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Kestrels 2018-19

A Great Week of Learning! 

Fri 21st September 2018

This busy week has flown past with lots of excellent learning for Kestrel class.

In literacy, we developed our sentence writing skills as we wrote model introductions and paragraphs for a non-chronological report. We also researched a range of cities within the UK in readiness for our "hot write" report!

In Maths we have been comparing the values of whole and decimal numbers. We have ordered numbers using numberlines and using practical equipment to help us visualise the relative size of ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

We had our first visit to the library this term and we enjoyed spending a few moments on Wednesday afternoon immersed in our novels!

Our outdoor P.E. focus this term is Hockey and we braved the blustery weather to practise our push passes!

In science we finished our shadow experiment by focusing on how to explain our results with a scientific conclusion.

Star of the Week: Congratulations to Molly, who is working so hard in all of her lessons, even when she finds things tricky. Molly really is a star in our class!

Over and above: Well done to Charlie for helping all of the younger children in our school during lunchtimes.

Stunning Start for Kestrels!

Fri 7th September 2018

Welcome to the first blog of a new term! We have had a truly stunning first week back after the holidays! It has been lovely to see some familiar faces but equally fab to welcome new faces to our class and our school!

We launched our new topic "Earth Explorers" by looking at maps. We learned about the symbols used on ordnance survey maps and then used these to create some ordnance survey maps of the school grounds.  As we will be exploring some key cities in Europe and the Americas, we also applied our art skills to paint some fabulous cityscapes - pictured below!

We got to grips with some literacy this week and completed our first cold write of the term. We will start to look at report writing over the next few weeks. We started our mornings with some maths challenges to get us ready for our full maths timetable next week!

Over and Above: Well done to Adanyah who was our first over and above nominee this year! You made us very proud!

A Testing Week for Kestrels!

Fri 14th September 2018

Things picked up a pace in Kestrel class this week, as we completed our first assessments of the year! A tough start! However, this will help us to understand what skills and knowledge we need to learn over the coming year!

In our "normal" lessons we started to explore number in maths. We looked at different representations of millions numbers and we started to solve problems using our knowledge of place value. We completed an investigation into different ways to partition numbers and we spotted patterns when numbers are 10 x , 100 x, or even 1000x bigger or smaller than each other!


In Literacy we started to learn the features of report writing and we explored different sentence structures. We used these different structures to create factual sentences about the UK. 

In Topic we researched facts about the UK and designed posters to reflect our learning. In science, we started our unit of work on seeing light. We learned about sources of lights and we designed an investigation into how shadows are formed.

Spellings: This weeks spellings are based on words ending in the "shus" sound written either cious or tious. One helpful rule to help your child learn this pattern is - if the word can also end in tion then use tious eg. caution becomes cautious.

Star of the Week: This week we celebrated Callum's great start to year 6. Callum is always working hard and pushing himself to achieve his best - you are a star Callum, well done!

Over and Above: Bella went over and above this week as she even spent her break time solving maths challenges!! Great attitude Bella!