"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Magpies - Year 2

A final week in Magpies Class!

Friday 20th July

An amazing year has come to an end! We were thinking about our favourite memories from Magpies class and there have been a lot!!

We have enjoyed our class week together as a class through exploring India. A fantastic last few days with art and creativity. The children have worked hard to produce some creative designs and have learnt some very interesting facts!

Take a scroll through the blog and you will see all the fantastic adventures from our class this year!

Thank you for being a fantastic class! I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Summer and I will see you all next year in Herons!

A week of kindness, perseverance and creativity!

Friday 13th July

What a brilliant week! Magpies class have been busy with some fantastic learning!


This week we have been raising money for the National Deaf Children's Society, We have enjoyed painting mugs, decorating biscuits and making bunting ready for our Parent Fundraiser! The Robins and the Magpies were fantastic! They performed a song in sign language confidently and together we managed to raise a total of over £85! The money will go towards helping children who are deaf and supporting their families.


Throughout the week we have enjoyed solving a range of different maths challenges. Some of them were challenging- finding different solutions, using our mental addition and using resources to help us. I have been so impressed with how the Magpies have persevered and kept going to find different answers! A very important skill for later in life! 


This week the Magpies have finished their last 'Hot Write' in Year 2 and it was super! A spooky setting description about the forest! Well done for all of your creative ideas and choice of language. A great end to our Literacy this year!

A special mention to Edward who has been our Star of the Week for his enthusiasm in our Talk for Writing and our Parent Fundraiser. Well done Edward!


Enjoying the sunshine, learning lots and moving up to our new classes...

Friday 6th July

Magpies have been busy this week across the curriculum! During our Topic work we have enjoyed planning and preparing for our fundraiser to raise money for the National Deaf Children's Society. We enjoyed painting our mugs ready to sell next Thursday. We have continued to learn some Sign Language and are practising our song well.

In Literacy we are writing a setting description and the Magpies have been fantastic at learning the story map! We came up with some brilliant, powerful adjectives to describe the spooky forest!

In Numeracy we are finishing the year with some Maths Investigations. The children worked well to persevere and help one another find different answers!

Magpies also enjoyed a visit to Year 3 Heron's Class to get ready for next year!

Safari here we come!

Friday 29th June

What a week! Magpies have had a super week! It all started with finishing off our communication topic learning by making a booklet about all of the different ways of communication. We had some fantastic ideas with the children thinking carefully about how communicating has changed since the past.

Our highlight of the week has to be our trip to Woburn Safari Park! We thoroughly enjoyed the safari! We saw so many animals from giraffes, elephants, zebras and we even had a monkey sitting on the roof of the school coach!

Here are some quotes about the day from Magpies class:

"I liked seeing the penguins because you could see them swimming around" Rose
"My favourite part was the monkeys because they went on the coach roof and we could see them through the windows" Edward


The children behaved respectfully and they were a credit to our school! Thank you Magpies!

Our Star of the Week is Teddy for his fantastic knowledge about animals and using it to produce some brilliant Literacy writing.

Our Adventures continue...

Friday 15th June

A brilliant week in Magpies this week! It all started off with a joint science lesson with the Year 1 children. We enjoyed designing, building and evaluating a habitat for a woodland animal. It was great fun to work together in our school woods and build a habitat where some animals might live. We thought carefully about what the animals might need to live there.

 We also had a special visit from the Northampton Saints Rugby Club! We enjoyed a session with them learning a bit about Rugby and spending some time playing games and practising our skills! It was great fun and all of the children gave 100% effort!

In Literacy we have continued to work on our Non-Fiction text map and we have learnt lots of new facts about animals. We have also been working hard in Numeracy where we have challenged ourselves to learn about three digit numbers!

 A great week Magpies, enjoy a rest over the weekend!

Active Schools' Week Here We Come!

Sat 26th May 2018

This week we have had Active Schools' Week and Magpies class have been fantastic! We have enjoyed a range of sports and active lessons and we have learnt lots of new skills!

On Wednesday we all took part in our school Lapathon. Magpies were impressive and kept persevering even when we were feeling tired! We managed to total up 251 laps between us!

On Thursday we enjoyed a Cricket taster session. We had to put into practice our throwing and catching skills and aim carefully at the wicket!

