"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills."100% of parents said they would recommend this school to other parents"The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Magpies 2018-19

A Royal Banquet fit for a King or Queen!

Friday 19th July

 Our final week of topic learning went out with an amazing week! This week we enjoyed: making crowns, making bread, designing our own banquet menu, making paper candles and enjoying our Royal Banquet. On Thursday we enjoyed dressing up like royalty for an amazing day. The banquet was brilliant with lots of food and fun enjoyed by all! Enjoy looking through our photos!

We have also been busy with our last Friday University challenge and moving up in Transition day. 

Our Star of the Week this week was Annabelle. Annabelle has been working hard every week of the year and she has just been a pleasure to have in our class. 

Magpies it has been a brilliant year with so much to look back on with a smile! A huge thank you to all of you for your hard work and enthusiasm even when the learning hasn't been easy. You are all stars and I know you will all be fantastic in Year 3. Have an enjoyable, safe and relaxing summer! 

Magnificent Magpies have yet another amazing week!

Friday 12th July

 This week has been busy as normal in Magpies class but we have enjoyed another fantastic week together. 

In Maths we have come to the end of a bonus bit of place value. We have been looking at numbers up to 100 and beyond. Today the children worked together to problem solve. We had to find different numbers using the digits 0-9. Some great team work and also some great reasoning happening!

In Design and Technology we have started to plan our moving picture books. We thought about a castle scene and planned to use a slider, lever or wheel to help our picture to move. We are looking forward to making these next week.

We are all looking forward to next Thursday for our Royal Banquet so don't forget to sort your costume!

Edgar is our Star of the Week this week because of his hard work throughout the year and his determination to be the best that he can be each lesson! A huge well done Edgar!

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What an amazing week in Magpies!

Friday 28th June

 The week has flown by in Magpies class and once again they have been amazing! 

We have been busy working hard to write some brilliant topic recounts about our trip to Warwick Castle. I know all the children were really proud of their writing!

We also enjoyed a sporting event at Sponne on Thursday. Magpies class were full of energy and very excited. We participated in lots of different sports events and had lots of fun. I think a favourite was the obstacle course and the running!

In Maths we have continued to practice working with larger numbers. We have worked hard to use some mathematical vocabulary and we enjoyed finding a pattern when we add 10more or 10less. Some great pattern seeking this week!

Another brilliant week Magpies!

(Don't forget to bring any recycled materials next week ready for art week!)

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Sports day, Warwick Castle and a full week of plenty of other learning!

Friday 21st June

 This week the Magpies class are exhausted! They have been so busy with a jam packed week of learning and excitement! 

On Tuesday afternoon the children had a brilliant afternoon learning all about Queen Victoria. They enjoyed learning about the key events in her life and they made wooden spoon dolls to show how she might have felt.

On Wednesday we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Warwick castle. The children came back full of excitement. We were able to tour around the castle, watch the bowman in action and see some of the magnificent birds of prey! The children enjoyed walking up the mound, exploring the state rooms and learning how to hold a sword correctly for battle! We were so proud of the Year 1 and Year 2 children for their fantastic behaviour and attitude on the trip. 

On Friday we continued to keep the excitement going with Sports Day. The children were fantastic at joining in the activities and cheering one another on! A fun-filled afternoon was had by everybody.

Have a good rest over the weekend Magpies!

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Magnificent Magpies!

Friday 7th June

As usual Magpies class have been committed to being the best they can be this week! It has been a busy week but the attitude of the children has been amazing!

This week we enjoyed an anti-bullying workshop where we got to use drama to think about the emotions involved in bullying. We were able to learn how we can prevent bullying and what we can do to help make Greens Norton a friendly and safe place to be.

In Literacy we enjoyed writing our Hot Write. The children wrote some beautiful descriptions about the dragon and they used some fantastic language to make the picture come alive in your mind. 

