The Curriculum

The school curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum in accordance with Government legislation. The following criteria are used in framing the aims, objectives and content of the curriculum of this school:
  • The curriculum is developed to match the stages of development of individual children rather than their chronological ages.
  • The curriculum is essentially practical to enable children to adopt a multi-sensory approach to learning. Wherever possible tasks are designed to be relevant to children's daily lives.
  • We believe that if children are to gain maximum benefit from the experiences planned by a school they need to work in a happy caring environment where they may grow in confidence, where they may be helped to develop a concern for others and where they can achieve daily success in a wide range of enjoyable activities.
  • Our curriculum embraces and promotes core British Values including: understanding The Rule of Law and knowing why we have rules and laws in our lives; believing in Fair Democracy and in everyone being equal; developing Mutual Respect for ourselves, each other, our community and belongings; valuing Individual Liberties with people having opportunities of free choice and having Tolerance for others and of their beliefs.

We have recently remodelled our curriculum, putting the needs of the pupils at the core of this work. We have built learning opportunities around the rich and stimulating activities we have always believed to be essential to a rich primary school experience. This means our very successful themed days/weeks will become integral to the learning skills we are fostering, alongside the sporting events, residential visits, performing arts and charitable ventures we know the children enjoy and learn from. We work in partnership with parents and the community in fulfilling our aims for a dynamic programme of study that enables all pupils to leave our school with a love for learning, confidence in their abilities and a sense of fulfilment. We will continue to engage parents in this learning journey.

If you have any questions about the curriculum your child is following, then please, in the first instance speak, to your child’s class teacher.  If you have any questions and your child does not attend Greens Norton CE School, then please contact the school office.