"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenge and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kestrels - Years 5 and 6

Stunning Start for Kestrels!

Fri 7th September 2018

Welcome to the first blog of a new term! We have had a truly stunning first week back after the holidays! It has been lovely to see some familiar faces but equally fab to welcome new faces to our class and our school!

We launched our new topic "Earth Explorers" by looking at maps. We learned about the symbols used on ordnance survey maps and then used these to create some ordnance survey maps of the school grounds.  As we will be exploring some key cities in Europe and the Americas, we also applied our art skills to paint some fabulous cityscapes - pictured below!

We got to grips with some literacy this week and completed our first cold write of the term. We will start to look at report writing over the next few weeks. We started our mornings with some maths challenges to get us ready for our full maths timetable next week!

Over and Above: Well done to Adanyah who was our first over and above nominee this year! You made us very proud!




Fabulous Goodbyes!

Fri 20th July 2018

Another hectic week in Kestrel class, as we prepared to say farewell to this years, year 6's. Amidst the filming for our leavers assembly, we still managed to cram in a lot of science, PSHE, a french cafe and let's not forget a two day art extravaganza themed around India!  Phew!

In science we learned about the different muscle groups and how to exercise them. We then moved on to understanding how to keep our bodies healthy. We started to understand the short term and long term impact on our bodies of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

The year 6's also had their final PSHE session focused on keeping safe online.

On Tuesday, thanks to Mrs Brickwood, we enjoyed asking for and sampling some french cuisine!

The year 5's started our India art focus by learning how to draw a peacock, which is the national bird of India. The whole Kestrel class learned how to draw manadals using compasses and outstanding design skills - not a stencil in sight!!! Finally we learned how to paint a watercolour vignette, as a background for the Taj Mahal.

Friday finally arrived and we celebrated the end of primary school with our year 6's. Hopefully all the parents enjoyed our Oscars ceremony assembly! Laughs and tears were present in equal measure! All that is left to say is:  "Good luck guys! Make us and yourselves proud as you venture on to pastures new!"

To all the kestrels - have a fabulous holiday and a well earned rest!

Special mention: Jamie - I'm really sorry I missed your video!!







Oh What a Drama!

Fri 13th July 2018

We had a dramatic week this week in Kestrels! We completed no less than 3 perfomances of our production "The Next Big Step!" We raised our game and, to quote Mrs Marsh: "Absolutely Smashed It!" We enjoyed performing to our various audiences and we hope you enjoyed it too!

The learning this week has had a science focus. We started the week by finding out about the 5 main food groups and why they are important for us. We then compared and contrasted the nutritional information on food labels to start to understand what might constitute a healthy food! We found out that, although a lot of us prefer white bread, brown bread is in fact better for you, as it has more fibre, higher levels of protein and fewer calories per 100g. We were also intrigued about how carbohydrates were split into sugars and starches. We learnt that starches are better for us as they release energy more slowly and so make us feel fuller for longer.

We moved on to learn about how the circulatory system helps to transfer nutrients and water around our body. We drew life size models of the human body and annotated our diagrams to show the purpose of arteries and veins!

While the year 5s were swimming, the year 6s continued with their sequence of PSHE lessons looking at how to stay safe in relationships. They learned about different types of unhealthy relationships and who they could talk to if they found themselves in difficulty. The children again handled this difficult subject area very sensibly. We even came up with our own slogan of "Don't be scared, just be prepared!" Wise words indeed!

We also had some visitors come to visit year 6 to take a transition session called "It's Your Move." Thank you to Reverend Paula, Laura and all the pupils from Sponne school who helped make this an informative and reassuring session for our year 6's! 

Kestrel Star of the Week: Of course this week they were all my stars of the show! However, I did make special mention, in assembly this morning, of Callum and Jude for taking on extra parts at the last minute due to sickness and well done to Rhys for a technical masterclass on lighting changes!!


Transition Time For Kestrels!

Fri 6th July 2018

At the beginning of the week, we joined with the rest of KS2 to rehearse for our production next week. The singing sounded fantastic in the hall when we got to sing as a whole keystage! Rehearsing in the heat was really tricky, particularly on Tuesday when we used our new lighting system for the first time. A special mention must go to Rhys who manfully took on the responsibility, at the last minute, to manage the lighting for our performances!

In history this week, we found out lots of facts about the 1990s and then reflected on the changes that had taken place in Britain since the 1950s. We had to think about which change was the most significant for our country. Lots of us thought that the developments in technology had driven the most change. However, others thought that a change in government after 18 years of conservative rule might have been equally significant.

The end of the week saw most of our year 6s heading off to Sponne for their transition days. On Friday morning, we had our own transition morning and it was lovely to have all of the year 5s together to start to thinking about next year!   