A little bird has reported back that Magpies had a brilliant morning helping the King build the best drawbridge for his castle. Magpies enjoyed investigating which material would be best for the drawbridge and I am excited to see the results!

Our Star of the Week is Matilda! Matilda has settled into our class really smoothly and we can already see what an amazing young lady she is. Matilda has worked incredibly hard and shown she has a fantastic attitude to learning. We are lucky to have you in our school!

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Which job would you choose? 

Friday 24th May

As always, another brilliant week has flown by in Magpies!

This week we have been busy practicing lots of grammar for our character descriptions. We have used some interesting conjunctions, apostrophes and even got some detailed expanded noun phrases in! We are looking forward to writing our description after half term.

In Science, this afternoon, we enjoyed investigating which material would be best for the Knight's coat. We found different results and not what we had predicted, we had some very interesting conversations! 

In our Topic this week we wrote some job applications! We had to apply to work as different roles in the castle. Chefs, musicians, Lords and even the taster job were applied for!

Our Star of the Week will be no surprise this week! Hannah always works to her absolute best, quietly follows our school rules and is a kind friend every minute of the day. What a star!

Have a fun, safe and restful half term Magpies!

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Being Lords and Ladies of the Castle!

Friday 10th May

It has been an amazing week in Magpies! We have just finished writing our stories based on Jack and the Beanstalk! We used a Knight as our main character and it was amazing to see all of the Magpies really focused on their writing. A fantastic morning.

In Topic this week we have finished off our Art based around Paul Klee and we have continued to complete our castle PowerPoints in ICT. The children are really developing a good understanding of castles and I am impressed with the knowledge they can remember. We enjoyed learning about the different roles in a castle and we had a great class discussion about the role that we would like to have!

We have also had a busy week with assessments. A huge well done to Magpies for trying their best and focusing really well on the task. Our Star of the Week has to be Isabella for her dedication in lessons, focus and determination to be the best she can be!

You should all be really proud of the effort you have put in this week, a huge well done to everyone!


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Castle designers and builders!

Friday 26th April

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed our new topic! On Tuesday afternoon we had a brilliant afternoon designing, creating and building our own castles. The Magpies class were fantastic at working together with their teams; they were discussing their ideas, listening to each other and sharing resources really well! Some fantastic castles as a result!

We have also enjoyed learning all about who built the first castle a long time ago and why it was built. We made story booklets to show our learning. We had great fun creating our topic front cover pages, which we were really proud of!

In Literacy we have been busy writing stories about Knights and castles. We have been learning our story map about Jack and the Beanstalk ready to write our own stories!

A great week back, Magpies!

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Magpies have talent and courage!

Friday 5th April

An amazing end to our Spring term this week in Magpies class. This week our highlight has to be our Talent show this morning. It was amazing to cheer on our Magpies and also enjoy all the variety of talent that Greens Norton has to offer. We are very proud of everyone for their entries in Magpies class. You were all very brave to join in and share your talents with us!

This week we have finished writing our setting descriptions. Magpies class have really excelled themselves and written some detailed, interesting descriptions of under the sea! We have been very impressed!

On Thursday we enjoyed our Easter Service at the church. Magpies performed an Easter poem thinking all about forgiveness. We have been learning about this in RE. On Wednesday we read the Prodical Son and talked about how this story showed forgiveness. 

Thank you for all your hard work this term! Happy Easter!

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Magpies celebrate Red Nose Day!

Friday 15th March

A busy week for Magpies Class! We started our week enjoying all about Hanukkah. We talked about how it was important celebration for Jewish people and how it reminds them of a miracle a long time ago. We enjoyed making posters to show all of our learning about Judaism over the past term. The children worked really well in their teams!

In Literacy we have been busy writing a non-chronological report. We have been brilliant at thinking of lots of facts for our reports. We worked really hard at varying our sentence openers and we tried to use some conjunctions.

