for the Christmas dinner (see photos!), 

Georgia was our star of the week this week for her great times table knowledge and writing. 

I have attached spellings (au/augh) but you will also find them on Microsoft Teams, which the children have had a little go on. 

Merry Christmas and see you in 2021. 

Christmas is in sight! Friday 11th December 2020

 This week, we have been very busy making our Christmas cards and decorations; some for home, some for the other classes and some for our French pen pals! The children (and adults!) were so busy we forgot to take pictures...

We also spent lots of time on Purple Mash learning about spreadsheets. The children created their own zoo, treasure map and times table machine using the new tools they has learnt about. 

Not to forget Maths and Literacy too; where we divided and multiplied by 3 and wrote our letters to Ike LaRue in obedience school. 

We celebrated with Luie this week, who received star of the week. Luie has been writing lots and putting so much effort into his school work! Well Done!           Spellings - gue endings

Multiplication, Division and Bronze! Friday 4th December 2020

In our Maths lessons we are focusing on multiplying and dividing. The children had some time to recap their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and on Friday we divided by 3 using our 3 times table to help us! 

In Literacy, the children have carried on looking a letters and focused on using questions to try and get Mrs LaRue to collect Ike from obedience school (please ask you child about this...). We also moved on to learning about the Bronze Age! We looked at books about Stonehenge and found out what the Beaker People brought to us. 

We are in the process of learning our 'Twelve Days of Christmas' song and I hope we are ready to show it in a couple of weeks time. 

Well done to Logan, who received star of the week this week, his progress in Reading so far is amazing!

Spellings g - gue 

Dear Mrs LaRue... Friday 27th November 2020

What a week! In Literacy and Guided Reading, the children have really loved using the book 'Dear Mrs LaRue' to help them learn. We have started learning the skills needed for letter writing and explained our answers in comprehension questions. 

In Maths, we have begun looking at multiplication and division and recapping what the 'x' means. We have started looking at the 3 times table so use rockstars to help you child remember these https://ttrockstars.com/ 

We also enjoyed a pacesetter PE lesson, drawing nets and looking at how Stone Age people gathered food. 

Congratulations Jake, our star of the week this week! Jake always works hard and tries his best in everything.      Spellings this week - soft C 

Cave Painting! Friday 20th November 2020

In our Topic, we learnt about how early Stone Age people communicated; as there was no official language the best form of communication they had left were cave paintings. We discussed how they were created and made our own for display. 

As part of our writing, we wrote up our diary entries as if we were 'Stone Age Boy' and in Maths we finished looking at addition and subtraction. As part of anti bullying week, we looked at our anti-bullying policy and discussed what we could do to show compassion towards children who might be being bullied. We also explored different 3D shapes and their nets; designing our own packaging as part of our DT learning. 

Our star of the week is Emma. Emma has become so confident in Maths and has mastered the column method for addition and subtraction. 

Spellings for this week: K sound spelt ch 

Cracking the Column Method! Friday 13th November 2020

This week, the children have worked so hard in Maths! They now really understand how the column method works and deciding when it is appropriate to use it when solving addition and subtraction calculations. 

In Literacy, the children used exclamation marks, conjunctions and informal language to enhance their diary writing. We are using the book 'Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura' to help us, which the children really enjoy! 

In other areas of the curriculum, we used a variety of sources to find out about Skara Brae, made our own contracts in RE and started to investigate packaging as part of our DT unit.  

Star of the week this week is Hollie! Hollie is always ready to learn and has worked incredibly hard in Maths showing lots of working out to tricky problems.     Spellings: suffixes (double consonants) 

Stones and Bones! Friday 6th November 2020

This week we have begun our new topic 'Stones and Bones'. We are going to be learning about the stone age, bronze age and iron age. 

The children have spent some time studying books related to our topic and enjoyed creating some stone age jewelry (which proved quite tricky!). We started to create a timeline of significant events that happened over 800.000 years ago and we will learn about these in more detail later. 

In Science, we learnt about the three kinds of natural rock and how to spot these by what the rock looks like! In Literacy, the children started looking at a diary entry defining some new vocabulary. We are carrying on with addition and subtraction during Maths and some of us are beginning to use the column method. 

Well done Tom, who is our star of the week this week. Tom has come back from half term with some amazing handwriting!          Spellings: Months of the year

It's half term! Friday 23rd October 2020

I can't believe we are already at our first half term! The children seem to have settled in and worked hard over the last 7 weeks. 

This week we completed our character descriptions of Horrid Henry, worked on our inference skills and had ICT everyday! We completed our coding unit for this term and the children really enjoyed using the 'Purple Mash' platform to create their own programs, 

Our star of the week this week is Freya! Freya has been working incredibly hard so far in year 3 and i'm really pleased with both her learning and behaviour. 

Spellings to learn are contractions and good website you can use is https://spellingframe.co.uk/ you will find contractions under Year 2 but feel free to recap any Year 3 :) I have also sent the children home with their https://ttrockstars.com/ logins so they can practise at home. 

Enjoy half term! 

Herons hear horrid Henry! Friday 16th October 2020

In Guided Reading, Herons have really been enjoying listening to horrid Henry stories, using them to begin to make inferences. We have used this in Literacy to help us innovate a character description about him. I look forward to reading the children's versions next week. 