Great Drama For Kestrel Class!

Fri 22nd June 2018

Auditions and rehearsals got underway in kestrel class for the forthcoming production of "The Next Big Step!" It was clear that by Wednesday some children had already been commiting their lines to memory which was seriously impressive and is making such a difference to our ability to stage the production. As well as all the speaking lines, we were also perfecting our singing skills and learnt 6 new songs!! A clear favourite so far is "Football Mums and Dads!"

The creativity didn't end there, as we had a small matter of a class race to organise for sports day! The generation race was devised and saw us dressed as babies, toddlers, parents, young executives and OAPs on Friday afternoon! A big thank you to all parents who helped to provide last minute props!

Maypole dancing also commenced this week, with the children starting to learn the single and double plait in readiness for next weeks school fete. We soon learnt that it is not as easy as it looks and we spent the beginning part of the week in a colourful tangle. However, by Thursday we were starting to weave a respectable plait around the pole!

Thursday was also filled with excitment, as our year 6 children put themselves forward to be voted May King or Queen. The children all delivered some wonderful speeches and congratulations go to Nieve and James who were this years successful applicants!

The week ended with a fabulous sports day. We had great fun taking part in the new format carousel of activities as well as the traditional flat races!

Kestrel Star of the Week: We recognised the hard work of Rosie this week, as she has been completing extra writing in her spare time! What dedication - well done Rosie!

A Persuasive Kestrel Class!

Fri 8th June 2018

This week we immersed ourselves in the power of persuasion! Having learnt about the features of persuasive letters, we set about writing to a character, from a shared novel, in order to make them return. We became despairing villagers throwing ourselves at the mercy of "Giant!" I was deeply impressed by the quality of the letters that the whole class produced and I, for one, am persuaded. However, we will have to see next week, when we finish our novel, whether "Giant" does in fact return to her rightful home!


On Tuesday Kestrel year 5's joined up with their peers in Kingfishers and we set off to Wicksteed Park to enjoy a maths enrichment day. The day included all year 5's from across the PDET academy and was a fun day of maths, puzzles and play!


Our A team kwik cricketers took Gold Medal in the cluster tournament at Sponne this week, which was great news! Congratulations to both the teams that took part!

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we celebrated with Charlie. Charlie amazed all of us this week with his persuasive literacy skills. He inspired all of our writing and he even challenged himself to finally take the plunge and attack joined up writing! He nailed it! Well done Charlie! 



An Active End To The Term!

Fri 25th May 2018

We ended the term, as we began, at full pace! 

In the classroom, we have mainly been journalists this week, as we immersed ourselves in the world of newspapers! We learnt about the features of a newspaper and their purpose and then applied our writing skills to write a newspaper article about our mid-week fundraising extravaganza - The Lapathon! We have generated some amazing writing in a very short space of time and I'm incredibly pleased with the focus and effort that the class have shown to meet the target of hitting the front page by Friday!!!! Special thanks must go to Mrs Marsh who allowed herself to be interviewed, in order that the children could include some excellent quotations for their articles!

In science, we got active! We devised an investigation to explore what type of exercise generates the largest change in our heart rate. We had to work out our resting heart rate by taking our own pulse! (We found everybodies, despite some children's initial concerns that they didn't have one!!!! ) and then we compared this with our heart rate after 3 mins exercise!

Wednesday saw us taking part in the whole school lapathon challenge. We attacked the challenge with gusto and compiled an enormous total of 406 laps towards the schools total of 2012 laps! Even Mrs Meredith ran every one of her laps!! Well done to all of the Kestrels who kept running inspte of the heat and their aching limbs!!

We finished the week joining up with the Kingfishers class to do some 60's style dances. We tackled the Jive, the pony, the mash potatoe and the swim! We were all surprisingly tired after this and enjoyed our extra break and ice lolly treat from Mrs Marsh - Thank you!

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we took a moment to celebrate Erin. Erin always arrives at school smiling and ready to learn; her enthusiasm is infectious. This week she showed a true talent for journalistic writing. Her witty commentary made for a great newspaper article - Well done Erin!

A Full Short Week!

Sun 13th May 2018

It felt like Kestrel Class managed to pack 5 days worth of work into 4 days this week!

In grammar we revisited prepositions, the subjunctive tense and using commas to change meaning. We reaslised that punctuation really can save lives, particularly when considering these two sentences;

Susan likes eating her cat and watching television.
Susan likes eating, her cat and watching television.

In Maths we learned all about ratio. We learned how to use ration notation, how to find base ratio and how to find equivalent ratios by scaling up or down. We also solved a range of worded problems using ratio. Our pictures this week show us using practical equipment to develop our conceptual understanding of this tricky concept!