On Friday we had our most active day of all! We showed brilliant team work when solving some challenging maths problems with Year 1. We also enjoyed our Beat the Teacher challenge! In the afternoon we were able to learn a new sport and enjoyed playing football rounders with Year 1.

Our Star of the Week goes to Jamie for his thoughtful behaviour at lunchtimes and his fantastic effort in the Lapathon. Jamie we are really proud of you!What an active week we have had! Be safe and enjoy a well-deserved rest over half term!

Another week of excitement, sun and lots of hard work!

Fri 11th May 2018

Wow! Magpies have done it again! Another fantastic week with lots of concentration, focus and determination!

In our Topic this week we have learnt all about William Caxton. We listened to how he travelled Europe and brought back the printing press. We all enjoyed presenting our BBC reports about William Caxton and we created a poster about him using the laptops. Some fantastic teamwork!

In Literacy, we have enjoyed learning the middle part of the Jack and the Beanstalk story map. We enjoyed coming up with our own actions and playing ping-pong to help us learn the story.

Our Star of the Week this week is Rose. All of Magpies class agree, Rose is a superstar! She is incredibly hardworking and a wonderful, kind friend to the other members of our Magpies class. A real role model in our school.

Keep up the good work Magpies!

Have you heard….?

Fri 27th April 2018

Magpies have blasted through their learning this week. It has been a busy week of learning! In Literacy we have finished our character descriptions of George’s Grandma. The Magpies have used some fantastic adjectives and impressive exclamation sentences to make their writing really exciting!

In Numeracy we have been revising place value and addition. Magpies have worked hard to use their addition methods and their knowledge of the inverse to solve different problems. A great week!

In Topic we have enjoyed learning about how the Ancient Egyptians communicated through Hyloglypics. We had a go at writing a message to our friends in this way. We also enjoyed tea staining and painting our names. Take a look at our work on display by the library!

Mrs Sims is particularly proud of Charlotte, our Star of the Week, for her fantastic effort in her writing. Charlotte has worked hard with her handwriting and finger spaces to produce a great story, well done!

Enjoy your weekend Magpies!

A final week of fantastic learning!

Thu 29th March 2018

What a brilliant term! So much learning, fun and hard work in Magpies! In Topic this week we have finished off learning about space. We enjoyed thinking about all the exciting activities we have been busy completing and we finished off by writing some detailed diaries all about our time in space!

In Numeracy we have been recapping over multiplication and division. We have worked hard to remember all about arrays and the inverse law. This certainly challenges our brains!

In Literacy we published our space adventure stories! We edited them to make them the best that they can be and then wrote them out beautifully using our Kinetic Letters.

Magpies, thank you for your hard work this term! Have a fun, safe and restful Easter holiday!

Magnificent Magpies have another marvellous week!

Fri 16th March 2018

Another fantastic week this week! In Literacy we have now finished writing the middle of our story using Talk for Writing to help us. We have used our characters and setting from the beginning to create an exciting adventure story! Magpies’ enjoyed using drama to think carefully about the conversation between our characters and even managed to use questions in their writing.

In Numeracy we have continued learning to read the time. This can be challenging but Magpies have been brilliant at persevering in their learning.

Our Star of the Week this week is Lucy. This is because of her hard work in lessons and her concentration when learning the time in Numeracy! A huge well done!

A fantastic week in Magpies!

Fri 9th March 2018

This week we have been busy learning across the curriculum. In Literacy we have learnt the beginning to our Talk for Writing story and written our own story beginnings. In Numeracy we have had a busy week learning all about number and then starting to learn how to read the time.

We have had some great afternoons this week. On Wednesday we enjoyed finding out which size of balloon rocket would travel the furthest. We predicted, observed and recorded our results. On Thursday we enjoyed getting creative with R.E and thinking about how the story of Easter makes us feel.

A huge well done to Tillie and George for their achievements in being our Stars of the Week. Both are children who have shown hard work and shown they can be great team players, well done!

What a fantastic week in Magpies!

Fri 2nd February 2018

This week Magpies have had a brilliant week! In Maths, we have continued to learn about shapes this week, solving problems and sorting some 3d shapes. In Literacy we enjoyed writing our final character descriptions of an astronaut. Take a look at our writing on display in the corridor!