Today we celebrated Red Nose day and we enjoyed coming to school in even more red than normal! Our Star of the Week is Blessing. Blessing always listens carefully and she tries hard with her learning. 

A great week Magpies! 

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Matilda, Hulk, a pirate and many more wonderful Characters!

Friday 8th March

What a fantastic week in Magpies! This week we have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day 2019! We had a fantastic time dressing up as different characters, buddy reading and enjoying lots of activities all to do with our favourite books! The Year 2 children  enjoyed buddy reading where we shared our favourite stories with the other older and younger children. 

In the afternoon we enjoyed learning a poem that Mrs Linehan taught us. The children performed it in front of the whole school brilliantly! We were very proud of them. A great celebration of books! 

We have also been busy writing our poems in Literacy. This week we learnt all about alliteration, similes and powerful adjectives. The children have been very imaginative and they have come up with some creative ideas for their poem.   

Our Star of the Week this week is Seb. Seb has shown a real interest in our science learning this week and he has asked some very inquisitive questions. He has also been putting in extra effort at home with his reading.

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A brilliant week back! 

Friday 1st March

We started our week this week learning all about Shabbat. We talked about what a Jewish family might do on Shabbat and then we enjoyed trying our own Challah bread. We wrote some instructions on how to make it!

In Science, we have enjoyed thinking of our own questions to investigate! The children worked well in small groups to come up with their own investigation all about plants. They were even able to make a prediction about what might happen!

In our Literacy lessons we have enjoyed learning how to use similes, powerful adjectives and adverbs in a poem. We have been busy building up a word bank with some great ideas that we can use for our poems.

Our Star of the Week this week is Edgar. Edgar has shown real focus with his learning and he is concentrating really hard in lessons. Edgar has produced some fantastic Writing and Maths because of his fantastic attitude to learning!


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Fractions, Story Writing and a Trip to the Synagogue!

Friday 15th February

It's no surprise that Magpies class are tired this afternoon! We have had an amazing week and been busy with some fantastic learning!

In Numeracy we have started to learn all about Fractions. We started our unit by helping Mummy bear and Baby bear work out how much food they needed for the picnic. The children were super at working out how to halve the different foods and they could explain their reasoning really well.

Our highlight from the week was our trip to the Synagogue. Magpies class were an absolute pleasure to take on the trip. They showed great subject knowledge and respect to the Jewish leaders. We enjoyed learning all about the Torah, finding the Star of David and learning all about Shabbat.

Our Star of the Week this week is Harry. Harry has worked really hard on his writing and has been a super role model during our independent learning. Well done Harry.


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Its been a busy, busy week!

Friday 8th February

Magpies have been on a roll this week! We have finished writing our character descriptions about Something Else and they are amazing! The Magpies have been able to use expanded noun phrases, adverbs and a variety of sentence types!

In Maths we enjoyed learning all about symmetrical patterns. We have finished our learning on shape and we even remembered to use some key vocabulary such as vertices, faces and edges!

In Science we have continued to look after our runner beans. We have all been very eager to water our plants, watch how they are growing and compete for the tallest runner bean! Some fantastic scientific thinking this week.

Our Star of the Week is Olivia. Every day, Olivia is ready to learn and 100% focused on the task. She nearly always manages to complete her golden challenges in Maths! A shining star, Olivia!

We are looking forward to a great week next week as we visit the Synagogue to continue our topic learning.

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Do you want to build a snowman?...

Friday 1st February

What a fantastic week in Magpies! This week we have been busy in Maths learning all about different 3d shapes. We enjoyed building our own 3d shapes and playing guess the shape in class. We have been able to use our reasoning skills to notice the odd shape out.

In Literacy we have been learning about apostrophes, adverbs and adjectives. We have been collecting lots of exciting words to use in our character descriptions next week.

In Topic, we have continued to learn all about the Synagogue. We have been learning the important features and enjoyed building these out of lego! We enjoyed making the Star of David and the Menorah. We are looking forward to our trip in a few weeks time.