Our year 6's Have worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks to prepare themselves for the forthcoming Sats and we wish them all the very best for next week. Keep thinking positive Kestrels and you will be fine!

Kestrel Star of the week: We celebrated the hard work and determination of Ellen this week. Ellen has really persevered with her learning this term, even when she has found subjects tricky! Ellen has been a role model for us all! Well done Ellen!

Kestrel Class Stunning Start

Fri 20th April 2018

Our stunning start for our new topic took place on Wednesday of this week. We guessed the decade looking at evidence from different time capsules; we created timelines by looking at the development of Cadbury's snacks and finally we created some Pop Art based on the works of the artist Andy Warhol.

In literacy this week we have continued with our grammar focus and have consolidated our knowledge of the progressive tenses, as well as moving onto understanding the present perfect tense. The year 6s have also completed a reading assessment and we have all made significant progress in our comprehension skills - well done guys, keep it up!

In maths, we have been learning all about 3d shape. We explored nets and the properties of 3d shape. We were making sure that we used our higher level vocabulary such as congruent, parallel and perpendicular.

The year 5s went swimming for the first time this term. The children were assessed and grouped and lessons will start next week.

Kestrel Star of the Week: We were really proud of Lily this week who has made massive progress in her learning. Lily's recent writing assessment was excellent and she also performed really well in her recent reading paper. Well done Lily keep up the hard work!

A Packed Last Week Of Term!

Thu 29th March 2018

In literacy, we focused on unpicking some of those tricky year 5/6 statutory spelling words. In Kestrel class we love a bit of speed spelling - how many times could you spell appreciate (correctly) in 30 seconds? The fun continued into grammar, as we started to look at different tenses. Our main focus this week was on the progressive tenses. We learnt about auxiliary and main verbs and applied this to our sentence work. We had some children who still needed to finish their Sci Fi hot write - not suprising given that they were between 8 and 10 pages long!! Special mention must go to Sophie and Adanyah for their perseverance, inspite of their aching hands!!!

In maths our focus was on angles! We learnt how to find missing angles: in triangles; on straight lines; round a point; on intersecting lines and finally using parallel lines to help us identify other corresponding angles - Phew! And as if that wasn't enough, we also practised how to draw angles - accurately. All angles were definitely covered!

Tuesday, found us in church taking part in our whole school Easter service. We were really proud of James, Adanyah and Jude who read their diary entries brilliantly and Rosie who wrote and read an amazing prayer for the whole school to reflect upon.

Our photos this week include one picture from our fantastic homework display last Friday. We really excelled ourselves with our efforts this term and the quality of the exhibition reflected this - well done everyone.

Happy Easter to you all - See you next term for an even busier time!!!!

This week in Kestrel Class

Fri 16th March 2018

This week, in Literacy, we have been continuing to write our science fiction stories. We completed our build up and will be writing our problem, reolution and conclusion next week!

In maths we have been looking at area and perimeter. We have have been finding missing dimensions in order to calculate the area and perimeter of compound shapes. We have also been calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms.

In science we devised and completed our investigation into water resistance. In topic we scaled up our star constellations using ratio. Our topic board is proudly featuring such constellations as Leo, Cetus and Argo, the viking ship!

It was nice to see some new kestrels joining us for Hot Chocolate Friday this week. Again these children have been nominated for being supportive and caring friends!

Kestrel Star of the week: This week we were celebrating the great writng of Adanyah. Her science fiction story is amazing so far and she even inspired other class members to use her ideas! Well done Adanyah!

Kestrel's World Book Day!

Fri 9th March 2018

Our first World Book Day activity was focused on our class novel "Listen to the Moon" by Michael Morpurgo. We re-read a section of the book which described the island of St Helen's where one of the main characters is found. Using evidence from the text, we created some pastel drawings of the scene. We compared these later with some pictures taken by the author of the island.

Next, we considered the dilemmas and debates that are contained within the story. We had to find justifications for and against some of the decisions that key characters had taken.

In the afternoon, we paired up with Wrens and Magpies classes for some Buddy reading. We then listened to some story excerpts read by actors and authors and reviewed these books. Finally we finished the day with a WBD celebration assembly.

Each class were awarded certificates and our winners are listed below;

Best Costume - Nieve - We had to recognise the hair!!
Best Reading Activity - Sophie, for her fantastic interpretation of St Helens
Most unusual place to read - James - gardening, climbing and dog managing all combined with reading - Great effort James!!

Kestrels to Space

Fri 9th February 2018

In literacy we finally finished our biographies about Tim Peake. We all worked incredibly hard and have produced some excellent writing. In maths we have started to explore percentages. We have looked at how percentages link to fractions and decimals and we have started to find percentages of amounts.

