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Robins 2018-19

Welcome to France!

Friday 21st September 2018

Another fantastic week in Robins Classroom! We have had a superb week where we have worked super hard!

In Numeracy, we worked on our number formation and counting correctly. We did a lot of practising our teen numbers and making sure they are the right way round. In Literacy, we have continued to work on making our sentences even more wonderful by making sure we add capitals and full stops. 

In Topic, we have gotten on our plane to France. The children have enjoyed learning some words in French, recreating the flag and seeing where France is on the map. We learnt about the capital city and what amazing things there are to see and do. We found out what French people like to eat and even got to build our own Eiffel Tower!

Our star of the week this week was Gracie! Another new member of the class who has come in prepared to learn and work hard. She is a very polite member of the class who always remembers her pleases and thank yous. She has been doing lots of reading at home and it has really showed when working with the adults in the class. 

Au revoir France! Next week we say Ni Hao to China!

What a week!

Friday 14th September 2018

We have been working super hard this week on our learning and it really is impressing everyone! We have been working on the start of our topic, talking about different countries, how we get to them and why it is exciting and important to go to other countries and experience new cultures. 

In Numeracy, we have been working really hard on grouping objects in different ways and reasoning why we would put them together. We have also been showing off our number knowledge and writing lots of numbers. We are practising making sure our numbers are in the correct order and making sure that we form our letters correctly. 

In Literacy, it's been a wonderful week. We have been looking at how we can describe our forest train station and looking for different ways to make our sentences even more fantastic. We have been trying to use the word 'and' to extend our sentences and we have made everyone very impressed with our super vocabulary.

Our star of the week is Tom! Tom is new to our class and has settled in wonderfully. We all feel very lucky he has joined us as he puts a smile on everyone's face and always wants to do his best. He is embracing every opportunity and we are very proud of him. Well done Tom!

Next week, we are travelling to France! We will see you there!


Welcome, Robins!

Friday 7th September 2018

What an amazing first week we have all had in Robins! I have been blown away by how our Robins have done in their new classroom and how responsible they have been in their new responsibility of being year 1 students! They are a kind and friendly class and have made me feel so welcome joining the school and I am so proud of them already. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the entire year with them.

This week we have launched straight into our topic Earth Explorers and have had a wonderful time exploring different countries in our aeroplane. It's been a stunning start, exploring where the children have been before and all the wonderful countries we know about. We have done some wonderful artwork using paint and collage to recreate flags from around the world.

Robins have started to show off their fantastic knowledge by showing me all their numbers and writing about their summers. I am so impressed with their hard work and their enthusiasm! 

Thank you very much for all your welcoming chats and I cannot wait to see what the Robins show me next!