In Maths, we have learnt to to add and subtract 10s by crossing the 100s boundary. The children have begun to spot patterns and explore methods of working these out. 

We also spent Monday afternoon creating our own pointillism landscapes; there were some lovely rainbow, space and boat scenes all created by small dots. In Music, the children came up with some actions to 'Let your spirit fly' and we practised and performed these in class. 

PE was a challenge! We completed the 12 minute run around the running track as part of a virtual games competition. Everyone in herons gave it a good go and cheered each other on.

Well done to Lydia, our star of the week this week! Lydia is so creative, painting a detailed picture and using great ideas in her Literacy                                Spellings ure endings

A jam packed week! Friday 9th October 2020

We started the week learning all about adverbs and the ending 'ly'. In guided reading we managed to finish our class book 'The firework makers daughter', giving it a review (see photos!) and spent some time researching the author (Phillip Pullman). In Literacy, we have now moved on to looking at character descriptions; starting with Goldilocks. 

In Maths, we have learnt to to add and subtract 1 digit numbers from 2 or 3 digit numbers where they cross the 10s. Some of us found this tricky, so any extra practise at home would be great as part of Mental Maths Home Learning. An example would be 123 + 7 or 456 - 9. 

A highlight this week for lots of the children was learning about temptation in RE with Mrs Brickwood (some children were very tempted by the sweet she left on their tables...). As well as creating our own version of a pointillist painting.

Well done to Pearl, our star of the week this week! Pearl has been working hard, contributing and is such a lovely friend.                                            Spellings 'ly' endings

Very hot writing! Friday 2nd October 2020

Our setting descriptions were on fire this week! The children had to plan, draft, edit and publish their hot (independent) writes. These were based on Lila, a character from our class book, making the journey to the centre of a volcano. Some of the vocabulary the children came up with was fantastic. 

In Maths, we have moved on to learning about addition and subtraction. We practised counting in 100s ready to add, subtract and reason using multiples of 100. In year 2. the children would have learnt how to add and subtract multiples of 1; we recapped this so we are ready for 10s next week!

We were busy in Science and Topic! The task was to use ipads to create a leaflet all about 'Cumbria' as well as studying human and physical features of the UK; lots of us fancy a trip to 'The Giants Causeway' in Northern Ireland! In Science, we wrote some instructions with Mrs Musson and began an observation on a plant's stem to see how it transports water. 

Our star of the week this week is Lucie! She has been brilliant in all areas of the curriculum and it is great to see her becoming more confident. 


Spellings this week - suffix 'ation' 

From desert islands to volcanoes! Friday 25th September 2020

During Literacy, our focus has been on setting descriptions. The children have been very imaginative and helped create our class version of a desert island. We then explored volcanoes (which the children loved!!) to help us create a mind map with lots of vocabulary we can use next week. 

We have spent time counting in 50s in Maths as well as estimating on numberlines; first to 100 and then 1000. We also recapped our 2, 5 and 10 times table to check our understanding. 

Throughout the week, we had some plants to look after and conducted an experiment to see what a plant needs to survive. The children came up with their own scientific questions and we had flowers all over the school. 

Well done to Gracie, our star of the week this week! Her handwriting, grammar and stamina have all improved in Literacy. 


Spellings - mis/dis/un

Dots, Plants and Counties! Friday 18th September 2020

In Literacy and Guided Reading, we have been reading 'The firework makers daughter', the children have used the text to write some adjectives and find some synonyms and antonyms! In Maths, we have continued to look at place value and our understanding of 3 digit numbers. We also used ipads to help us recap our number bonds to 100

Alongside this, the children took part in a tricky activity to find and research some counties in England. They also experimented with different materials to create their own dot paintings AND set up their own plant investigations to find out what a plant needs to grow. 

A huge well done to Theo, who is star of the week this week. Theo has worked very hard this week in all lessons and has contributed some fantastic vocabulary! 



Spellings this week - y for i 


 Assessments galore! Friday 11th September 2020

The children had an assessment to complete every day this week to see what learning they had remembered from year 2. In spite of this, the children gave them a great go showing a positive attitude and saving some brain power for other lessons! We also became familiar with an 'under the sea' setting description during Literacy. 

In PE this term we are learning tag rugby skills; the children worked well to complete team relays showing off their new skills. We also looked at cities in the UK and used atlases to find them! Hopefully, your child can now tell you all about plant functions as well!! 

Well done to Henry, who received star of the week this week. Henry showed great focus and determination throughout the assessments and is getting good at remembering the new routines. 

Please ensure your child reads 5 times a week and this is recorded in their reading records so they can get a sticker in school; see below the photos to the right for spellings that will be tested on Monday (suffix OUS).


Have a great weekend.


Welcome Back! Friday 4th September 2020

 Wow! It was lovely to see nearly all of Year 3 for the first time back at school in about six months. I hope all the children enjoyed it!

We wrote some prayers and Birthday Cards as well as make some fantastic cityscapes! As part of our new topic, the children used atlases to research the four countries of the UK and their capitals. 

Next week, we will be doing PE on Monday and Wednesday so please ensure your child has their kit if it is not already in school. Enjoy your weekend!

Many thanks, 

Miss Snook

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