We thoroughly enjoyed our part of the Space to Earth challenge on Wednesday. Kestrel class had the last session to contribute to the 400km challenge and we smashed it!!! We were particularly proud of our cycling as we contributed a whopping 100km to the school target. Even Mrs Meredith did her bit!!!

We enjoyed another Hot Chocolate Friday by recognising those of us who had been supportive and kind. Well done to all those who were nominated.

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week it was Sebastians turn in the spotlight. Sebastian has worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks on his biography and has produced an excellent piece of writing. Well done Sebastian your progress in writing is wonderfulto see!

Fractions and Friction in Kestrel Class

Fri 26th January 2018

In literacy, we have been using our reading and research skills, to investigate the life of astronaut Tim Peake. Next week we will be using this research to write a biography about his life and space exploits!

In maths, we have moved on to multiplying and dividing fractions! We have nearly grasped this tricky concept and we were really excited to see the impact that these new skills have had on our weekly arithmetic papers! Some of us have improved our scores by some 300% since the beginning of the year!! Go Kestrels!!

In science we learnt about the force of friction. We planned and conducted our own experiments and yet again we have been honing our explanation skills as we worked hard at drawing conclusions from our results.

Our star of the week was absent this week! So watch this space for two stars next week!

A Great Week Of Learning For Kestrel Class.

Sat 13th January 2018

In literacy we started to explore our new writing genre- biographies. So far we have identified the genre and grammatical features of this text type. We also had great fun in grammar (yes it's true grammar can be fun!) this week using modal verbs to express what we could, should, can, will, do with random items if we were stranded on a desert island! We were seriously creative!

We have been working on fractions this week in maths. We have learnt how to represent and order fractions as well as find equivalent fractions. Our revision area for arithmetic has been long multiplication.

We have also enjoyed learning some more about our new topic. So far we have investigated our solar system and conducted science experiments to help us understand the effects of the force of gravity. We looked at the impact of gravity on different meteorites hitting the Earth's surface. We used plenty of our science skills throughout this investigation such as predicting, discussing, analysing and presenting data as well explaining our results.

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we were very proud of Josie who showed great perseverance whilst working on fractions. Josie went above and beyond this week to make sure she understood her learning. Well done Josie!

Stunning Start

Fri 5th January 2018

The new term started well in Kestrel class. We enjoyed our Atomic Science assembly which really got us thinking about our new topic!

Our session with Atomic Tom helped us to look at the forces that are present in our universe. We discussed gravity and electromagnetism. We defied gravity (a little bit) with helicopters and hoverboards.

We also started to learn about our solar system and created artistic representations of the planets. We also learned a handy mnemonic to remember their order from the sun.

On Friday, the whole of KS2 took part in a carousel of activities which included making aliens, writing space inspired Kenning poems and creating origami stars.

Finally we completed some space themed abstract art based on the work of artist Peter Thorpe.

Caroling Kestrels!

Fri 8th December 2017

In literacy this week we have been continuing our narrative writing based on the short film 'Roads End.' We have been working hard to include variety in our sentence structures! In maths, we have been looking at number properties. We have been investigating with square numbers; reasoning and problem solving with factors and multiples as well as identifying prime numbers.

On Tuesday some of us took part in the Towcester cluster carol concert. We rehearsed all afternoon, then went to Towcester Primary for a packed tea and quiz and then returned at 5:30pm for the concert. We had a fabulous time and represented our school brilliantly. Special mention must go to James and Rosie who completed their readings with aplomb in front of a large congregation.

We have been working hard in PSHE to develop a vision of what being respectful in Kestrel class looks and feels like. We decided that the two most important areas for us to work on should be supporting each other and respecting everyone's right to learn. We discussed whether we needed to feel good about ourselves before we could support each other and we learned about different ways to make ourselves happy. Exercise was key, so we, including Mrs Meredith!, ran 8 laps or more of our school field to release those endorphines!!! We have more exciting plans for PSHE next week, so watch this space.

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we celebrated Izzy's achievements with her writing. Izzy has worked hard all week to improve her narrative - well done Izzy!

Another Working Week

Sun 26th November 2017

We have been working hard again this week.
In literacy, we have started to look at some mysterious inspiration for our narrative genre. We have learned how to write story plans by boxing up our ideas.

In maths we have been learning lots more about division. We have learnt how to express remainders appropriately when answering worded problems. Sometimes this has even involved the use of fractions. Some of us have also moved on to look at long division.

We have started our rehearsals for the forthcoming cluster carols concert! Letters for parents will be sent out soon!

We ended the week strutting our stuff at the disco! Thank you PTA and DJ Snook, we had a fab time!