Our Star of the Week this week is Harriet. Harriet has been so focused and determined in her lessons. She has produced some fantastic work. Harriet always has a beaming smile on her face and she is a pleasure to have in Magpies.

Our highlight of the week has to be the snow this morning. We all enjoyed getting our boots and coats on ready for the snow. We worked together to make some Year 2 Snowmen! Wrap up warm, stay safe and enjoy the weekend Magpies!


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A busy week for Magpies!

Friday 18th January

Our highlight of the week has got to be our special visit from Gail Emms! Magpies class were very, very excited to meet her and learn all about her journey to an Olympian! We enjoyed learning about how we need to work hard to achieve our best!

This week in Literacy we have been busy writing some great Character Descriptions! Magpies have been brilliant at remembering their full stops, using lots of adjectives and even a variety of sentence types. We have enjoyed describing Something Else and we are looking forward to thinking about our own character next week.

In Numeracy we have been learning how to work out change. The Magpies class have persevered well in Maths, especially when trying to use a number line to subtract. We have enjoyed buying fruit from the shop and thinking about how much change we will need. There has been some very accurate counting!

In topic we have started learning all about the Synagogue to prepare for our trip. We have thought about the different parts of a Synagogue and why they are important to Jews.

Our Star of the Week goes to Elissa this week. Elissa, we are so proud of all of your hard work, you have literally worked your socks off! Well done for all the extra spelling practice and extra effort in lessons!

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What an amazing, hardworking week it has been!

Friday 18th January

Magpies have been flying through their learning this week! I am so proud of their hard work and stamina in our lessons this week!

In Topic we have continued to learn about ourselves. We enjoyed designing our own clothes to match our personalities and we had some great ideas when we thought about some adjectives to describe what we are like.

In Literacy the Magpies have been brilliant at retelling the story of the Sheep and the Wolf. They have enthusiastically written their own stories this week all about the flying machine. We are excited for next week when the children can write their story.

In Maths we have been busy investigating how many different coins we need to make a given amount. We thought carefully about using different coins and we even had a go at some reasoning challenges!

Our Star of the Week is Antonio! Antonio has worked really hard in his Maths lessons this week, well done!

A great week Magpies, one you can be very proud of!

I Believe...

Friday 11th January

Welcome back! It has been a super first week back in Magpies class!

Our week started with our Stunning Start where we enjoyed thinking about all of the things that make us unique. We enjoyed creating some amazing art work about what we are good at and we were very enthusiastic to create our golden stars!

We have also enjoyed creating our silhouette portraits. We filled them with all of the special things we are talented at.

Magpies class have also been busy writing stories in Literacy this week. It has been a pleasure to read their fantastic writing. I'm sure if you ask they will happily tell you the story of the Sheep and Wolf!

Our Star of the Week this week is Sephie. Sephie could be our Star every week. She is hardworking, kind and always thinks about other children before herself! Thank you Sephie!

We finished our week with our new Friday University! From cooking, art, dance and French the children were enthusiastic to learn!

A great first week back Magpies!

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The Aliens have landed! Happy Christmas!

Friday 14th December

Our final week together before Christmas and Magpies class have been brilliant!

The School Christmas Play was amazing. Well done to all of the children who learnt their lines, sang their hearts out and performed to their best! We are very proud of you all. Our Star of the Week, Annabelle, is an actress in the making! Well done Annabelle!

We had a busy week with all of our learning in class as well. We enjoyed writing our Character Description about Shen and even squeezed in the rest of our measurement in Maths!

On Thursday we enjoyed a day of RE learning all about the Christmas Story and why Christmas is important to Christians. We made hidden meaning boxes, thought about how the people in the story might be feeling and even retold the Christmas story through enjoying a game of pass the parcel!

