"Pupils behave well. They play happily together and consider each other’s needs very well.""Parents are right to be pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.""Pupils learn well because the work they do provides good levels of challenges and helps them learn new skills.""There is a happy and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms.""The curriculum supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.""Pupils get off to a good start in early years."

Kingfishers 2018-19

A Stunning Start To 2019!

Fri 11th January 2019

Kingfishers made an excellent start to the school year on Monday when they explored how they might express their interests and hobbies through what they wear. We also experienced goalball, and began to explore how sport can be adapted so that it is inclusive for all. Back in the classroom, we explored how this idea of inclusivity is so important in life if we want to live in a fair and happy society. We have challenged ourselves to set personal targets that we will review throughout the term. Good luck everybody!

In literacy, we have begun a narrative unit and have looked at how to create detailed and entertaining characters in our description. By using carefully planned expanded noun phrases and experimenting with conjunctions, Kingfishers created some wonderful descriptions, which will be used in the next weeks to write an alternative ending to a text.

Multiplication representations have been the focus in numeracy and the children are busy perfecting various written methods. It has become clear, just how important knowing the times tables is and there are many children who have renewed their determination in learning them. This week's homework explores some of the methods we have looked at.

Good vibrations filled the classroom during our science lesson, because Kingfisher's science topic this term is sound. We completed some simple experiments to explore how sounds are made of vibrations. We began a sound survey to explore which are the quietest and noisiest areas of the school at different times of day.

Well done to Eli, who was our Star of the Week. He is such an amazing role model in the classroom, but I wanted to celebrate his hard work in maths in particular. Well done Eli.

The spelling test on Monday will look at suffixes for both Y4  (ous) and Y5 tious/cious).


 Spellings set year 4 7119.docxDownload
 Y5 spellings 7119.docxDownload
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

Fri 14th December 2018

This week began with an RE day where we began to explore the nature of Jesus in relation to the Trinity. We used drama, bible study and discussion to explore our own ideas about whether Jesus was a son of man or a son of God. This was a wonderful day, full of deep thinking that ended with some wonderful modern art nativity scenes.

Kingfishers also worked hard to complete the newspaper unit that we have been working on. All the class tried hard to find a balance between factual and evocative language that would make a reader want to buy their newspaper. The children also had to weave in the grammar features we had been learning about including fronted adverbials, exciting expanded noun phrases and relative clauses for the Y5s. Amazing job Kingfishers.

Christmas dinner went down well on Friday, Thank you to Di and her team for making this such a highlight of our week.

Our Star of the Week is Ruby- superstar- Dodd. This really could be your middle name Ruby!

There won't be a spelling test this week as we have our carol concert at 9.20 at St Bartholomew's. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

A big thank you to all the families who have brought in wire coat hangers. We currently have 16, so are well on our way to making sure there are enough for our dream catcher project next week.   

A Marvellous Middle! 

Fri 30th November 2018

We started the week with an adventure into a text we are currently sharing.

The whole of KS2 immersed themselves in the world of Michael Morpurgo's novel Kensuke's Kingdom on Monday. We completed a range of activities including recreating Kensuke's island in pastels using the setting description from the novel. We then used our co-ordinate skills to plot and locate  some of the geographical features of the island. Some of us were even plotting in four quadrants using negative numbers! We also completed a message in a bottle to help Michael get rescued from the island. We decided that our letter would have been more successful than the one in the book, as we used physical geography clues to help passing ships recognise our island. Finally, under the careful watch outside, we learned how to build and light a fire. We found out that a great deal of perseverance was needed! However, we all succeeded! We even managed to display some of our work in the hall.

In literacy, we have been looking at newspaper reports and linking this to our grammar work where we have been punctuating direct speech. By the end of the week, everyone had cracked writing a quote that could be included in a newspaper recount.

In maths, we immersed ourselves in perimeter and have been using different methods to explore the perimeters of various rectangles and rectilinear shapes. To deepen this understanding, we will be stepping out of the classroom next week to explore perimeter in the real world.

A special well done to Tia, our Star of the Week. She has such a bubbly and enthusiastic approach to her learning that all those around her are caught up and brought along.

On Monday, we will be testing spellings that include silent letters.

 Friday saw us develop our coding skills and everyone has applied their knowledge of using the program Scratch to create a short quiz about an area of America that we have previously researched. There was lots of testing and debugging and again, Kingfishers impressed with their levels of perseverance and enthusiasm.

 Spellings set 261118.docxDownload
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Lots of learning!

Friday 23rd November 2019

On Monday, all classes had the opportunity to show what they had learned about in anti-bullying week.

In literacy, we have come to the end of our formal persuasive letter writing. Kingfishers applied the persuasive language features well as they chose who to write to and what viewpoint they were going to take in their letters.