Kestrel star of the week: We have been celebrating Ellen's achievements this week! She has pushed herself really hard in maths and has made progress as a result- well done Ellen!

A Week To Remember

Fri 10th November 2017

This week we developed our literacy skills by applying our knowledge of different sentence structures to our setting descriptions. In maths we were learning formal compact methods for long division and in geography we were comparing water availability and usage in the UK and Kenya. In science we started to plan an experiment based on our knowledge of life processes.

Thursday was a particularly exciting day for our year 6's as we had our first taster lesson at Sponne. We experimented with electricity by building different types of circuits. Meanwhile back at GreensNorton the year 5's completed some stunning poetry based around the theme of remembrance.

Our remembrance week ended with a poignant service lead by the Royal British Legion. Special mention must go to Rosie and Nieve who read our school prayer brilliantly.

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we celebrated Jamie's fantastic achievements in his writing. Jamie had really mastered the skill of varying his sentence structures and applied this to all aspects of his work! Well done Jamie!

End of our first Half Term.

Sat 28th October 2017

We ended the term, as we began, with lots of hard work!

In literacy we finished our river poems using figurative language and in geography we researched the importance of rivers and created posters to display our findings.

In maths we completed some investigation work based on our knowledge of number properties. We worked hard to jusitfy our answers by selecting appropriate examples.

Kestrel Star of the Week: Our star this week was Jamie, who produced an excellent poem about a river. He made particularly good use of metaphors throughout his poem. Well done Jamie!

Whirlwind Week in Kestrels!

Fri 6th October 2017

It's been another week jammed with learning for Kestrel class!
In Maths, we have been reasoning and problem solving using efficient methods of addition and subtraction. In literacy we have completed our explanation text hotwrite and have started to look at figurative language. One of our pictures this week shows us looking for inspiration for metaphors and similes around the school grounds.

The flow is still going in geography, as we started to investigate rivers in more detail. We have identified their stages and features, as well as learning about erosion, transportation and deposition.

In R.E. we created stained glass windows to depict bible stories and discussed how church architecture shows one way that Christians celebrate God.

Kestrel star of the week: Congratulations to Charlie this week for his fantastic geographical skills, when learning about rivers.

The Kestrels ploughed through another week!

Fri 22nd September 2017

Rounding, rounding and more rounding! We have been rounding digits upto a million in maths as well as rounding numbers to 1 and 2 decimal places. We have also been busy filling in our new reading records in guided reading and when we read independently. Please fill them in when you read with us at home too! Some of us have been enjoying reading stories from the science fiction genre. We had some great discussions about the plot and were finding evidence to support our views. To end the week, we took to the catwalk and performed our vegetable fashion show at our harvest festival service!

Kestrel star of the week: We were celebrating Sophie's achievements this week. She has been focusing and working consistently hard across all subject areas.Well done Sophie - Keep up the good work!!

A busy week in Kestrel Class!

Fri 15th September 2017

Another busy week in Kestrel class! We have been: ordering some tricky decimal numbers in maths; getting to grips with explanation texts in literacy; learning about the water cycle in geography and understanding about animal adaptations in science! Phew!!! Our photos this week show us completing our R.E. work (we were working in groups to consider how different people perceive God.) and to round off the week, we had a very tense game of benchball!

Kestrel star of the week: Congratulations go to Jude this week for his wonderful work in maths! Well done Jude!

An Interesting Week In Kestrel Class!

Fri 29th June 2018

We had an extremely varied week, this week in Kestrel class! Our main focus has had to be rehearsals for our end of year production. The stage went up on Monday night so we started to get to grips with where we needed to be and on Friday we had our first technical run through with music and sound effects!!

On Monday afternoon, some of our year 5's and 6's went to Sponne and took part in a transition rounders tournament! In spite of the heat, both teams did well and played with great team spirit.

Our year 6's have had three PSHE lessons this week looking at: puberty, how babies are made and what makes a healthy or unhealthy relationship. The children handled thse sessions really well and asked some interesting and thought provoking questions!

It was swimming again on Thursday for our year 5's and it is fantastic to hear each week how much progress the children are making. Special mention to Charlie and Jude this week for thier efforts!

With the school fete just around the corner we were of course perfecting our maypole steps! Fingers crossed for tomorrow - remember just keep calm everyone - including Mrs Barnett who is leading the dance this year!

Kestrel Star of the Week: Congratulations to Alice this week for outstanding bravery and perseverance. Alice climbed a pole over two storeys high on the year 5 trip to the Frontier centre and took a leap of faith onto a trapeze! Wow! 

That's That for SATs!