Happy Christmas Magpies! Have a safe, restful holiday and we will look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

A brilliant week of rehearsals, crafts and learning!

Friday 7th December

Another week flies by in Magpies! We have been so busy practising for our Christmas Play, making and decorating salt dough for the Christmas Fair and still having our other lessons as well!

In Maths this week we have enjoyed continuing with our measures topic. We enjoyed using the scales to measure how heavy different objects around our classroom are. We were able to use lots of mathematical vocabulary as well.

The Christmas Play rehearsals are coming along as well. We have all learnt our lines and we certainly have some brilliant actors and actresses in Magpies!

Our Star of the Week is Harry. Harry has had a really settled week, he has worked hard in lessons and managed to achieve lots of smiley faces. Well done Harry!

Enjoy your weekend Year 2!

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The Christmas Rehearsals begin!

Friday 30th November

What a busy, busy week! This week the Magpies have been busy with all of their learning!

In Literacy, we have continued to practise using full stops, adjectives and adverbs. We have been learning our Talk for Writing text map and we are fantastic at performing our character description about the Emperor.

In Maths, we enjoyed investigating length. We were enthusiastic to try an investigation to find the same length trains. Mrs Sims was very impressed when we even wrote number sentences to show what we had found out!

In RE we have continued to learn about Hinduism. We made cards to celebrate Diwali. They were very colourful!

 Finally, on top of all our learning, we have started our Christmas Play. Keep practising your lines Year 2!

Our Star of the Week goes to Hannah. Hannah you are a quiet member of our class but we thoroughly appreciate you! You are a super role model, kind friend and such a hard worker, thank you!

The weeks just get better and better!

Friday 23rd November

Once again Magpies class have had a brilliant week!

It all started when we performed our Anti-bullying poem in front of the whole school on Monday! We had to be very brave but we did a fantastic job and our poem shared a very important message!

In Maths we have thoroughly enjoyed our data handling lessons. We have found out which our favourite fruits are, our favourite pets and we enjoyed applying our learning to lots of different contexts! We even enjoyed a bit of Maths outside! Please pop in and take a look at our floor books!

In Science we were very excited to start building our habitats. There was some great science happening but even more importantly Magpies showed they were super at working together, communicating well and sharing their ideas! We were very proud of your teamwork Magpies!

Our Star of the Week is Tyler. Tyler has made a real effort this week and put in some hard work in all of his lessons! Well done, Tyler!

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A quick trip over to the USA!

Friday 16th November

As always another fantastic week in Magpies! We have enjoyed visiting America and learning all about their way of life. We wrote a diary about our tour across the country. We enjoyed visiting the White house and taking a photo with the Statue of Liberty. We enjoyed making windmills to celebrate Independence day!


In Numeracy we have continued with our Multiplication and Division. We were able to reason with different problems and think about different ways to solve a word problem.


In Literacy we have just finished writing our instructions on how to build a sandcastle! We wrote some fantastic instructions with time connectives, adverbs and simple sentences.


Our Star of the Week this week is Seth! Seth we couldn't be prouder of your effort and kindness to others this week. Seth even wrote some sentences independently with finger spaces! Keep it up!

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Around the World in Under an Hour!

Friday 2nd November

Another fantastic week back in Magpies!

In Topic this week we have continued to learn about Kenya. We enjoyed using paint and stencilling to create our own Kenya safari scene. We also wrote some detailed diary entries all about how a Kenyan child's day at school might be different to ours. We had a great class discussion about what is the same and what is different.

This afternoon, very excitedly, we went on our world tasting tour! We enjoyed tasting the traditional foods from different countries all around the world. The croissants (France) and the pizza (Italy) were both a top favourite!

A great week in Maths lessons as well. We have been learning about multiplication and division. This is a tricky concept to understand and the Magpies have worked hard using resources to help them. Keep practising your times tables at home!