In R.E we have been preparing for a Easter sharing assembly and created some fantatstic artwork. We thought carefully about what Easter might mean for Christians.

Finally, we have had a great afternoon carrying out our science investigation. We investigated which material would be best for an aeroplane and we found out the cardboard aeroplane flew the furthest!

Magpies- a class of stars!

Fri 19th January 2018

Another busy week for Magpies! This week we have enjoyed learning more about Neil Armstrong. We pretended to be BBC News Reporters and reported on the first moon landing! We learnt how to be good at communicating when we worked in groups of four to draw our own astronauts.

In Numeracy we have continued to learn about money. We have been putting our reasoning skills in use by completing some challenging money questions. Rose, our Star of the Week, has been working her socks off in Maths this week and she has kept going even when things havent been easy! A real star!

Half way through the term! Let's keep up the hard work Magpies!

Welcome back to Magpies!

Fri 5th January 2018

What a great week! We have only had two days but Magpies class have come back with a fantastic attitude to learning!

On Thursday we enjoyed our Stunning Start day. We had a lesson with Atomic Tom where we learnt how to make slime and we enjoyed flicking paint to create our new topic covers. We really enjoyed it and had a great day experimenting!

Today we wrote a recount about all our excitement. All of the Magpies remembered their capital letters and full stops and tried really hard with their Kinetic Letters handwriting. We had a brilliant time in the afternoon, learning with Year 1, to create our own space rocket designs!

December has arrived in Magpies!

Fri 1st December 2017

It’s been a great week in Magpies we have been performing, learning and writing our own poems all about different sea creatures. We even wrote some acrostic poems today!

We have also been busy in Numeracy beginning to learn about data handling. We found out our class's favourite fruit and our favourite pet and we were fantastsic at drawing tally charts and bar charts.

This week our Star of the Week is Charlotte because she always works hard across all of our lessons and she is kind and caring to the other children. Well done Charlotte!

The Christmas play rehearsals continue and we have enjoyed practising all of our Christmas songs this week. Keep it up, a great week Magpies!

Magnificent Magpies!

Fri 17th November 2017

It's been a busy week as usual in Magpies! We had great fun this week creating our own fish sculptures out of clay, practising our timestable games and creating our own talk for writing stories!

In our Talk for Writing we made our own pirate story by changing the characters. Magpies did some fantantastic writing using adjectives, conjunctions and even some expanded noun phrases!

In P.E this week we worked hard on our social skills. We were trying to encourage others and say kind things when our friends did well. A really important skill to learn!

Today we helped raise money for Children in Need and brought in all our coins to create 'Great Whale' from our Talk for Writing story! We enjoyed wearing spots and stripes!

Our Star this Week is Charlie. Charlie always has a smile on her face and she has shown great enthusiasm in our class. Thank you for your positive attitude and hardwork Charlie!

A busy first week back!

Fri 3rd November 2017

In Literacy this week we have learnt all about instruction writing. Being detectives we looked for the features of an instruction text and then we had a go at writing our own. We wrote some fantastic instructions on how to make our boats!

In Numeracy we have started learning all about multiplication and division. We were able to use arrays to help us answer the number sentences and we even had a go at using some reasoning skills too!

The highlight of our week has to be our boat race! We tested the boats we made and thoroughly enjoyed seeing how many cubes they could all hold! It was a great race! We found that all of the boats floated and they were all made with waterproof materials! Some great work Magpies!

Our Star of the Week Edward has had a fantastic week back. Edward has been ready to learn this week and listening carefully to instructions. Edward's hard work has paid off and he has produced some brilliant instruction writing!

Another great week!

Fri 13th October 2017

Another busy week in Magpies!

This week we have been writing some fantastic setting descriptions to describe under the water. We used lots of super adjectives and really worked hard to try to include some of our senses.We are really enjoying our Kinetic Letters and have been busy learning letters with brave monkey and scared monkey!

In Numeracy we have continued to learn how to add and subtract. Lots of practice is needed but we are starting to be able to work independently on this!

We have been really impressed with Tillie this week- our Star of the Week! Tillie is an incredibly smiley, helpful and kind member of our class and she always thinks about others first. Well done Tillie!

Learning this week in Magpies!