Fri 18th May 2018

Well we made it! Our year 6's made us very proud this week, as they tackled their SATs exams with calmness and determination! In fact, I think we actually began to enjoy the daily ritual of SATs breakfast (let's not mention how much chocolate spread we consumed!) extended break time after our tests and a little bit of revision in the afternoons!

Our year 5's also enjoyed their  mornings immersed in their island projects and have produced some highly entertaining and creative results!

Of course the highlight of this week was our Friday Funday complete with shared picnic! The weather was kind to us and we had an extremely chilled day of sport and fun and wonderful food! Thankyou to all parents who helped contribute to such a wonderful picnic banquet!

Kestrel Star of the Week: Everybody! How could I choose this week with so many children making me proud? Clearly our year 6's have been super impressive but I also want to thank all of my wonderful year 5's for supporting their year 6 friends this term and happily taking part in all the extra grammar and maths sessions that we completed!  

Final Push in Kestrel Class

Mon 7th May 2018

Kestrel class completed another week full of hard work and focus. Guided reading continued to focus on ensuring that we supported our answers with evidence from the text. We also played beat the clock as we practised our skimming and scanning skills! Our grammar lessons saw us revisiting modal verbs and sentence structures. We certainly feel much more secure on phrases and clauses and how to identify the main and subordinate clause in a sentence.

This week, however, felt like maths week! We learnt how to interpret a range of different graphs and charts including, bar, line and pie charts as well as investigating the mean average! We also revisited negative numbers and used number lines to help us find the difference in positive and negative numbers. We finished off by playing a game of air ships to re-enforce the affect that adding and subtracting negative and positive numbers have. We thought about positive numbers being puffs of air and negative numbers being sandbags!! We finished our week with an arithmetic focus! We have all worked so hard to improve our arithmetic skills and should feel proud of the progress we have made!

We were definitely ready for an extra long weekend after all of our hard work!

Kestrel Star of the Week: We took a moment to celebrate Jamie this week. Jamie has been working so hard over the last few months to get to grips with the year 6 curriculum. He has such a mature attitude to his studies and he is a real role model for other learners within our class! Well done Jamie! We are incredibly proud of your effort and achievements!

Grammar, Maths and Reading

Fri 27th April 2018

Well, as you will have guessed, this week has been firmly focused on helping our year 6's to prepare for the forthcoming SATs exams. A special mention must go to our year 5 Kestrels who have been so brilliant at fitting in at this particular time!

In grammar, we have been exploring all of the different uses of apostophes, as well as completing a full grammar revision paper. Most of us are starting to have a bit of confidence in our abilities now and we have been celebrating our successes!! In guided reading, we focused on how to answer those elusive 3 mark answer questions. We thought carefully about what we needed to include in order to gain as many marks as possible! In maths, we covered co-ordinates and translation. We applied our skills to some challenging problems but we have started to get to grips with this subject! We also held some arithmetic booster groups with several of us being the teacher to help our friends improve in areas that they find tricky!! Again we are seeing pleasing progress in our results.

We ended the week with a really exciting game of bench ball! A great way to let off steam and have some fun after a week of incredible hard work!!!

Special Mention must go to Alex this week who achieved his Decimal gold times table medal. A great achievement Alex- well done!

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we took time to celebrate Archie! Archie is just a brilliant member of our class. He always works incredibly hard and has delivered great progress across all subjects. However, best of all, he is also a great friend and a kind and caring member of our class! Thank you for being you Archie!!

Perseverance in Kestrel Class

Fri 23rd March 2018

In literacy this week, we finished our science fiction stories. We have really excelled ourselves with our writing about the abandoned astronaut -agent Eleven. In grammar we were looking at the active and passive voice.

In maths we have been focusing on: reasoning and problem solving with area and perimeter; finding the volume of 3d shapes and we have even squeezed in some extra maths in the afternoons, looking at the properties of 2d shape!

We completed our water resistance investigation write up in science. We worked hard at ensuring that our conclusions really explained our results and included our scientific vocabulary.

On Thursday, we had great fun joining in with the whole schools sports relief activities. We boosted our learning appetite with running laps around the field. Then, in the afternoon, we completed our contribution to a wholeschool circuit training extravaganza of starjumps, step ups and press ups! Our arms were aching afterwards!!!

Kestrel Star of the week: We celebrated Frankie's achievements in writing this week. Frankie wrote an excellent and exciting sci-fi narrative. Well done Frankie - keep it up!!

Measure for Measure!

Fri 9th March 2018

In Literacy, we have started to write our science fiction narratives. So far we have completed our story maps and introductions. We worked really hard to peer assess our writing in order to drive improvements. The outcomes were really impressive, well done Kestrels!

In maths we have been looking at a range of measurements including length, mass and capacity. Remembering all the conversion rates proved critical! We applied our knowledge to complex worded problems and also focused on reading partially labelled scales - not easy.