In maths, we have continued to explore multiplication and division by applying written methods to problem solving. Y4s have looked at whether a written or mental method would be more useful and Y5s have begun to explore how to interpret remainders in division problems. We will continue with this next week.

In science, Kingfishers have been working practically to explore how to use reflective surfaces to change the direction of light. Some children even got as far as applying this knowledge to designing a periscope.

We have linked our geography and computing knowledge this week and have begun to think about how to write code to create an interactive quiz. We have learned the basics and are raring to continue with this next week.

Well done to Lily who was our well-deserved Star of the Week. Thank you for your kindness and hard work Lily- you are such an asset to Kingfishers Class.

Spellings will be tested on Tuesday of this week as we are having our Kensuke's Kingdom Marvellous Middle on Monday 26th November.

 Y4 spellings set 191118 - Copy.docxDownload
 Y5 spellings set 191118.docxDownload
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A spotacular end to the week

Friday 16th November 2019

What a busy Friday! We really did seem to have spots (and stripes!) before our eyes as we raised money for Children In Need this year. Thank you to all the children (and very helpful grown-ups) who took the time to bake, buy and donate to this very worthy cause.

In literacy, Kingfishers have been exploring the structure of paragraphs, using an introductory sentence that is then backed up by several persuasive points. This will be used next week to plan and write our own persuasive letter.

Maths saw Kingfishers exploring patterns within times tables. It is clear that many of the children are working hard on their times tables, improving their recall and understanding the inverse. Keep practising please!

Another important element of this week has been anti-bullying. We had many conversations about what bullying is and the many different forms it can take. We created comic strips to explore how an example of bullying could be dealt with and how victims can be supported by both adults and children. Our central theme was, 'The Power of Good' which explored how having a positive approach to other's differences and meeting negativity with positivity, can make everyone feel safe. We each decided on 5 key action points that could be done every day that would make our school a happier, more accepting and positive place to be. We will return to these later in the term and reflect on how we are doing at making sure these actions are happening.


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 Sprinting forward

Friday 9th November 2019

There was an actual cheer from Kingfishers when the running track opened earlier this week. We have made the most of it , building our stamina and using the short bursts to energise our bodies and minds. By the end of the week, some very fit Kingfishers were running a mile.

In literacy, we are learning about the text and language structures of formal, persuasive letters. Kingfishers are clear on the placement of addresses, greetings and sign-offs and are now moving on to thinking in more depth about how to use powerful verbs, adjectives and nouns to change a person's thinking.

We have continued with multiplication this week, with many children earning the next award in this week's assembly. Practise really does pay off!

In science, Kingfishers explored reflective surfaces and came to understand that all surfaces reflect some light, otherwise we would not be able to see them. Some surfaces are more reflective than others and the children have been looking for similarities between surfaces that do and don't reflect.

Our exploration of the globe continued and the children in Kingfishers have begun researching a state in America. This will help us to explore similarities and differences between parts of America.

It was wonderful to speak to so many parents this week during the parent consultations. Thank you to all who made the time to come and see me.


 Y4 hw 51118.docxDownload
 Y5 hw 51118.docxDownload
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A busy first week

Friday 2nd November 2018

It has been an busy week for Kingfishers.

In literacy we have been developing out understanding of descriptive writing- using powerful verbs and adjectives alongside similes and metaphors to create a setting description which really immerses the reader in the place being described. From our first draft, Kingfishers really took ownership of the editing process and supported each other well to improve the language and grammar of each piece.

In maths, we explored patterns and methods for learning the 3, 4, 8, 6 and 9 times tables. It is so important to develop quick recall of these facts in order to be mathematically fluent in later years.

In topic, Kingfishers landed in America and learned how it was divided into States. There is a really helpful (if a bit silly) song that places the States throughout the song.



In PSHE, Kingfishers began preparing for a special event that is coming up. We learned why so many people wear poppies at this time of year and began making our own preparations by creating poppies and writing poems to explore this.




Autumn 1 Half Term- POW!

Friday 19th October 2018

What a half term! The children in Kingfishers have worked incredibly hard and I am proud of each and every one of them. With some very lyrical similes and metaphors in our narrative settings, some impressive sessions in maths to develop our maths toolbox and the start of a very exciting project that will show us showcase our understanding of light and materials, this final week has been packed with learning.

Over the half term, I have asked Kingfishers class to spend some time learning the times table group that they are learning and have included some links below to help support with this.



 Spelling Homework Sheet Y4 15.10.18.docxDownload
 Spelling Homework Sheet Y5 15.10.18.docxDownload
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Singing, stories and seeing

Friday 5th October 2018

During this week, we were introduced to Curly Clare from Pop UK, who has taught us some really wonderful songs. We have been practising hard and cannot wait until our concert day next Wednesday.