Fri 29th September 2017

Another fantastic week! This week Magpies have been out on our trip to Barnwell Country Park. We have enjoyed bug hunting, sketching the mini-beasts and pond dipping. We worked very well as a team and had lots of fun as we learnt about the different creatures in the pond! It was a pleasure to take all the Magpies- we showed brilliant behaviour and enjoyed exploring outside.

Back inside the classroom we have been writing recounts of our adventures. Not only did most of us use some time connectives but we even managed to use conjunctions as well! We have also been learning this week to subtract on a numberline. We have found this challenging but we have shown some super perserverance!

A special mention to Sophie, our Star of the Week, for being a careful listener, a hardworker and an incredibly kind friend!

Another fantastic week in Magpies!

Fri 15th September 2017

We have continued to have a great time in Magpies this week! We have been working hard in Numeracy and we have continued to use our tens and ones to solve problems. In Literacy we have enjoyed sharing the story of Mr Gumpy and the Magpies have started writing their own versions of the story!

This afternoon we enjoyed carrying out a science investigation into how best to use water to wash our hands. We got glitter and water everywhere but we learnt that it’s always best to use warm, soapy water!

Our Star of the Week today was Emily! Emily has had a brilliant week-working hard, always trying her best and showing a respectful attitude around school. Well done!

A great week with a sporting finish!

Friday 22nd June

Magpies have had a fantastic week! It all started in Literacy when we have planned and written our own Non-chronological report for a imaginative animal! We enjoyed designing our creature and thinking up some facts all about them! Our Star of the week Lucy, has been working really hard in her writing and using her Kinetic Letters, well done!

In Numeracy we have continued to learn about three digit numbers. Today we enjoyed problem solving and even though it was tricky at first, all of the Magpies worked hard!

Finally our week has ended with a fantastic sporting event! Sports day was a great success! It was brilliant to see all of the Magpies class trying their best, encouraging others and having a fantastic time! I am really proud of you  all for taking part and giving the afternoon all your enthusiasm! We will look forward to the results on Monday...

Have a restful weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

A fantastic first week back!

Friday 8th June

The first week back and Magpies have been working their socks off! This week we have enjoyed finishing our animal poems and we practiced performing these to the class. Some fantastic writing from all of Magpies!

In Topic we have enjoyed planting our own beans and watching them begin to germinate! We also set up our own investigation and planted the beans in different places around school. We are trying to find out what a plant needs to grow best.

On Friday we thought about how people who are deaf might communicate. We thought about how this might feel. We enjoyed learning a sign language song which we will practise over the next few weeks!

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Ethan. Ethan has come back to school with a fantastic attitude to learn, he has worked hard on his behaviour and he has produced some super work! A great week Ethan!


Marvellous Magpies!

Fri 18th May 2018

In Magpies this week we have been incredibly busy learning and finishing off all those assessments! In Literacy we have finished writing our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk and there has been lots of fantastic writing in Magpies. We enjoyed changing the character, setting and problem to the story.

In our Topic learning we have been continuing to find out more about William Caxton. We wrote a detailed non-chronological report on his life and enjoyed learning how to print our own pattern. These looked brilliant when they were finished!

We even had time for a game of football rounders with Robins and Kestrels!

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Carter for his hardwork, careful listening and because of how he always shows respect around our school. Carter is able to work well independently and he is a real role model around our school.

Well done Magpies, you should all be proud of what you have learnt this week!

Take a look at Magpies adventures this week!

Fri 4th May 2018

What a fantastic week again for Magpies class! This week our highlight has got to be taking part in the Sponne Sports challenges! We enjoyed taking part in lots of challenges with running, throwing and many more! Miss Manners and I were incredibly proud of all the children for their effort and good sportsmanship.

We have also enjoyed our Science this week. We went on a plant hunt to find out what is growing around our school grounds. We enjoyed looking at the different trees and deciding whether they were evergreen or deciduous. Some tricky scientific vocabulary!

On Wednesday we enjoyed listening and learning from a brass quintet. They made a fantastic sound and we thoroughly enjoyed the music. We also learnt a lot about the different instruments- from a trumpet to a tuba!

In our Literacy this week we have begun to write our own stories. We have learnt all about the adventures of Jack and the Beanstalk and we have started to change the character and the setting.

Thank you for your hard work Magpies. Enjoy the extra day to rest this weekend!