As part of science topic, we learnt all about stars and investigated star constellations. We applied our emerging knowledge of ratio in order to scale some of these constellations up. We are looking forward to completing these next week.

In R.E. we were reflecting upon the last supper. We re-enacted this significant event and undertook a conscience alley activity.

Kestrel Star of the week: We celebrated the consitent hardwork of Nieve this week. Nieve is always striving to produce her best and she was truly deserving of her award today.

Hot Chocolate Friday: Quite a party this week, with some lovely nominations. We nominated people for a range of reasons including: being kind and supportive; cheering us up when we are a bit down; never complaining and helping me with my spellings. Well done to all of our kind and caring Kestrels!!!!!

A Great Start For Kestrel class

Fri 23rd February 2018

In literacy this week we have started to explore a new genre - Science Fiction. So far we have read some Science Fiction stories, watched some short Science Fiction films in order to understand the key features of this genre!

In Maths, we have been continuing to work on percentages! Hopefully this will help us when shopping in the sales!!!

Our afternoons this week, have been themed around protective behaviours. We have been learning that we all have a right to feel safe; That we all have a different opinion on what feels safe; How to recognise our personal early warning signs, that let us know that we feel uncomfortable and finally who can help us if we feel unsafe.

Hot chocolate Friday was an elite club this week. However, well done to those children who have been consistently supportive of their friends.

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we celebrated Archie's achievements in maths. Archie has really mastered percentages this week and has been pushing himself to complete some incredibly challenging work. Well done Archie!!

A Top Week in Kestrel Class

Fri 2nd February 2018

In literacy we have been writing our biographies about Tim Peake. We have made sure that we have included: expanded noun phrases for clarification, prepositional phrases and relative clauses.

In maths we have continued to have fun with fractions. This week we have been finding fractions of amounts. We have found fractions of shape and fractions of number.

In science we completed our Top Trump cards. Games commence next week! We also compiled facts about our solar system for our class book. In the process, we honed our formatting skills when using "Word" software.

Thsi week some of us were nominated by our friends to take part in "Hot Chocolate Friday." Kestrels had nominated children who they had noticed being extra kind and supportive. These children got to enjoy a hot chocolate this lunchtime and there were even some marshmallows this time. How nice it is to know that we have thoughtful and caring children in our class!

Kestrel Star of the week: Joel was our star this week. Joel is always working hard and doing his best. He is a great friend to everyone and we were pleased to celebrate with him this week. Well

A Monster Week

Fri 19th January 2018

In literacy this week we started to practise how to write a biography, whist making sure that we include all of the important technical features. Expanded noun phrases in this genre need to add detail for clarification rather than descriptive language which we had been using in our narrative genres. Nothing is ever simple is it?

In maths we remained immersed in the world of fractions.This week we were adding and subtracting fractions with the same and different denominators. We even calculated with mixed numbers. Our end of week investigation resulted in us having to build a monster out of cubes. Each cube represented a different fraction and our monster had to have a total value of 15 and a half!! Some of us achieved this but we all worked extremely hard trying to solve this tricky problem.

In science, we learnt all about what makes day and night and how we get seasons! We were developing our explanation skills as we tried to clearly explain these difficult concepts.

In P.E. we started circuit training and have established our starting positions for a range of athletic events. We are hoping that we can improve our personal best scores as the weeks progress.

Kestrel Star of the week: Alice was our star this week as she has worked really hard to master the skill of adding and subtracting fractions. This was not something we found easy, so well done Alice for persevering!! keep up the good work.

From assessments to DT!

Fri 15th December 2017

After a delayed start this week, we dived straight into a range of assessments in maths, reading and grammar. Howveer, we knuckled down and got these all completed in just two days! Phew!

We finally completed our Roads End narratives this week. We hard to make links between our conclusions and our introductions.

Our main focus this week has been our design technology project. We have been learning all about the mechanisms involved in cam based toys. We created different shaped cams and drew a profile graph to show the movement that would be produced by these cams. We designed our "Go With The Flow" themed cam toys and we have started to build them.

Kestrel Star of the week: Special mention to James this week, who performed extrmemelywell in his assessments. James's hard work and determination throughout this term has paid off and we are very proud of his achievements. Well done James.

And so into December!

Sat 2nd December 2017

We have continued to build our skills in narrative writing this week. We explored writing different styles of introduction using D.A.D. (Description, Action, Dialogue). We also looked at how sheep can help us remember key rules when it comes to writing dialogue! (Not a typo -ask your child!!)

In maths, we have continued to develop our skills with division. We have looked more closely at those tricky questions that involve us making decisions about what to do with remainders. We have also been applying our division skills to reasoning problems. We ended the week reviewing key mental maths strategies to help us improve our performance in our calculation assessments.