Our Star of the Week this week is Sebbie. Sebbie has been super at sharing his understanding of the world around him and also he has been making some really sensible choices about how he can learn best in our classroom!

Enjoy the fireworks Magpies! Stay Safe!

Another week: Recorded our own album, wrote our own stories and learnt how to play badminton!

Friday 12th October

Another week has flown by in Magpies class and what a super week of learning!

In topic we have travelled to Australia. We enjoyed learning all about the Australian animals, painting in the style of aboriginal art and even playing the didgeridoo!

In Literacy we have finished writing our own stories. The Magpies have written amazing stories all about a journey to find a better home. Feel free to sneak a peek at them!

We have also enjoyed a range of other activities. We loved our POP UK concerts on Wednesday and I was so proud of the Magpies amazing effort. We even had time for a spot of badminton practice this afternoon!

Our Star of the Week this week is Ben. Ben has been working really hard in our lessons and really trying his best! We are so proud of you Ben!

Pop Stars in the making!

Friday 5th October

Sing, sing, sing!! What an amazing week of music, dancing and fun. This week we have excited to have Pop UK in teaching us some songs and dance moves! We have thoroughly enjoyed being together and joining in with all the actions. Don't forget to come and watch our concerts next Wednesday!

We have also been busy learning in the classroom. We have enjoyed learning the rest of Sunny's adventure and we have finished learning our text map. We have written some brilliant sentences and we have learnt all about questions and exclamations. How fantastic it has been!

In Maths we have persevered and worked hard to understand all about subtraction on a number line. We haven't found this easy but I have been so impressed with the effort from all of Magpies class.

Our Star this Week is Lilly-May! Lilly-May is a fantastic friend, hard worker and a real superstar in our classroom. She is a pleasure to teach!

Have a great weekend and keep practising those songs!

Another brilliant week of learning and excitement!

Friday 28th September

Magpies week began in China as we were learning all about the mountains, buildings and famous landmarks of China. We all decided that we wanted to climb Mount Everest and that we would enjoy being part of the Chinese New Year celebrations! We enjoyed making Chinese Dragons from tissue paper and folded card.

In our Literacy this week we have continued our adventures with Sunny. We have carried on learning our text map and the Magpies are brilliant at using actions to help them remember the story. We have worked hard to remember our capital letters and full stops!

The week finished with our Harvest Celebration. We were so proud of the Magpies as they sang their Frozen song. It was all about being thankful for the food God gives us and how we can take our turn to share what we have. Well done Magpies! 

Another fantastic week!

Off on our adventures!

Friday 14th September

What a week! Magpies class have been so busy learning lots of new things! In topic this week we have started off on our around the world tour! We have enjoyed looking at our school environment and drew some fantastic maps of the classroom.

In Numeracy it has been tricky as we have continued our place value learning. We have been getting use to our tens and ones and even started to do some reasoning with them. Some great perseverance in our lessons!

In Literacy a great week as we have continued to learn our story map about turtle island. We enjoyed writing some expanded noun phrases and also making conjunction chains with some longer sentences on.

Our Star of the Week this week is Olivia. Olivia has had a fantastic week and has been a real role model to our class. A real Superstar!

Look out for next week as we will be travelling all the way to France! A great week Magpies well done!

A huge welcome to our new Magpies!

Friday 7th September

Welcome back to Magpies! What a fantastic first week we have had. Our new topic is Earth Explorers and we have had a great time in Magpies going on the plane to our adventures around the world! We have enjoyed lots of creative art work, painting, collaging and designing. We have been writing about our Summer Holidays and already impressed Mrs Sims with lots of brilliant learning.

The Magpies have all settled in really well and we are excited for a great year ahead!

The Great Kapok Tree!

Friday 5th July

 What amazing week full of paint, colours and all things messy! This week the Year 2 children have learnt all about deforestation from the book The Great Kapok Tree.  We have learnt about recycling and how we can all help to protect our world. In Year 2 we focused on the birds.