Our first week back!

Fri 20th April 2018

A busy week back after enjoying a restful Easter break!
This week we started our learning off with some challenging communication team games! We had great fun learning to communicate with our group in different ways. For example sometimes we had to use drawings, words or work together to solve the challenge! It was great fun and Mrs Sims was very impressed with how we all worked together.

We have also enjoyed our Talk for Writing. We are learning a story map all about George from George's Marvellous Medicine. We were able to think of some fantastic adjectives to describe the Grandma!

A huge well done to Curtis, our Star of the Week! Curtis has shown some great independent learning skills and worked hard to focus better on his learning in class.

Keep an eye out for all of our exciting adventures in Magpies this term!

Ready, Set, Go....

Fri 23rd March 2018

This week Magpies have been keeping fit and healthy with plenty of exercise! We enjoyed raising money for Sport Relief on Thursday. We worked hard to challenge ourselves and see how many minutes we could keep exercising for. We enjoyed running round the field, star jumps, press-ups and joining together with Robin’s class for some team games!

We have also been busy back in the classroom. In Literacy we have now finished our space adventure story. Some absolutely stunning writing from Year 2, taking the reader on a real adventure!

A huge well done to our Star of the Week Teddy. This week Teddy has been showing he is ready for learning by being quick to listen and follow instructions. Teddy has shown fantastic concentration in lessons as well!

The Snow Queen, Iron man, Winnie the Witch and the rest of Magpies!

Fri 9th March 2018

What a fantastic week! This week we have been busy reading and enjoying lots of different types of books. We had a brilliant day Thursday where we dressed up as our favourite characters- Mrs Sims was very impressed with all the new characters she had in her class. In the morning we had fun designing our own front covers, making character masks and writing our own riddles. Then, in the afternoon, we enjoyed reading with the older children in school and listening to some stories read by different authors. A great day!

Take a look at our costumes! Can you guess who we all were?

Cycle, run, rest....repeat!

Fri 9th February 2018

What an exciting week! The week began when we were busy learning fractions of shapes and numbers. We found this challenging but we persevered with our learning. Tuesday afternoon we had a great time design, making and evaluating our own junk model rockets. We thought carefully about the materials we chose and had a brilliant time being creative!

We have enjoyed continuing to learn our text map about Tim Peake, especially as we had a special challenge from him this week! On Wednesday we were really excited! Tim Peake had challenged us to see if the school could run and cycle to the space station. With a lot of tired children after our running and cycling…we made it! We were very proud of ourselves for trying our very best as part of the school team.

A special mention this week to Emily. Emily is our Star of the Week because of her fantastic attitude, careful listening and her gentle, kind nature!

A fantastic week! Enjoy a half term rest Magpies!

A visit to the moon...

Fri 26th January 2018

This week we have had a brilliant week in Magpies!

We have enjoyed continuing to learn about our space topic and had a great time learning all about Neil Armstrong. We enjoyed thinking of some fantastic adjectives to describe an astronaut and worked well in a team to do so! In Topic, we enjoyed pretending to visit the moon and wrote letters home as though we were the astronauts!

We have had a busy week in Maths, continuing to learn about 3d shapes. We learnt all about symmetry and were able to build our own 3d shapes.

In Science this week we learnt all about materials and sorted them into different groups. A fantastic effort from all of Magpies!

A huge well done to our Star of the Week, Carter. Carter is an excellent listener, kind friend and he always tries his best with his learning!

Enjoy a well-deserved weekend Magpies!

Magpies launch into space!

Fri 12th January 2018

Once again Magpies have had a fantastic week. In Topic we have enjoyed researching all about Neil Armstrong and using the laptops to find some facts about his life. We enjoyed working together to learn about how he was the first person on the moon!

In Numeracy we have been busy learning about money. This morning we made a shop and pretended to sell different items of food. We had to make sure we gave the customer the right amount of change! In Literacy we enjoyed being creative and using drama to help us write fantastic setting descriptions.

Well done to our Star of the Week Sophie for being a caring, kind and hardworking member of Magpies!

A festive week in Magpies!

Fri 15th December 2017

What a festive week in Magpies!