A large focus of the afternoons this week has been rehearsing for our cluster carol concert. We joined with the Kingfishers to learn four christmas songs, including one which required us to sing in a round. A bit more practise needed but a great effort has been made by everyone.

Kestrel Star of the week: Congratulations to Erin this week! What a journey Erin has been on with her division skills. Erin has shown great perseverance as she has learned to master this skill. Keep going Erin!!

A successful Week in Kestrel Class

Fri 17th November 2017

We had another full week in Kestrel class!

In literacy we completed our setting descriptions. We worked with our classmates to improve our writing and make sure we were meeting our learning objective. In maths we moved onto short division with and without remainders. Some of us looked at expressing our remainders as a decimal number.

In Geography, we found out more about the workings of hydro-electic dams. We reviewed the pro's and con's of this sustainable power source and wrote speeches to convince each other of our point of view - it got quite heated!!!

In Science we started our investigation on living processes and we now have monitoring stations around the classroom!

This week was anti-bullying week. We reflected on this and wrote diary entries in the role of a bully in order that we may better understand some of the reasons behind this difficult situation. We also squeezed in an R.E. assessment!!!

The week ended with us completing our class collage using all of the coins kindly donated to us for Children In Need! Take a look at our two designs!

Kestrel Star of the Week: Well done to Alex for his excellent setting description. He worked extremely hard to produce a quality piece of writing.

Special Mention: We were all super proud of James this week, as he achieved his Gold Award for decimal facts. James received his Gold medal in celebration assembly. This is only the second time in three years that this award has been achieved. Congratulations James - you did it!

Great Week for Kestrel Class

Sun 5th November 2017

We had a great start back after half term in Kestrel Class.

In literacy we've started to look at setting descriptions. We have explored different ways to add detail and variety to our writing. We have learnt about different sentence structures and how to identify and use a relative clause.

In maths we have started to look at formal methods of multiplication. We started by developing our mental strategies to help us use known multiplication facts when multiplying large or decimal numbers (See Pictures of us amassing multiple scores and calculating totals). We then looked at the formal compact method for short and long multiplication.

In Topic we learnt about the different ways our rivers can be polluted and the effect that this can have on local wildlife and the environment. We wrote speeches and letters to the local waterboard to persuade them to take action against the key causes of this pollution.

Kestrel Star of the Week: Our star this week was Andrew. Andrew showed such a great understanding of the formal methods of multiplication that he was able to support his peers so that they too became more confident. If you can explain your maths this ensures a deeper level of understanding. Well done Andrew you were a real star this week!

A Full Week in Kestrel Class

Mon 16th October 2017

This week was a full week of assessments! We all survived and, more importantly, now have a clear idea of what to expect from formal assessments. The more you practise the less intimidating these things become. Some of us were even disappointed when the tests were over!!!!!

There was still plenty of learning taking place;

This week in maths, as well as developing our subtraction skills, we have been working on our reasoning skills by solving problems together.

In literacy we have been creating mindmaps to help us generate ideas for our poems about the stages of a river. We were thinking about powerful adjectives and verbs as well as figurative language.

Kestrel Star of the week: This week it was Nieve's work that we were celebrating. Nieve completed some excellent problem solving work in maths this week. She had considered the best way to tackle her problems and had used the inverse to confirm her answers were correct! Well done Nieve.

The busy week did not end there for some of us! A special thank you must go to James, Archie, Ellen and Josie who represented the class so well at our church communion service on Sunday. Lots of the congregation spoke to me at the end of the service to say how well the children had read. Well done to all of you - you made me and Mrs Marsh extremely proud!

A Marvelous Middle for Kestrel Class

Fri 29th September 2017

Our marvelous middle for our current topic 'Go With The Flow' was a trip to Barnwell Country Park. Kestrel class were river detectives for the day and we carried out a range of observations and tests on the River Nene!

We tested for water cleanliness by checking for the presence of organisms. We tested whether the water was acid, alkaline or neutral using litmus paper and a ph scale. We also calculated river flow and used compasses to work out the direction of flow. We learnt about the local vegetation and even discovered how dangerous some of the plant life can be!!!

Overall this was a fantastic field trip and it really helped us develop our knowledge about this body of water.

Kestrel Star of the Week: This week we celebrated Amelia's work in geography. Amelia produced an excellent report on the observations and tests that we carried out on our field trip.

Stunning Start In Kestrel Class

Fri 8th September 2017

To start our week, we learnt about scumbling and blending with oil pastels and created some wonderful water droplets. In maths we have been learning about place value. We made decimal flowers to show our understanding of the value of each digit of our decimal numbers!