First we enjoyed collecting leaves and sticks to make bird collages. We were able to use the shapes of the leaves to make them into bird shapes. 

We also thoroughly enjoyed creating our own 3d birds and we were really proud of the result. We used recycled newspapers to paper mache the body and then we added details like feathers, twigs and eyes. 

Today we enjoyed making bird mobiles out of recycled materials and twigs from around the school grounds. We worked together in groups to create the wings and hang the mobiles.

We had an afternoon of dance and music where we acted out the process of deforestation. We used different heights and movements to create the rainforest. Some children chose to be animals and others chose to be the trees. We were impressed with the children's creativity and imagination.

An amazing week and one that will be remembered with enjoyment. A huge well done Year 2.

Run Magpies Run!

Friday 14th June

 Without a doubt it has been an amazing week in Magpies class! As always the children have been working hard and learning to their best!

Our favourite moment of the week was our Lapathon! Despite the rain, Magpies class put on a brave face and powered through 297 laps on our school track! The children showed a great team spirit and were cheering one another on.

This week we have also enjoyed our science lessons. We learnt all about recycling and how important it is for us to look after our planet. This afternoon, the Magpies were comparing different materials and we even managed to use Venn Diagrams to do this.

In our topic lessons the Magpies have been learning about the Monarchy. We wrote our own rules for the land as though we were the King or Queen!

Another amazing week Magpies! Enjoy your weekend!

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Another amazing week in Magpies! 

Friday 17th May

We have had a fantastic week this week and been up to all sorts of different learning! We started our week planning our own adventure stories and I have to say the children were incredibly creative! We had space astronauts, jungle explorers and deep sea divers all going off on adventures! Our Star of the Week Lilly wrote an inspiring story with some imaginative vocabulary.

In Maths we have continued to practise reading the time. Time is normally a tricky subject to master but Magpies Class have been listening carefully and can read the time really well! 

In our other subjects we enjoyed challenging ourselves with some accurate catching in PE, learning how to look after the world in RE and we even had time to learn how to find evidence in the text when making a prediction in our Guided Reading!

In Science, we have begun our investigation into helping the knight find the best coat for his armour. We predicted which material would be best and we challenged ourselves to make our own recording sheet. We will look forward to the findings next week!

Enjoy a well-earned rest over the weekend Magpies!

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We're going on a grammar hunt!

Friday 3rd May

Another amazing week in Magpies class!

This week we have been busy in our Maths lessons learning how to solve some complex number problems involving two step. The children worked really hard with their Math's buddy to solve them! The children are continuing to work their socks off during our Friday arithmetic lesson and they are enjoying beating their score each week. Lots of excitement in Maths from Magpies!

We have also enjoyed beginning our Art topic this week. We started thinking about the work of Paul Klee and looking carefully at how he uses both colours and shape. We looked at his castle and the sun piece and began using collage to create our own!

As part of our topic lessons, we enjoyed using the laptops to begin our own Powerpoint presentations. The children worked well in their talk partners, helping one another out and showing each other how to change the font. We managed to learn how to change the font and how to add a background. Some very colourful Powerpoints in the making!

We even managed to squeeze in a bit of writing! The children wrote some instructions for the Year 1 class on how to help them build their castles. The highlight has to be enjoying our Grammar hunt this week. The children were very competitive at finding the Grammar questions to search for!

Our Star of the Week goes to Lilly-May for her continual effort across the curriculum! You should be very proud Lilly-May, you are an amazing role model to the other children, well done!

A great week Magpies! Enjoy an extra day off to celebrate, we will see you Tuesday!


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A great end to a busy week!

Friday 29th March

Magpies Class have been amazing this week! In Literacy Magpies have been really engaged with their setting description writing. They have been able to think of some powerful adjectives and even think about involving the reader in their writing. We have enjoyed using drama to investigate the setting and use our senses to describe what we have found. 