After starting a week with a day in the snow, we still managed to perform like stars in our Christmas Nativity!
We are so proud of all of the Magpies' class for their fantastic effort in our Christmas play- from remembering their lines, to singing their hearts out and dancing like never before, all of the Magpies tried their very best!
A special mention to our Stars of the Week, George and Charlie, for their outstanding performance.

A busy week as well! We have finished our wintery setting descriptions and enjoyed some Christmas problem solving! Then to top it all off, we enjoyed our making our Christmas party hats and enjoying our delicious Christmas dinner!

A huge well done to Lucy for being our Star last week. Lucy has been working really hard at some challenging maths and it has really paid off! Well done!

Magpies are working hard again!

Fri 24th November 2017

This week we have had a brilliant week in Magpies! We have been busy in Numeracy learning all about measures. We learnt how to measure length and practised measuring objects around our classroom. We have some tricky reasoning problems that we had to think hard about today.

In Literacy we have been learning some challenging grammar! We have been able to use adverbs, lists of threes and starting to use commas! What a super week!

A huge well done this week to Charlotte who has been working really hard to focus and try her best in lessons! Keep it up Charlotte!

A great finish today where we all enjoyed practising our singing for our Christmas play and then dancing together at our school disco!

Working our socks off in Magpies!

Fri 10th November 2017

This week we have enjoyed continuing to learn our multiplication and division facts. We worked together to solve some tricky reasoning problems in maths!

In Literacy we have thoroughly enjoyed our Talk for Writing story about Kassim and the pirates! We have used pictures and actions to help us retell the story. Magpies have been brilliant at this and have enjoyed coming up with their own actions to help them remember. We are looking forward to writing our own pirate stories next week!

We were very creative in our RE lesson this week as we finished learning all about what Christian's believe God is like. We had some fantastic ideas and wonderful pieces of artwork showing this.

Another great week Magpies! Thank you for your hard work!

A great end to a busy half term!

Fri 20th October 2017

This week we have had a week full of learning! In our topic we have enjoyed designing and making our own boats. We worked in groups of four and showed some great teamwork within our class. We learnt that we needed to listen carefully and share our ideas with our team members. We were able to use different materials and we can’t wait for the boat race after half term!

In Literacy we have been busy writing our own stories using ‘The Snail and The Whale’ from Julia Donaldson. We wrote some very adventurous stories using conjunctions, adjectives and an exciting ending.

Our Star of the Week Ethan has had a brilliant week! Ethan has made really sensible choices this week which has helped him to produce fantastic work across all of our lessons! He always shows some beautiful presentation and takes great care in his work.

I hope you have a fantastic half term Magpies! Stay safe and enjoy a rest!

Our adventures this week...

Fri 6th October 2017

Another week of hard work and learning! In Literacy this week we have enjoyed writing our non-fiction reports on different sea creatures. We tried hard to use conjunctions and different types of sentences. We also enjoyed our first Big Write where we wrote scary descriptions of a haunted house.

In Numeracy we have all showed fantastic perserverance! We have been learning to subtract on a numberline and although it has been challenging we have all tried our best.

We enjoyed going on the laptops to create our sea creature posters and we worked well as part of a team to produce some fantastic work.

This week we are all really proud of our Star of the Week! Jack has been a brilliant role model in our class, showing hardwork and making really sensible decisions.

Well done to all of Magpies this week!

A wonderful week!

Fri 22nd September 2017

What a brilliant week! Magpies have worked incredibly hard this week with their maths. We have been learning to add two digit numbers together by using partitioning. It has been a challenge but all of Magpies have tried their best.

We have also enjoyed writing our own versions of Mr Gumpy. Jamie wrote a fantastic story which is why he is our class star of the week! Well done Jamie!

Today we finished our week with celebrating Harvest at the church. We all enjoyed singing the harvest songs and performing our own Harvest poem. Enjoy a rest this weekend Magpies, you deserve it!

Our first week in Magpies!

Fri 8th September 2017

This week in Magpies we have had a fantastic start to term! It all started with our Stunning Start where we had great fun learning with water. We worked well as a team to tip water carefully into the cups, aim our water balloons and encourage one another in our boat race!

In Literacy we have worked hard to learn about nouns, verbs and adjectives and we wrote a brilliant setting description about a river. Some children even managed to include some expanded noun phrases!

An amazing start in Magpies!