This week saw Kingfishers really immersing themselves in the class text. Michael, from Kensuke's Kingdom, finds himself overboard and alone. Y4 thought about what might happen if he were to find land and create a shelter. The children thought about making sure he was safe from the elements, wild animals and that he had food and water stores to see him through a few days. What an amazingly creative bunch! The Y5 children took part in a very important and thought provoking workshop hosted by the NSPCC and explored how they keep themselves safe and what tools they have at their disposal when they inevitably come across challenges in their lives.

Somehow, we also managed to complete writing at length, investigations into place value and deepening our understanding of how we see (including some nifty optical illusions to trick the brain!). What a packed week!

 Spelling Homework Sheet all 1.10.docxDownload
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Week three

Friday 21st September 2018

I have been truly impressed by Kingfishers this week and will go home with a huge smile on my face due to the kindness, hard work and enthusiasm of the children.

We have dived into Kensuke's Kingdom and have had a debate about whether or not the family should sail around the world. The children elaborated points well and challenged each others' ideas respectfully.

Our literacy work delved deeper into how to structure paragraphs in a non-chronological report and by the end of the week, all children had designed their own town and used this to create a plan for their own writing.

In maths, Kingfishers learned more about  place value and how partitioning can be used to explore numbers in more detail.

Our geography work explored rivers around the UK and the children used atlases to locate major rivers. In RE, we began to learn about Sikhism and asked sensible questions that we will be exploring in the coming weeks.

Our Star of the week was April. What a super star she is, always pushing herself in lessons and going above and beyond to help the class understand more about the RSPCA's compassionate class project.

Josh A was spotted going above as well. Whilst playing football, he noticed a younger child who looked sad and alone. He left his own fun behind to make sure the other person was okay.

As requested, here are this week's spellings.

Y4: hyena, pyramid, hyphen, hydrogen, pyramid, typhoon, hygiene, tyrant, dynamic, analyse, hygienic

Y5: official, artificial, special, artificially, confidential, essential, partial, circumstantial, torrential and influential


A Stunning start to a new year

Friday 7th September 2018

This week saw the return of the fantastic Kingfishers to Greens Norton School. Along with many familiar faces, we have made new friends and spent some time getting to know each other.

Our topic this term is 'Earth Explorers' and Kingfishers have been developing essential map-work skills this week alongside  perspective drawings, basketball tasters, collage creations and online safety. What a packed week! In all honesty, it is a good job there are a full 5 days next week.

Singing our hearts out

Friday 12th October 2018

What a busy week!

With our amazing Pop UK concerts on Tuesday and Bikeability for Y5 children, it is a wonder that we managed to fit in anything else.

We are well into thinking about settings descriptions and have been playing around with similes and metaphors in order to create vivid pictures in the reader's mind.

In maths the children have been working on their strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems. They did so well, that today they were able to apply these skills in an 'Around then World Travel' game.

We discovered how Sikh children are welcomed to the Sikh community and shared some wonderful stories of how we got our names.

The discussions became quite heated as we thought about our compassionate class project. We began to explore whether using animals to help us is always the right thing to do. I was so proud of the children who were so accepting of other people's opinions.

Well done to Edward, who because he is such a star, was our Star of the Week. You are an amazing role model for what a great learner looks like Edward.

Sunday is our church service and I am looking forward to seeing you lots of you there.


Feeling thankful

Friday 28th September 2018

So much learning has been packed in again this week, as well as a lovely shared Harvest celebration.

Kingfishers have been learning about negative numbers this week and how to solve problems that cross zero. The homework this week will help the children to consolidate this knowledge.

The non chronological reports are almost finished with everyone trying hard to include factual expanded noun phrases, adverbial phrases (excellent homeworks this week by the way) and a range of conjunctions. This is not easy when alongside, the children are trying hard to consolidate kinetic letters and making sure that their writing is entertaining to read. Great job Kingfishers.

We learned about the human eye in science and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the range of iris colours, as well as how the pupil expands and contracts in different lighting conditions.

Thank you to all the children  (and families) for the generosity shown at the Harvest festival today. The messages we heard from the different classes, about thankfulness and fairness, were so important and the donations will no doubt make a difference to families in our area.

 Y4 HW 24.9.18.docxDownload
 Y5 HW 24.9.18.docxDownload
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Finding our way through our second week

Friday 14th September 2018

This week saw Kingfishers class developing their geography skills by using compass directions to describe where places were, relative to somewhere else. We had a great outdoor session, where we directed our partners using compass directions.

Maths continued to focus on number and the numbers system. We finished the week by looking at an alternative number system- Roman Numerals. This week's homework task also links to how to write and read numbers using a system where the place value system is different to our own. There are sheets to help support this learning in Kingfisher's classroom.

In our writing sessions, we deconstructed a non-chronological report in order to understand the features of this type of writing and began to explore some of the language we might use to describe places.

Well done to Ellie, who was our Star of the Week for being an all round superstar. What a fantastic role model you are!

Lilia was also noticed this week for going above and beyond when helping a younger child who had been hurt.