In Numeracy we have been focusing on our multiplication and division. The Magpies class have been using arrays, cubes and problem solving to help them answer word problems. 

In RE we have been growing in knowledge about the Easter Story. The children were able to describe how Easter is important to Christians and how this fits into God's Big Story. We even had some thoughtful ideas about why we celebrate with Easter eggs at Easter. We enjoyed using art to show our thoughts about Easter. 

We are incredibly proud of Holly for being our Star of the Week. Holly always works hard and tries her best- she really could be our Star every week!

Magpies, keep it up!

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The weeks fly by in Magpies Class!

Friday 3rd March

It has been a week full of hard work and laughs in Magpies class! We have been really busy in Maths as we have been practicing using addition and subtraction to help us solve word problems. The children have been brilliant at helping one another solve some very tricky problems!

In Literacy we have been busy as well! Magpies have written some amazing non-chronological reports all about Judaism. You are welcome to come and read them! We enjoyed starting our new piece of Talk for Writing (a setting description) today.

In Topic the Magpies have finished off their fantastic posters all about Judaism and they have continued to work well together as a group. We bravely presented all of our topic learning in assembly and helped the other children in the school to learn about Judaism!

In PE we learnt how to tell our left and right and we used this to help us with our jumps and turns. We enjoyed using the equipment inside.

Our Star of the Week this week is Ben. Ben has produced some incredible writing this week. He remembered his finger spaces and full stops and capital letters! He even asked to do more writing! Ben was really proud of his work and we were really proud of Ben for an amazing effort!

Another fantastic week! Enjoy a well-deserved weekend Magpies!

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Magpies race around the track!

Friday 9th November

The second week back and Magpies are blasting through their learning this week!

In Literacy we have enjoyed learning how to write an instruction text. We have thought carefully about adverbs and time connectives in our writing. We have been busy learning all about the singular and plural in our phonics lessons.

In Numeracy we had to help Benjamin Bunny line up the cabbages using our arrays. We were brilliant at writing number sentences to go with them. We have also been practising learning how to halve a number!

The highlight of our week has to be our brand new running track! We were so enthusiastic to have a go and try to beat our own record! Watch this space-we have some Olympic runners in the making!

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Lilly! Lilly has shown a positive attitude to learning in her lessons this week and although she hasn't understood straight away she has kept having a go. We are really proud of you Lilly!

A fantastic final week!

Friday 19th October

Once again Magpies have worked their socks off! We have had a brilliant week together learning all about Africa! We enjoyed writing about an African safari and guessing the different animals we would see. There were some fantastic pieces of writing and lots of creative adjectives!

In Literacy, we have started writing a non-fiction text about China. We have started learning our text map and researching some interesting facts!

In Numeracy, we have learnt all about the commutative law and the inverse law! We were able to explain what these tricky words mean and use the inverse to find out missing number sentences.

In Science we have learnt about food chains. We enjoyed making our own food chains and using some tricky scientific words.

Our Star of the Week is Isabella. An absolute star in the classroom! Isabella is always kind, always helpful and is always hardworking. She is a very valued member of Magpies.

Have a great half term Magpies! Stay safe and enjoy a good rest!

Bonjour from Magpies Class!

Friday 21st September

Amazing! Magpies class have had a super week and every member has worked their socks off!

In Literacy we have finished writing all about our setting description. Some amazing adjectives and sentences using conjunctions. In Numeracy, we have continued to reason with our tens and ones. It is always a challenge to explain your ideas but Magpies tried really hard at this!

In Topic we have thoroughly enjoyed visiting France. We enjoyed learning some French words, creating postcards home and even building our own Eiffel Tower!

Our Star of the Week this week is Owen. Owen always tries his hardest in his learning and is a brilliant role model in our class. Owen takes great pride in his work and completes every task to the best of his ability! Well done Owen!

Have a great rest over the weekend Magpies! Next week we're off to China!