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Kingfishers 2018-19

Week three

Friday 21st September 2018

I have been truly impressed by Kingfishers this week and will go home with a huge smile on my face due to the kindness, hard work and enthusiasm of the children.

We have dived into Kensuke's Kingdom and have had a debate about whether or not the family should sail around the world. The children elaborated points well and challenged each others' ideas respectfully.

Our literacy work delved deeper into how to structure paragraphs in a non-chronological report and by the end of the week, all children had designed their own town and used this to create a plan for their own writing.

In maths, Kingfishers learned more about  place value and how partitioning can be used to explore numbers in more detail.

Our geography work explored rivers around the UK and the children used atlases to locate major rivers. In RE, we began to learn about Sikhism and asked sensible questions that we will be exploring in the coming weeks.

Our Star of the week was April. What a super star she is, always pushing herself in lessons and going above and beyond to help the class understand more about the RSPCA's compassionate class project.

Josh A was spotted going above as well. Whilst playing football, he noticed a younger child who looked sad and alone. He left his own fun behind to make sure the other person was okay.

As requested, here are this week's spellings.

Y4: hyena, pyramid, hyphen, hydrogen, pyramid, typhoon, hygiene, tyrant, dynamic, analyse, hygienic

Y5: official, artificial, special, artificially, confidential, essential, partial, circumstantial, torrential and influential


A Stunning start to a new year

Friday 7th September 2018

This week saw the return of the fantastic Kingfishers to Greens Norton School. Along with many familiar faces, we have made new friends and spent some time getting to know each other.

Our topic this term is 'Earth Explorers' and Kingfishers have been developing essential map-work skills this week alongside  perspective drawings, basketball tasters, collage creations and online safety. What a packed week! In all honesty, it is a good job there are a full 5 days next week.

Finding our way through our second week

Friday 14th September 2018

This week saw Kingfishers class developing their geography skills by using compass directions to describe where places were, relative to somewhere else. We had a great outdoor session, where we directed our partners using compass directions.

Maths continued to focus on number and the numbers system. We finished the week by looking at an alternative number system- Roman Numerals. This week's homework task also links to how to write and read numbers using a system where the place value system is different to our own. There are sheets to help support this learning in Kingfisher's classroom.

In our writing sessions, we deconstructed a non-chronological report in order to understand the features of this type of writing and began to explore some of the language we might use to describe places.

Well done to Ellie, who was our Star of the Week for being an all round superstar. What a fantastic role model you are!

Lilia was also noticed this week for going above and beyond when helping a younger child who had been hurt.