School Times and Term Dates

he school times are as follows:

08.55 – 11.45 – Reception class (Wrens)
8.55 – 12.00 – Years 1-6

13.00 - 15.30 – Reception class (Wrens)
13.15 – 15.30 – Years 1-6
Collective Worship (Mon - Thurs)  and Friday's Celebration assembly 9.00am 
Academic Year 2017/18  
Term 1 Training day Friday 1st Sept
  Training day Monday 4th Sept
  School re-opens Tuesday 5th Sept
  School Closes Friday 20th Oct
Term 2 Training day Monday 30th Oct
  School re-opens Tuesday 31st Oct
  School closes Wednesday 20th Dec
Term 3 Training day Wednesday 3rd Jan
  School re-opens Thursday 4th Jan
  School closes Friday 9th Feb
Term 4 School re-opens Monday 19th Feb
  School closes Thursday 29th Mar
  School closed Bank holiday Friday 30th Mar
Term 5 Training day Monday 16th Apr
  School re-opens Tuesday 17th Apr
  School closed Bank holiday Monday 7th May
  School closes Friday 25th May
Term 6 School re-opens Monday 4th Jun
  School closes Friday 20th July

Our aim is to make our school welcoming and open but at the same time a safe and secure place for everyone. Children should arrive at school no earlier than 8.45 a.m. when they can come straight into the classroom. If a parent wishes to speak with their child's class teacher first thing in the morning please make your request through the school office.

It is parents' responsibility to ensure that their children arrive at school on time. Frequent lateness can be upsetting for the child and disrupts the teaching for other children. If children do arrive after registration they will need to visit the office to be signed in. Similarly, if children need to leave the premises before the end of sessions they must be signed out in the office before leaving. Lateness and absence rates are subject to regular monitoring and excessive incidents will be discussed with parents before being referred to the Education Entitlement Service if the situation continues. We ask all visitors to report to the school office and to wear a visitor's badge during their stay. We believe that these measures will help to keep the children and staff as safe as is possible. If your child is unwell, they should stay at home. It is imperative that you contact the school on the first morning of your child's absence (by telephone or in person). This will ensure that we are alerted instantly if your child fails to arrive at school when expected. Absences will be recorded as unauthorised unless you have provided an explanation.